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Gaydon with Chadshunt Parish Magazine May 2008

This Month's Diary

Parish Council AGM           Tues 6th 8pm               Village Hall
Village Coffee Morning       Sat 17th 11am              Village Hall
Village Hall AGM             Mon 19th 8pm               Village Hall
Friendship Club              Tues 20th 2.30pm           Corner Cottage
Pilates                      Tuesdays 8pm               Village Hall
Toddler Group                Thursdays 10-11.30am       Village Hall
Mobile Library               Thursday 1st & 22nd

Nature Notes

We continue to have very cold temperatures in Gaydon with the occasional sunny day that's soon followed by a sharp frost. I've only seen one pioneer butterfly, a male Brimstone, emerge from hibernation. Bees and Drone flies (that mimic them) have also made only occasional sorties, settling on warm walls and feeding on the nectar of early flowers. Large flocks of Redwings and Fieldfares gathering in the trees around the hedgerows seem to sense, however, that Spring is in the air and are heading north.
Rooks are rebuilding their nests with vigour and the Collared doves nesting in my garden have just brought out their fledglings for early flying lessons. The Barn owls on Watery Lane are feeding their young in the daylight evenings. Birds seem particulary set in their habits, despite the rigours of climate. Swallows have arrived on the south coasts but have not arrived here yet, though a few Housemartins have returned to the Banbury Road already. Insects, of course, must be thin on the ground but the temperature is forecast to rise. If you are still filling up bird feeders, you will have seen them being well used. I have had another report of Reed buntings which were feeding on the Banbury Road. The next day I saw them again in the centre of the village on my feeders so I suspect the same pair. These birds from reed beds often use back gardens now and they are very acrobatic and attractive with black head, white bibs and striped plumage.
There are some very large flocks of Chaffinches, too; the males would be exotics if they were not so common. Goldfinches, often seen with them, are one of the most attractive british birds - look out for these in your gardens now. They will soon be nesting and breaking up into pairs. We must hope that we will hear the Cuckoo and Skylark this year (if you hear one let me know!). So far we are lucky to have kept them, as regretfully they have become extinct in 70% of the UK. Cowslips and primroses seem to have flowered well this spring and Bluebells are in bud in the woodlands. Look out also for the white Wood Anemone in open clearings.
Republished recently is "The Countryman's Cookbook" by L.L. Fowler. This is a classic read and far more than a cookery manual. It's full of countryside information, a bit "non PC" but makes you laugh and is fascinating to delve into.
We have been practising leading young cattle at work for the College Show Day in May. It's amazing how their wild instincts come to fore, both the desire to escape and graze new grass and shoots after a winter indoors on dry food mixes; so hopefully springtime is not far off!
Bernard Price

Friendship Club

The meeting for May will be held on Tuesday 20th at 2.30pm at Corner Cottage, by kind invitation of Mrs Mary Fox.

Village Coffee Morning

On *Saturday 17 May the Village Hall will be open at 11am for the sale of cakes and other produce, tea and coffee, with a small raffle. Everyone is welcome to this get-together. Gifts of produce, plants etc. are always acceptable.
*NB Unusually late date for this monthly event. Proceeds to St Giles' Church Fabric Fund for essential repairs to the building.

Mobile Library

The visits for this month will be Thursdays 1st and 22nd.

Village Hall

AGM Monday 19 May at 8pm
Public Entertainment in the Village Hall
The Village Hall does not have a public entertainment licence because it is not like a pub or a club at which such licences are aimed; there is no licencee.
The events held by local groups are exempt, as are private parties, because they are private, not public.
However, if you wish to sell drinks at your event in the Village Hall, you will need a person who is licenced to sell alcohol to run a bar for you, e.g. the licencee of a local pub.
If you wish to run a dance open to the public and sell tickets for it, you must apply to Stratford District Council for a Temporary Event Notice.

Yorkshire Evening

Many thanks to all those kind Yorkshire folk who worked so hard to put on an excellent evening on St Georges Day of food, fun and fellowship!

Gaydon Neighbourhood Watch

A quiet March and April 2008 for Gaydon.
The Police Safer Neighbourhood Team based at Wellesbourne uses the internet to issue information and record minor crime reports. A regular Newsletter can be accessed at:
In addition, a scheme has been in operation for a number of years for important alerts or warnings to be e-mailed to Neighbourhood Watch members by e-mails from the Police, Trading Standards and other local Neighbourhood Watch schemes.
Gaydon Neighbourhood Watch are about to expand this scheme and use e-mail to pass information on to Gaydon homes. If you would like to be on our mailing list please send an e-mail asking to be included to
Your e-mail address will not be passed on to anyone else other than our Police Officer PC Cuthbertson and you can have your name removed at any time on request. You will only receive important alerts and the monthly Police Newsletter.

