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Gaydon with Chadshunt Parish Magazine July 2008

This Month's Diary

Parish Council               Tues 1st 7.30pm            Village Hall
Village Coffee Morning       Sat 12th 11am              Village Hall
Village Hall Committee       Mon 14th 8pm               Village Hall
Friendship Club              Tues 15th 2.30pm           Almeley Chase
Pilates                      Tuesdays 8pm               Village Hall
Toddler Group                Thursdays 10-11.30am       Village Hall
Mobile Library               Thursday 3rd & 24th

Services for July 2008 AD

8.00        Eucharist               Burton Dassett
10.00       Family Eucharist        Fenny Compton
11.15       Morning Service         Gaydon
11.30       Eucharist               Farnborough
9.00        Eucharist               Fenny Compton
10.00       Morning Service         Farnborough
10.00       Eucharist               Northend
11.15       Growing Together        Gaydon
6pm         Evening Prayer          Burton Dassett
11.00       Wednesday Eucharist     Gaydon
11.00       Group Eucharist         Burton Dassett
9.30        Eucharist               Northend
10.30       Family Service          Fenny Compton
11.30       Family Eucharist        Gaydon
6pm         Evensong                Farnborough

The Vicar's Letter

According to the weather forecasters, flaming June may be all we have of summer sunshine! Let's hope they are wrong! Whatever the weather brings, July is the time when schools break up and people take their holidays, a time to relax and unwind and recharge the batteries. In our activity-driven, results-focused culture, there is the pressing need to do nothing at times and just be; to savour life and reflect and step aside from the pressures of the daily grind.

WH Davies wrote: ''What is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare'.

If we can simply be this summer, relax, reconnect with life and enter into its rhythms, then perhaps our not doing things will help us put our lives into perspective; and the standing and staring will help us 'see' where we are and where we want to be in life. And here''s a thought: Sunday worship could also give you the space and opportunity to stand and stare and be in the presence of the Living God!

Service & Picnic

On Sunday 20th July there will be a joint service for the Dassett Magna parishes at All Saints Burton Dassett at 11.00am. It's the silver jubilee of my ordination to the priesthood and I want to celebrate a solemn mass with my parishioners and friends on the nearest Sunday. Please bring a picnic lunch; drinks will be provided after the service.


The Christening of Tegan Zara Mitchell was held at St Giles', Gaydon, on Sunday 8 June. We welcome her into the family of the Church.


Those of you who remember Mr and Mrs Swinburne will be sad to learn that Jennie died early in June after a short illness. Jennie was the first neighbour to welcome us to the village and we have remained firm friends ever since. They were involved in village activities - W.I., Youth Club and Parish Council until moving away in 1974. Their daughter, Joan, died a few years ago and their son and daughter-in-law now live abroad. GBD

Village Store

I am pleased to report that the village store now has a home.

We have successfully negotiated with Enterprise Inns, the brewery who own the Malt Shovel, to use the barn which stands in the middle of the car park to the Malt Shovel. Subject to sorting out the contractual issues, we can now begin fundraising work with a view to commencing the conversion of the barn as soon as possible.

We have a total of 24 named volunteers who are willing to assist behind the counter but more names are required. Remember, the more people there are, the less burden it is on individuals and the more hours the shop can open for; and therefore more money can be put back into the community. We are aiming to have a 3 week rolling rota which will accommodate those who can only manage 1 or 2 sessions every third week and also those who have said they would like to help on a regular weekly basis.

If you have any ideas for fundraising or would like to help us with fundraising for this project, please let Debi Morisot at the Malt Shovel know, as she is in charge of our fundraising efforts. Similarly, if you would like to add your name to the growing list of volunteers, please let me know what days/hours you can manage. You can contact me on 647854 or Thanks to all those who have volunteered so far. More news will follow as this project goes forward.

Parish Council News

Flood Defence Plan

The grips along the Kineton Road have been cleared.

The Housing Association have met with a contractor and we are hoping that the St. Marks Close ditch will be cleared in the next month.

The field behind the Banbury Road has been surveyed and so has the field behind the Kineton Road. We await the reports.

Highways have taken samples from the Banbury Road and the Warwick Road in order to establish whether the camber can be changed and we are again awaiting the results.


We have asked Highways to replace the road signs which have gone missing along Pimple Lane and also to ensure that all road signs are visible.

Play Area

The Play Area is closed as the Parish Council felt that it posed a danger to residents. Bricks have become dislodged on the top of the wall at the back of the garages and there is a danger that these bricks will fall. The Housing Association are planning to repair the wall at the beginning of July. A notice will be put on the noticeboard informing residents when the area is re-opened.

We have received reports of teenagers using the play area in the evening. Empty cans of beer have been found and the police have been informed. If you witness people in the area can you please contact the Clerk - a description of the person(s) would be very helpful.


If you notice a blocked drain or a light which is out could you please contact the Clerk.

Telephone Box: Alert

Our telephone box has been targeted as one of 50 in the District which BT would like to remove. The Parish Council will be objecting to this proposal. Any resident wanting to object should write to Colin Staves, Planning Dept at Stratford District Council.

Landscaping of Gaydon Roundabout

Landrover will be taking over the planting and maintenance of the roundabout.


A litter pick took place on the 14th of June at which the members of the Parish Council cleared litter from around the village. No members of the public came. Our thanks, however, to everyone who picks up litter as they go about their business in the village. We will be arranging further picks in the future but in the meantime, for anyone who wants to borrow a litter-picking stick, these are available in the Parish Office between 10 and 11 on Saturday mornings or by contacting the clerk or a member of the Council.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Tuesday, 1st July,

at 8pm.

Flood Report

Don't miss the meeting on 20th July! JR

Parish Council - New Refuse and Recycling Service

This will be happening in Gaydon from August 2008. A presentation on the new system will take place in the

Village Hall on Tuesday, 1st July at 7.30pm. Questions will be answered after the presentation. All residents are welcome to attend.

Village Coffee Morning

This will be held on Saturday 12 July in the Village Hall at 11am. Gifts of produce and raffle prizes will be gratefully received as always. Many thanks to our regular contributors and attenders. We have raised over £170 for the Church Fabric Fund since February.

Mobile Library

The Library Van's next visit is to be on Thursday 3 July; and after that, the 24th.

Friendship Club

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 15 July at 2.30pm at Almeley Chase, Kineton Road, by kind invitation of Mrs Olive Richards.

Gaydon Village Hall News

The next meeting of the Village Hall Committee will be on Monday, 14 July, at 8pm.

Flood Meeting

Sunday 20 July 2pm

Householders who were flooded last July 20th are invited to come to a meeting at 2pm on Sunday 20 July in the Village Hall. People who helped the 'floodees', or who are interested in improving the flood-prevention measures in the village, are also very welcome to attend. If everyone brings a plate of food we can enjoy a buffet lunch while we compare notes and review progress. Wine and other drinks will be provided by the organisers.