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Gaydon with Chadshunt Parish Magazine January 2008

This Month's Diary

Parish Council                Tues 8th 8pm                Village Hall
Village Hall Committee        Mon 14th 8pm                Village Hall
Gaydon Men's Club             Thurs 17th 7pm              Village Hall
Friendship Club               Tues 22nd 2.30pm             Corner Cottage
Pilates                       Tuesdays 8pm                 Village Hall
Toddler Group                 Thursdays 10-11.30am         Village Hall
Mobile Library                Thurs 17th 1.50pm and 2.15pm

Nature Notes

Animal Tracks
The Crow is a bird we often encounter. Sometimes referred to as "The Vultures of the temperate zone", as indeed they perform many of the tasks associated with this species, pecking at roadkill and dodging traffic.
They often mob or harass larger birds like Herons and Buzzards; I have quite frequently seen this around Gaydon village, once memorably in St Marks Close, when a Heron was forced to take refuge on a rooftop! Magpies are also driven off, though a few seem to have arrived in the village this year and keep a low profile. Then we have their evil reputation as egg thieves and killers of small birds, as well as devastators of Crops. They are often referred to as Vermin, being shot and trapped in many thousands in Warwickshire - though they are crafty enough to stay out of range most of the time!
This has little or no influence on their numbers; but wait - there is not just one Crow: by carefull observation and excluding Magpies and Jays, you may see four very different species around Gaydon. Most common is the largish Carrion Crow, all black, though in Ireland and the North it can be Hooded with patches of Grey. A true villain, guilty as charged.
The Rook, which nests in Colonies (and once Rookeries were noted for the killing of young for Rook Pie, served with boiled eggs) has a naked fleshy nostril area on its beak. It is mostly beneficial as it eats Insect pests like wireworms and leatherjackets and has lots of amazing tales associated with it in British folklore. Then there is the Jackdaw, smallest, with a grey neck marking; again, this is benign enough, and will even perch on a sheep's back to remove parasites. It has a distinctive cackling call.
Recently arrived in Gaydon is the Raven. This is the largest by far, so when seven were reported on the roof of a local farm it was a great event. It is thought that a recently dead sheep had attracted them in. They often fly over now with a distinctive "Kronk Kronk!". Like Buzzards, they seem to be spreading after years of persecution. Some are still kept in the Tower of London to maintain the tradition that "if they leave the city it will fall". It's a large exciting bird to see, highly intelligent and much written about: in Dickens' "Barnaby Rudge" and Edgar Allan Poe's immortal poem and of course Noah's biblical apres le deluge. They are reputed to live a hundred years and have no enemy other than man.
Other birds to look out for in this hard spell are Waxwings which will feed on Rowans and Holly; Grey Wagtails which come to bird tables; and Woodcock and Snipe, often seen around our sewage works. Roe deer are frequently seen grazing near the village, too. Two stags were actually locking heads in the cemetery last week. Few plants and insects at this time, though I have a good crop of Mistletoe in my apple trees this year, with berries. Bernard Price


I would like to thank everyone who helped me organise, cook and serve the 2007 Christmas lunch in the village hall. It was hard work but great fun and I look forward to having your support again this year. The date for 2008 will be announced soon in this magazine - please put it in your diaries. Liz Thomas

Gaydon Village Fete 2008

YES! It's time to start thinking ahead to those lovely summer afternoons and the Village Fete! We are planning to have this year's excitement in the Gaydon Inn Field on Saturday 5th July.
All the usual - Dog Show, Car Boot Sale, raffles, tombolas, stalls and games etc. We always need more help and more ideas, especially new ideas!
If you want to run a stall or help run this year's fete please call Madeleine on 641110 or Anna on 641971.

Gaydon Men's Club

The next meeting of the Men's Club will take place on Thursday 17th January at 7pm in Gaydon Village Hall and
the speaker will be the Rev. Tom Farrell who was a successful international runner. After supper he will speak on 'The Race of a Lifetime'. Those wishing to attend should contact Rev Philip Francis on 01295 770400 or John Goldsmith on 642571. A donation of £5 is requested to cover expenses.