Are You Stuck for Transport?

If so, the Community Links social transport scheme maybe just what you are looking for. Community Links operates a small fleet of vehicles, each with full disability access, offering a 'door-to-door' service for people stuck for transport to get to and from their nearest town or village for shopping or visiting friends.
The service is for people who have a genuine need for local transport and cannot access public transport because of mobility problems and/or who live in a rurally isolated location with no other form of transport available. The Community Links service operates between about 9.30am and 2.30pm on weekdays in each part of the District three days a week. The fare system is a simple flat rate of £1.20 per single journey, i.e. £2.40 return 'door-to-door'.
If you need this service, or know someone who does, phone Community Links on 01789 264491 for more information; or for journeys relating to doctor, dentist or hospital, contact Clarissa Roberts on 01789 296344.

Flood Report

This month I can refer you to the Parish Council's own report in the magazine. Most of my own flood reparations are now complete; we moved into our kitchen at Easter. Together with the rest of the Gaydon floodees I await the Anniversary on 20 July!

Parish Council News

Gaydon Flood Defence Plan Update
District and County Council actions
Following on from our meeting on 6th March with experts and officials from District and County Council (including Highways):
Investigation to alter the camber of Banbury Road - core samples are to be taken by Highways w.c 21st April and analysed before any decisions can be made
Investigation to divert excess water run off on Warwick Road (before the roundabout) so the water doesn't run down the Kineton Road and Banbury Road - date to be advised.
Gaydon Parish Council Actions
Ditches and Grips clearance:
Clearing and deepening of ditches around Gaydon Village
Part clearance of the pond (outside Gaydon Farm)
Grips beyond TollGate cottage (heading towards Kineton)
Investigation to resolve the build up of water behind the houses in Banbury Road.
We would like to pass on our thanks to Mr. David Ellis & Ellis Farm Machinery for clearing the ditches at the back of St Marks Close.
Flood Defences
The proposal to hold water with banks behind the houses in Kineton Road is still being investigated. Permissions will be needed from the landowner, and a full environmental assessment, surveys of the land, and permissions will be required, before any flood defence can be installed.
While the Parish Council can fund some of the immediate ditch and grips clearance, we are actively seeking funding from the relevant authorities for all works and feasibility surveys to be carried out.
Other News:
A meeting was held to discuss proposals to reduce the traffic speed to 50mph from the Gaydon roundabout to the Land Rover roundabout. This meeting had a successful outcome and 50mph was agreed. Full funding for the new signage will be provided by the County Council and the new signage will be installed this year. It was also agreed that the 50mph limit will be monitored and a temporary speeding sign will be installed.
A temporary 30mph speeding sign has been in operation on the Kineton Road, for vehicles coming in from Kineton.
Car Parking
There has been a significant increase in the number of cars parking on the pavement and grass verges in Gaydon leaving no option for pedestrians other than to walk in the road and intruding on green spaces. Please take note of a polite reminder that pathways, pavements and grass areas are for pedestrians only.
Gaydon Liaison Group
The Gaydon Liaison Group is a six-monthly meeting with members from Landrover, Jaguar, Aston Martin, The Heritage Museum, SIMPRO, Gaydon, Lighthorne Heath and Lighthorne Parish Councils. The meetings are attended by County and District Councillors from Warwick and Stratford.
The purpose of the meetings is to update the groups and discuss any new items raised that may have an impact in Gaydon, Lighthorne Heath and Lighthorne.
If anyone has any questions or wants to raise any issues about any impact the business may have on our village, please contact your Parish Council to discuss in the first instance. We are happy to raise questions on behalf of Gaydon village at this meeting
Play Area
If you are new to the village you may not know that there is a play area for toddlers and children. You'll find the play area between St Giles and St Mark's Close (you'll see the gate at the back of the bungalow and alongside the garages).
A new baby seat and swing chains have been ordered and will funded by the Parish Council, these will be installed within the next two months.
Dog Fouling
Is still a problem in Gaydon, more No Dog Fouling Notices have been posted and the dog warden is visting the village and investigating specific complaints.
Belated thanks to Ellis Machinery for the donation of a hamper at Christmas. This was a thank you to the Village for the Ellis's time living in Gaydon. The Council decided to donate the hamper to the residents and staff of Barnfield.

Parish Council Annual General Meeting

The next meeting is on Tuesday 6th May at 8.00pm in the Village Hall. This is the AGM of the Parish Council and all villagers are welcome to attend. The meeting agenda will be posted on the village notice board.
Parish Council Saturday Surgery
If you have any thoughts, questions or ideas for the Parish Council, the surgery runs from 10.00 to 11.00 on Saturday in the parish office behind the Village Hall; or you can contact any member of the Council or the Clerk directly.

