Responsibilities of a Churchwarden

This document is designed to give an outline of what it means to be a churchwarden. If you are considering seeking nomination as a churchwarden or are approached to be nominated, then you are first asked to have a discussion with the Vicar. You may also wish to consider talking to an existing churchwarden about the duties and responsibilities.

Qualification for appointment

Your name should be on the electoral roll of the parish and you must be twenty-one years or older.

You have received communion at least three times in the last twelve months.

You are not disqualified. The list of disqualifications is listed on the nomination form.

You are nominated by two people who are entitled to attend the annual meeting of parishioners and you consent to being nominated.

Length of service

You will stand for one year and then normally be expected to offer yourself for re-election up to a maximum of six years. After six continuous years you may not stand for re-election as a churchwarden until a period of two years has elapsed.

Method of election

If the number of nominations is not greater than the number of vacancies, then no election is required.

If there is an election this will normally take place at the annual meeting of parishioners.

Each person entitled to attend the meeting will have votes equal to the number of vacancies. The persons with the most votes will be elected. In case of a tie lots will be taken.

Meeting schedule

The Standing Committee consists of the Vicar, Curate(s), Churchwardens, Treasurer and PCC Secretary. There is usually one meeting a month at a time convenient for all parties. There is usually no meeting in August.

The churchwardens meet regularly as a group at other times.

PCC meetings usually start at 7.30pm and finish by 10.00pm.

A calendar with the planned dates for the coming year is available and it is expected that churchwardens will make attendance at all meetings a priority.

General comments re Churchwardens

Churchwardens are bishop's officers and are admitted by the bishop or his representative at a ceremony after Easter.

Churchwardens are ex-officio voting members of the Parochial Church Council.

The churchwardens' primary role is to support the Vicar and as such they will usually have one or more areas of responsibility. There are other formal duties from time to time connected with some services.

The main characteristics required are: commitment to the vision of the church, self motivated, adaptable and a team player.

More information will be available during the discussion with the Vicar, or you could speak to an existing churchwarden.

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