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This Month's Diary

Parish Council                   Tues 3rd 8pm      Village Hall
Village Hall Committee        Tues 10th 8pm      Village Hall
Village Field                   Mon 16th 8pm      Village Hall
Friendship Club                Tues 18th 2.30pm   Cambrae
Millennium Group                Weds 21st 8pm      Village Hall
Mobile Library                   Thurs 12th & 26th

Over 60s Christmas Lunch

The Christmas Lunch was enjoyed by all and we are very grateful to the cooks and waitresses and other contributors to the success of the occasion. Some familiar faces were sadly missed but we were delighted to welcome new-comers to the feast. Thanks to our kind fund-raisers last year we can now hold our heads high and pay our way: thus nobody need fear that this is a charity affair - just a fun get-together for the older members of the communities of Gaydon with Chadshunt. Here's to next year!


The flag was raised in December for the Birthdays of William Perry and Theo Rickman.

The Village Flag Officer is George Hayward at The Old School, Kineton Road, 642963. Please contact him if you would like the flag flown for a special occasion.


Julie Rickman would like to acknowledge the letters of thanks for the Over 60s Lunch sent by Dr Davies, Mr Wood Roberts and Mr & Mrs Kidner; and the many other expressions of appreciation received by her team of helpers.


The Editor of the Parish Magazine would like to thank all the contributors, distributors, collators and sub-editors who help to get the Gaydon news through every door, year in, year out.

Rex White

I would like to thank all my friends in Gaydon for their kindness and sympathy at this sad time. Marje White

Parish Council

Next Meeting

The Parish Council will meet at 8pm on Tuesday 3 January in the Village Hall.


With effect from 1st April 2006 Gaydon Cemetery fees will be as follows:

For the exclusive right of burial in an earthen grave £50.00;

Burial of a stillborn child £10.00;

Burial of a child (under 12 years) £20.00;

Burial of a person (12 years+) £40.00.

Monuments, Gravestones, Tablets and Memorial Inscriptions:

Erection of a headstone not exceeding 3 feet in height £40.00;

A vase not exceeding 12 inches in height £10.00;

A tablet for ashes not exceeding 12 inches by 12 inches £15.00.

The fees indicated include the first inscription. For each inscription after the first, a fee of £20.00 is payable.

Fees to be received by the Gaydon Parish Council in respect of services rendered by Ministers of Religion, £10.00 for each interment.

These fees apply where the person to be interred - or in respect of whom the exclusive right is granted - is, or immediately before his death was, an inhabitant of the parish of Gaydon.

In all other cases the fees set out will be doubled.

Gaydon Village Field

A public meeting will be held on Monday 16 January in the VIllage Hall at 8.00pm. If you are unable to attend or have any comments or thoughts, please contact Jonathan Crowe on 640394.

Mobile Library

The van will call at Gaydon during January on Thursdays 12th and 26th.

Friendship Club

The first meeting of 2006 will be held on Tuesday 17th at 2.30pm at Cambrae on the Kineton Road.

Parochial Church Council

There will be a meeting of the PCC on Monday 23 January at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Village Hall News

The first meeting of 2006 will take place on Tuesday 10 January at 8pm in the Village Hall.

Gaydon Millennium Group

The Group will meet in the Village Hall at 8pm on Wednesday 18 January. If you have any thoughts or ideas contact Madeleine Hill on 640636.

Services for January 2006 AD

1      11.00   Joint Eucharist & Carols                      Northend
8      11.15   Epiphany Family Service and bird box making   Gaydon
15       9.00   Eucharist                                     Gaydon
22      11.15   Covenant Service & Eucharist                  Gaydon
29       6.00   Evening Service                               Gaydon

Weekday Services in Gaydon

The Eucharist is celebrated every Tuesday at 8am. There will be a Eucharist on Wednesday 18th at 11am.


It is with sorrow that we record the death of Rex White whose funeral service was held in St Giles' Church Gaydon on 12 December 2005. We offer our condolences to Mrs White and her family.

Family Service

At our Family Service on Sunday 8 January we shall celebrate the feast of the Epiphany and commemorate

the journey of the Wise Men to Jesus. As the carol We Three Kings reminds us, the Wise Men came bearing gifts, signs and symbols for Jesus' life and ministry. As part of our service activity for the children we shall be making bird boxes for the churchyard, a 'gift' for nature, to encourage wild birds to nest and rear their young in the churchyard,

and to be a sign and symbol of our care for the earth and God's creatures. The activity will be carefully supervised

and we especially invite children to the service to share in the day.

The Vicar's Letter

There is no special service for New Year, no liturgy or celebration. Yet the Church holds two services of light in the early months of the New Year, both of which reflect God's glory shining in our world as a beacon of hope. We celebrate the Epiphany on January 5th and think about the bright star in the east that led the Wise Men to find, worship and adore the Christ child. On February 2nd, in the midst of the winter, we celebrate the feast of Candlemas and proclaim Jesus as the Light of the world.

Finding God in the experiences of life, knowing Jesus as Light in the darkness, Jesus who brings us hope and the promise of something better to come, are strong themes many of us can engage with as we turn from the old to the new at New Year.

One year, in a broadcast to the Nation, King George VI read a poem, printed below, that spoke to many people about the trust we need to place in God and way we need, in God's light and strength, to face the dawn of a New Year in a spirit of hope.

   I said to the man
   who stood at the gate of the year,
   'Give me a light that I may tread safely
   into the unknown.'
   And he replied,
   'Go out into the darkness
   and put your hand into the hand of God.
   That shall be to you
   better than light
   and safer than a known way!'
   So I went forth
   and finding the Hand of God,
   trod gladly into the night.
   And he led me towards the hills
   and the breaking of day in the lone East.
                    Minnie Louise Harkins 1875-1957

I wish you a peaceful, holy and prosperous New Year.