Friendship Club

The meeting for January 2008 will be at Corner Cottage, Church Lane, the home of Mrs Mary Fox, on Tuesday 22nd at 2.30pm.

Pilates: Tuesdays 8.00pm in the Village Hall

Pilates starts up again after a short Christmas break on Tuesday January 15th at 8.00pm. There are usually spaces available. It costs £35.00 for five weeks and runs like a course. Debbie Birch, our instructor, is a highly qualified and trained Pilates teacher and everyone seems to enjoy her classes. If you want to join or find out more, please call Madeleine on 641110.

Welcome to Cleopatra!

The new Mobile Library Service commences this month. There are eight new vans in operation, with expanded routes and offering a range of popular, good-quality large and small print titles, spoken word and books suitable for young children.
Each van has been named after a Shakespearian character and the one visiting Gaydon has been 'christened' Cleopatra. The visits will be on a three-weekly basis and the date for January is Thursday 17th, calling at the Telephone Box Green at 1.50pm and at St Marks Close at 2.15pm.
We look for ward to using the new service and new borrowers will be warmly welcomed by the library staff.

Parish Council News

The next meeting of Gaydon Parish Council will be on Tuesday 8 January at 8pm in the Village Hall. There will be a detailed update on flood prevention plans for 2008.

Services for January 2008 AD

8.00     Eucharist         Burton Dassett
10.00    Eucharist         Fenny Compton
11.15    Morning Service   Gaydon
11.30    Eucharist         Farnborough

9.00     Eucharist         Fenny Compton
10.00    Morning Service   Farnborough
10.00    Eucharist         Northend
11.15    Growing Together  Gaydon

8.00     Eucharist         Farnborough
9.00     Eucharist         Gaydon
10.30    Morning Service   Fenny Compton
10.30    Village Communion Northend

10.30    Family Service    Fenny Compton
11.30    Eucharist         Gaydon
6.00pm   Evensong          Farnborough

Weekday Services

Eucharist will be celebrated on Wednesday 16 December at 11am.


Honor Doherty died peacefully on 17 December 2007 and her funeral service took place at Oakley Wood Crematorium on 28 December. We offer our sympathy to her family and friends.


Grace Artemis Rowan Blockley was christened at St Giles' Church, Gaydon, on Sunday 9 December.

Over 60s Christmas Dinner

Almost forty years ago the first Christmas Dinner for the over-60s of Gaydon and Chadshunt was held in the Village Hall. Since then the event has become a village tradition.
In the early days it was always held in the evening but for many years now it has been a Christmas Lunch.
Recently, Julie Rickman has organised the event but she is now joining the ranks of the retired and is handing over the responsibility to Liz Thomas. Over the years there has been a number of organisers and many helpers: we sincerely thank Julie and all her predecessors.
This year's lunch was held on Sunday 9 December when about thirty of us sat down to a most excellent meal. We all enjoyed ourselves and thank Liz and her small band of helpers very much for their hard work. RD

Bored? Want to meet people and help make their lives easier?

Heathcote Hospital needs volunteers to help with the coffee shop. It's great fun, with volunteers from Gaydon, Kineton, Harbury and Bishops Itchington giving a little of their time to patients and visitors. Please call the Gaydon Volunteer Representative Lee Allen on 07711 523149 or phone the Hospital on 317700.
Heathcote is there to rehabilitate people recovering from strokes. Don't be bored - be active!
Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital

Gaydon Neighbourhood Watch

Gaydon Report
At 4.50pm on 16 December 2007 a resident in Kineton Road heard a neighbouring house alarm sounding. On investigation it was discovered that the home had been trashed and a quantity of jewellery had been stolen.
The thieves got into the house by forcing open a bedroom window and a witness recalls seeing a silver Range Rover parked on the drive around the time of this incident.
If you call about any incident please ring 01926 415000 and ask for the Communications Centre; or you can call Crime Stoppers 0800 555111.

December Flood Report

The Parish Council is now taking charge of the Flood Defence Works. Come along to the Parish Council Meeting on 8 January at 8pm in the Village Hall for a full report on progress. JR


The Editor would like to thank all her helpers: contributors, deliverers, collators, advertisers, editorial team and technician. A Happy New Year to you all!