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Gaydon with Chadshunt Parish Magazine August 2006

Neighbourhood Watch

A quiet month for Gaydon. Road tax runs out this month on the Isuzu 4x4 which has been parked in Church Road near the phone box for some months now. This means that the vehicle is now illegally parked and can be removed. We have asked PC Cuthbertson to initiate removal action.

Police Alerts in the County

There has again been a spate of distraction burglaries in the County by criminals posing as "Water Board" officials or similar; also reports in some villages of opportunistic thefts from properties left open in the hot weather; and a new scam via a telephone message that a radio is awaiting delivery to you when you dial an 09..number. Of course no radio awaits merely a bill of up to £1.50 per minute.

Police Merger

The planned merger of the Police forces of Warwickshire, West Mercia and West Midlands will not now take place. This decision will probably benefit Gaydon and its present Rural Policing Scheme.

Luckily, Gaydon continues to enjoy a number of overlapping Police patrol routes from the Warwickshire Police area car, PC Cuthbertson's Rural Police Beat, Midland Motorway Police, MOD Police and, occasionally, the Oxfordshire Police area car that travels up to Gaydon before turning back. Although Gaydon is not on the beats of all these patrols they are seen and possibly act as a deterrent to opportunistic crime.


Please notify your Street Co-ordinator if you would like someone to "keep an eye" on your house.

This Month's Diary

Mobile Library Thurs 3rd, 17th & 31st

Toddler Group Thursdays 10-11.30am Village Hall

Mobile Library

The van will call at Gaydon this month on Thursdays 3rd, 17th and 31st providing that the van has been repaired.

St Giles' Parent, Baby & Toddler Group

The Toddler Group meets every Thursday in Gaydon Village Hall from 10am to 11.30am and anyone looking after a baby or toddler is very welcome to join in.

We shall continue to meet throughout the school holidays with the exception of Thursday 3 August. Anna Perry

Vacancy for Parish Clerk

The Parish will shortly be requiring a new Parish Clerk.

Work is interesting and varied taking an average of three hours per week. Remuneration is in the region of £10 per hour.

If you would like more information please contact

Corinne Hill on 641220.

Nature Notes

Like most of the UK we are experiencing very high temperatures. After the thunderstorm last night I drove along the Leamington Road; Clouds of Steam were rising from the surfaces. I was immediately reminded of India when the first Monsoon rains come. True, there was no Lilac Sky and Forked Lightning but the smell and wisps of vapour were the same. Frogs were crossing the road in scores - I hope most of them made it!

I am also glad to hear Grasshoppers chirping again in the cemetery and on the verges. The excess use of chemicals may be wearing off after many years of silence. Other insect life has taken advantage of the heat. Buddleias seem to have flowered early and are laden with Red Admirals, Peacocks and Small Tortoiseshells. You may also spot the odd Painted Lady.

A walk in the fields and the Satyrs or Browns have emerged "en masse", Meadow Browns and Ringlets into their second brood; also Gatekeepers and Marbled Whites. In Itchington Holt there are White Admirals and Common Blues on the Wing. Day time moths like the Siver "Y" and Humming bird Hawk are very abundant this season. The large amount of Valerian which seems to have taken over our part of the village is a great source of nectar. These insects may enter your houses and it is best to release them using a tablemat and tumbler.

I have had a huge crop of white Mulberries this Year and walnuts look sure to follow. Medlars and Quinces are not so prolific as last year though. As you can gather, I like to grow fruits you cannot buy in Supermarkets!!!

Swifts have now fledged their young and large families circle the village till dusk but, again, Swallows and House Martins are only present in small numbers this year: if you have a nest under the eaves you are lucky!

Bee orchids have again come up on the Banbury road. Yellow Ladies bedstraw, Knapweed and blue Scabious are also returning to our verges.

A few months back I mistakenly reported a Short-toed Eagle over the village. This bird has stayed around and I got to observe it closeley: it is, in fact, a very Pale Rough Legged Buzzard, quite a scarce bird nevertheless!! Several more sightings of Stoats and Polecats this month, too.

Water is very important to wild birds at present and even a small con-tainer set in the open will help them. Harvest is upon us once again, much earlier this year; and I have just found a lesser Stag beetle on the path. Wasps may be an issue soon as they've had a good year and are already much in evidence! Bernard Price

Gaydon Photo Exhibition

in the Village Hall

Saturday 24 September

Cheese & Wine

Who let the dogs out.....?