Gaydon with Chadshunt Services for May 2008 AD

8.00     Eucharist              Burton Dassett
10.00    Eucharist              Fenny Compton
11.15    Morning Service        Gaydon
11.30    Eucharist              Farnborough

9.00     Eucharist              Fenny Compton
10.00    Morning Service        Farnborough
10.00    Eucharist              Northend
11.15    Growing Together       Gaydon
6pm      Evening Prayer         Burton Dassett

8.00    Eucharist               Farnborough
9.00    Eucharist               Gaydon
10.30   United Service          Fenny Compton
10.30   Village Communion       Northend

11.00   Wednesday Eucharist     Gaydon

9.30    Eucharist               Northend
10.30   Family Service          Fenny Compton
11.30   Eucharist               Gaydon
6pm     Evensong                Farnborough


Ileana 'Queenie' Hayes 14 November 1916 - 14 April 2008
A service of thanksgiving was held at Gaydon Parish Church to celebrate the life of Mrs Hayes, neé Townsend. A lifelong resident of South Warwickshire, she was born in Kineton and moved to Gaydon on her marriage to George Hayes. She always took a great interest in village life but unfortunately in recent years she was housebound owing to severe arthritis. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends and we extend our sympathy in their loss.


Kelsey Louise Bridle was christened at St Giles' Church, Gaydon, on Sunday 15 April 2008; and Hamish Barclay O'Brien was christened at All Saints' Church, Chadshunt, on 19 April 2008.

The Vicar's Letter

Currently, a whole host of different celebrations collide: Easter, Rogation, the Ascension and coming soon Whitsun or Pentecost. What's it all about?
Well, having celebrated our Lord's resurrection at Easter, we look forward to the coming of the Spirit at Whitsun, celebrating as we go, Rogation tide and the Ascension. Our Rogation tide walk around the parishes of the Dassett Magna group is based on the ancient custom of beating the parish bounds and asking God, through the risen Christ, to bless the land and its people. The word Rogation comes from the Latin 'rogare', to ask or beseech.
But what is it we ask God for in these days of plenty? More out-of-season or exotic food from Tesco's delivered to our door? Or an abundant supply of branded products? I think not!
Perhaps our walk around the parishes may put us more in tune with the fine balance of nature, the cycle of spring growth and summer fullness and autumn fall before the winter season of a death-like state. Perhaps as we walked we were more aware of the preciousness of life and our living in the present moment, enjoying and savouring life, not worrying about what is past, nor the future but content to be, in the here and now, living to the full our life at this point of existence.
I hope that as we walked we would also ask God to so send upon us his Spirit that we might have and enjoy Christ's promise of peace, that our hearts might not be troubled by what assails us, nor weighed down by life's concerns.
''Let not your hearts be troubled, believe in God, believe also in me' said Jesus.
''If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.'
What we need to learn is what to ask for: not material wealth or physical comfort, still less goodies from the supermarket chain; but the Spirit of goodness, love, patience, gentleness and self-control. Our Rogation tide walk suggests the life-pilgrimage we need to engage with as we journey to discover goodness, forgiveness and love and allow our lives be transformed and conditioned by God's divine values.

Pastoral Ministry: To arrange baptisms, marriages, confession, visits at home or in hospital, or for any other pastoral matter, please contact the Vicar on 01295 770400 or email

Saint Chad

The parish church at Chadshunt was a major local attraction in the middle ages. It contained an image of St Chad to which pilgrims flocked. This means of devotion came to an abrupt end in 1547 when 'the said Picture and Ymage of Chadde [was] broken downe and burnte', the same year that an injunction was made which ordered 'the clergy to "forthwith take down, or cause to be taken down and destroy" all such images in their cures as were abused with pilgrimages or offerings'.
This historical event is discussed in an article by Dr Penny Upton entitled 'THE LOST PARISH CHURCH OF ALL SAINTS, BISHOPS ITCHINGTON, WARWICKSHIRE', published in the current issue of Warwickshire History.
If you would like to borrow a copy of this Journal, please e-mail Penny at or catch up with her at a Dassett Magna eucharist.

Free Entry

Heritage Motor Centre would like to remind local residents that the Centre's Café & Shop can be accessed free of charge, so if you are looking for a gift, or fancy popping out for coffee or lunch, do come and visit. Just come to the museum pay desk and let the attendants know.
The Go Karts & 4x4 track are also now open every weekend and every day in the school holidays and are charged separately to the Museum, so again you can come and have a go without having to pay entrance to the Museum. We hope to see you soon.

Ambulance First Responders (Heartstart)

New guidelines issued by the Government have effectively shortened Ambulance Response times, resulting in the local First Responders being called out 4 times in the past month for crucial CPR assistance. Any volunteers would be appreciated. Please call 01926 810111.