Act farther enacted, a That when by any order of          "That it appears to me, upon consideration of
" Her Majesty in Council, as aforesaid, a separate      the circumstances above stated, that the said
" parish for ecclesiastical purposes is constituted,    chapelries of Gaydon and Chadshunt may, under
" the same shall, on registration thereof become a      the provisions of the Acts of Parliament 1 and 2
" perpetual curacy and benefice, and the minister       Victoria, c. 106, and 2 and 3 Victoria, c. 49, he
" thereof, duly nominated and licensed thereto,         advantageously separated from the said parish
" and his successors, shall be a body politic and       of Bishop's Itchington and be together constituted
" corporate, with perpetual succession, and may         a separate parish for ecclesiastical purposes.
" receive and take to himself and his successors all       "That pursuant to the directions contained in
" such' lands, tenements, tithes, rent-charges, and     the 26th section of the said first-mentioned Act of
" hereditaments as shall be granted unto him or         Parliament, I have drawn up a scheme in writing,
" them, and such perpetual curate shall thence-         appended to this representation, describing the
" forth have within the limits of the district          mode in which it appears to me that the alteration
" parish formed under the Church Building Acts,         above proposed may be best effected, and how the
" for the church of such perpetual curacy, sole         changes consequent on such alteration in respect
" and exclusive cure of souls."                         of ecclesiastical jurisdiction, glebe lands, tithes,
                                                        rent-charges and other ecclesiastical dues, rates
     And whereas the Lord Bishop of Worcester           and payments, and in respect to patronage may be
hath made a representation in writing to his            made with justice to all parties interested ; and I
 Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury in the         beg leave to submit the same to your Grace to the
words and figures following, that is to say : —       intent that your Grace may, if on full considera-
 "To the Most Reverend and Right Honourable             tion and enquiry you shall be satisfied with the
        Archibald Campbell Lord Archbishop of the       said scheme, certify the same to Her Majesty in
        Province of Canterbury.                         Council.
     " I, Henry Bishop of Worcester, beg leave to           " Given under my hand this sixth day of Feb-
 represent to your Grace that the parish of Bishop's    ruary one thousand eight hundred and seventy -
 Itchington in the county of Warwick and diocese        nine.
 of Worcester comprises two chapelries known by                                          "ff. Worcester."
 the names of Gaydon and Chadshunt respectively
 the boundaries of which, are well known and               And whereas the scheme and consent men-
 defined.                                               tioned in the said Representation are in the words
     " That each of the said chapelries contains a      following:—
 consecrated building or chapel in which Divine
                                                             " SCHEME referred to in the foregoing
 service has been celebrated for many years, the                    Representation.
 said two chapels being distant about a mile and
 a half from each other and about four miles from          " It is proposed to separate the two chapelries
  the parish church of Bishop's Itchiugton.              of Gaydon and Chadshunt from the parish of
      " That the populations of the said chapelries      Bishop's Itchington, to which they belong, and to
 of Gaydon and Chadshunt are about 300 and 32            constitute them a separate parish for ecclesiastical
 jespectively ; and the population of the remaining      purposes and a perpetual curacy, to. be called the
 part of the parish of Bishop's Itchington is about      parish and perpetual curacy of Gaydon and Chads-
 six hundred and fifty-five.                             hunt, of which the consecrated building or chapel
      " That the net annual value of the vicarage of     of Gaydon shall be the parish church.
 Bishop's Itchington, arising from land and tithe           "That such perpetual curacy shall be subject to
 rent-charge is about five hundred and fifty pounds ;    the same ecclesiastical jurisdiction as the vicarage
 whereof about one hundred and thirty pounds             of Bishop's Itchington.
 arises from tithe rent-charge and about two hun-           " That there shall be assigned and attached to
 dred and twenty pounds from glebe land within           the separate parish and perpetual curacy of Gaydon
 the limits of the said chapelries ; the remainder,      and Chadshunt so to be constituted, all the glebe
 namely, about two hundred pounds arising from           land now belonging to the vicarage of Bishop's
 tithe rent-charge in the remaining part of the          Itchington and situate within the limits of the said
 parish exclusive of the said chapelries.                chapelries of Gaydon ^.nd Chadshunt, together
     " That there is a convenient house of residence     with all the tithe rent-charge belonging
 for the vicar situate near the church of Bishop's       to the vicarage of Bishop's Itchington and arising-
 Itchington.                                             within the'limits of the said two chapelries.
     " That in the event of the separation of the           " That baptisms, churchings, marriages and.
 chapelries of Gaydon and Chadshunt from the             burials shall be performed in the church of the
 parish of Bishop's Itchington for ecclesiastical        benefice, so to be constituted ; and that the fees for
 purposes and the formation of them into an inde-        all such offices performed within the limits of the
 pendent new parish, and the whole of the income         said benefice, and all ecclesiastical dues offerings
 arising from land and tithe rent-charge within          and other emoluments arising from or in respect of
 the said chapelries being assigned as an endow-         the.said benefice and usually payable to the incum-
 ment for the said new parish, the Ecclesiastical        bent of a benefice shall belong to the incumbent of
 Commissioners for England have undertaken to            the said intended perpetual curacy or benefice of
 augment the remaining income of Bishop's Itch-          Gaydon and Chadshunt.
 ington to three hundred pounds per annum.                  " That the incumbent of the said intended per-
     " That in the same event the chief landowner of     petual curacy shall have exclusive cure of souls
 Chadshunt has offered to give one acre of land          within the limits thereof. .,
 as the site of a parsonage house for the said new          " That the right of nominating a minister to the_
 parish and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for         church of the said perpetual curacy and benefice
 England have undertaken to grant a capital sum          shall be for ever vestedin the Bishop of Worcester
 of one thousand and five hundred pounds towards         for the. time being..
 the costs of building a parsonage upon such site.          " That the first fruits, twenty-six pounds thirteen
     " That the vicarage of Bishop's Itchington is       shillings and four pence, and tenths, two pounds
 now vacant by the death of the late incumbent,          thirteen shillings and four pence'; now charged upon
 and that the patronage is vested in the Bishop of       the vicarage of Bishop's Itchidgton shall be ;
 Worcester for the time being.                           apportioned as follows; namely, the vicarage of,

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