Dogs are useful companions and provide security for their owners but it can be annoying for neighbours if the dogs are left to bark or whine unchecked.

It can be particularly disturbing for young or elderly people if dogs are noisy early in the morning or late in the evenings.

If you are a dog-owner, please be considerate and try not to let your dog irritate other villagers.

The above article first appeared in the Parish Magazine in April 2003 and has been reprinted at the request of a villager. The Parish Council endorses the views expressed.

Letter to the Editor

Village Green

Considerable effort and expense have gone into clearing up the area around the bus shelter on the Village Green. This included the removal of two lorry loads of dumped garden waste, branches and other debris. A new perimeter fence has also been erected.

It would be appreciated if the unsightly dumping of garden waste in that area were stopped: the Green Bin scheme should meet the need for green waste disposal and Stratford will provide extra bins free

on request. JGH

Bernard Price writes:

One hot afternoon I looked in at the churchyard...

At times sound can be very intrusive in the village: delivery drivers who just leave their engines running loudly in the mornings; Drills and strimmers; Glass collection at an early hour; people who shout down their mobile phones.

It's refreshing, therefore, that sometimes we are spared this extraneous noise and during one such period I was pleased to hear the return of a familiar sound - the chirping of Grasshoppers in the Churchyard.


We welcome to the village Ian and Linda Helps who have recently come to live in Kineton Road; and Mike and Cathy Kavanagh who moved into Church Road in April.

We hope that you will all be very happy in Gaydon!

Holiday Recipe

Dorset Apple Cake


225g caster sugar

225g butter

250g self-raising flour

25g cornflour

1tbs soft brown sugar

225g chopped Bramley apple

4 large free-range eggs beaten

1 unpeeled apple

1 lemon


1 Cream together butter and sugar.

2 Add the eggs and flour alternately, including the cornflour.

3 Fold chopped apple into the mixture.

4 Pour into an 18cm diameter cake tin.

5 Cut segments from the unpeeled apple and soak in lemon juice.

6 Arrange them in a circle round the top of the cake and dust with

soft brown sugar to make a crusty glaze.

7 Bake at 170°C for about an hour and a quarter.

8 Serve warm with cream. Also good when cold, if any left over!

Great Fête

The committee and helpers are to be congratulated on the organisation of the event on July 8th. It was a splendid afternoon with regard to both the weather and the attractions on offer, enjoyed by villagers and visitors alike. We hope it can be repeated in future years!

Gaydon with Chadshunt Parish Magazine

Services for August 2006 AD

6 8.00 Eucharist Burton Dassett

11.15 Matins Gaydon

13 10.00 Eucharist Northend

11.15 Family Service Gaydon

20 9.00 Eucharist Gaydon

10.30 Village Service Northend

followed by a Pig Roast

27 10.00 Eucharist Northend

11.15 Eucharist Gaydon

Day by day,

Dear Lord, of thee three things I pray:

To see thee more clearly,

Love thee more dearly,

Follow thee more nearly,

Day by day.

St Richard of Chichester c. 1197-1253

Gaydon Village Fête 2006

This year's fête was a great success, we raised nearly a thousand pounds, at least half of which can go towards the Church Lane Field Fund. This year the Millennium Group joined forces with Barnfield and the Malt Shovel to organise the fête and the result was a phenomenal success, so many thanks to them. It also made a huge difference to our finances that we were able to use electricity for the Bouncy Castle, etc. from Church Cottage. Tony and Heather Golding also provided generous raffle prizes as well as updating the banners and doing the roadside signs, so many thanks to them for that and all their time.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out and who donated prizes, baked cakes, etc. and many thanks especially to all those who turned up and helped on the day. There was a real feeling of community spirit so thanks to everyone for coming along and joining in.

We have provisionally decided to hold next year's fête on the same weekend, so it will be on Saturday 7th July. We hope that does not clash with any other events locally and we will try and check this out, but if anyone knows of any other fêtes/festivals/carnivals etc please let one of the committee know. We would like to start the B-B-Q and music earlier next year, but we need more volunteers - you do not have to come to meetings if you do not want to - just let us know if you are prepared to help!

Any ideas for next year? Please contact Anna Perry 641971,

Heather Golding 640953 or Madeleine Hill 640636.

Urgently Needed

Is anyone able to give one hour each month

to help with Meals on Wheels

deliveries in and around Kineton?

Without some extra drivers

this much-needed service is in danger of having to close down,

which would be very sad.

If you are able to help please ring Sara Bromet

on 01926 640485 or Mish Dunne on 01295 670371.