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Gaydon with Chadshunt Parish Magazine April 2009

This Month's Diary

Easter Day Service           Sun 12th 11.30am              St Giles' Church
Coffee Morning               Sat 18th 11am                 Village Hall
Friendship Club              Tues 21st 2.30pm              Almeley Chase
Pebbles                      Sun 26th 10.15am              Village Hall
Pilates                      Tuesdays 8pm                  Village Hall
Toddler Group                  Thursdays 10-11.30am           Village Hall
Mobile Library               Thursday 9th and 30th

Nature Notes

The Birds

There were shades of Alfed Hitchcock's classic film over Gaydon one evening last week. I was lucky to witness the event first hand from the fields at the back of the church.

The sky was blackened by at least four huge flocks of Starlings questing a suitable roosting place. Their indecision led to an incredible and ever-changing pattern resembling a giant amorphus shape that rose and fell. They obviously had designs on Gaydon! They settled in the Poplars by Dr Davies's garden but finding these a bit exposed, headed for the trees in my garden which always supports a small flock of starlings. The noise was deafening and my chickens fled into their coop in terror; but again they moved on!

A phone call from St Giles: "Have you seen the Starlings?" traced their progress towards Chadshunt. They have not been back since in such large numbers, though our local birds still come into the village to roost every night.

I was put in mind of nouns of collectivity, so popular a few years ago.

Perhaps they are rarely used now because we do not witness large numbers as in the past. I used to like a "Charm of Goldfinches" and a "Wisp of Snipe", a "building of rooks" and a "skulk of foxes": good observations on the habits of some species!

Buzzards continue to dominate the skies over the village with their piercing cries on sunny days. The snowdrops are on the wane in the churchyard and now violets can be seen in the hedgerows. A few Primroses are also evident in woodland patches and early bees and even the odd Yellow Brimstone butterfly are active harbingers of spring; though the dawn chorus with birds establishing their territories and Rooks carrying branches, must surely confirm that winter is past.

I shall be in North Eastern India from the end of March, hoping to spot a Snow leopard! A few weeks away and I always see the changes more clearly in the English countryside. Bernard Price

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library will visit on Thursdays 9th and 30th of April.

Coffee Morning Bring & Buy

N.B. Not Easter Weekend

Our coffee morning is on Saturday 18th April at 11am in the Village Hall. Please bring home-made cakes and other produce or small unwanted gifts to sell; or just your purse and come and buy! There will also be a small raffle; and coffee and biscuits, of course. Any money we make goes to the Fabric Fund to help with repairs to St Giles' Church.

Friendship Club

Our April meeting will be at 2.30pm on Tuesday 21st at 2.30pm at Almeley Chase, Kineton Road.

Gaydon Village Store

Progress with the project is continuing steadily. The date of our next fundraising event has been changed from 1st April to 1st May. It will be a Race Night at the Malt Shovel pub from 7.30pm onwards. You do not need to purchase tickets in advance, simply turn up, place your bets and enjoy the fun.

Further details on the project can be found on our website at or you can call us on 07794 187352. Thanks to everyone for their continued support. Claire Hamm

Barbecue Saturday 20 June

Advance notice is given of a Village Barbecue to be held by St Giles' Church on Saturday 20 June.

Please keep the date free and see next month's magazine for further details.

The National Gardens Scheme

Gardens open for charity on Sunday 19 April at Ivy Lodge, Radway.

Neighbourhood Watch


This is a very bad news month - unprecedented - with three daylight break-ins being recorded in Gaydon. This follows our note in our February report about an increase in crime in surrounding Villages.

The Police record shows: 4th March 09 Inc 357 Property St Giles,rear door entered; Crime ref S/09/2567.

11th March 09 Inc 555 Property Kineton Road, rear door entered; Crime ref S/09/3015.

16th March 09 Inc 499 Property Kineton Road, rear door entered; Crime ref S/09/3154.

Lighthorne and Kineton also experienced similar break-ins. No witnesses at all to any of the burglaries and the Police had very little information to make any arrests.

The break-ins were quick with jewellery, computer laptops, game consoles, TVs and any other easily saleable items being taken after untidy searches.

A breakthrough came on the 17th of March when one of our Gaydon victims received a call from Banbury Police to say that their laptop and other items had been found in a car stopped by Banbury Police after someone had noted the registration number in relation to a similar Banbury burglary.

Police arrested the driver (aged 13) and two older East European youths. They are being questioned about burglaries in Towns alongside the M40 between Bicester and Leamington and possibly further North towards Birmingham.

Police again request those who do not have SmartWater to consider getting their property marked. We have stock. Please contact your NW Street Co-Coordinator.

Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team

Warwickshire Police, Wellesbourne Police Station

We are working together as Warwickshire Against Domestic Abuse with over 30 other public services and voluntary organisations to tackle the harm caused by domestic abuse.

If you or someone you know is affected by emotional, financial, physical or other forms of abuse in Warwickshire Freephone 0800 408 1552* or visit In an emergency, dial 999.

* PLEASE NOTE: Calls from most landlines to the Warwickshire Domestic Abuse Freephone number 0800 408 1552 are free and not itemised on bills. If in doubt, or you are calling from a mobile, please check with your telephone provider. To find out more about your local team visit:

Calling all those with Green Fingers!

Shipston Home Nursing Plant Sale on Saturday 16 May 10am-12.00 noon at Norgren Social Club (off Pittway Avenue) Shipston on Stour.

The Plant Sale is key to raising much-needed funds for Shipston Home Nursing, a very local charity which works right at the heart of the community, providing specialised nursing care at home to those with terminal illnesses.

Please contact Debbie Joss (01295 680803) or Rebecca (01608 674435).

Coming soon at the Gaydon Inn

Saturday 4th April: Grand National - Watch the Race with friends. Don't forget to place your Bet before the rush!

Friday 10th April: Live Music on Good Friday - Celebrate the first Easter bank Holiday with Live Music by Uninvited.

Sunday 12th April: Easter Sunday - Easter egg Hunt in the Garden for Children below the age of 12 from 11.30am - 12.30pm

Thursday 23rd April: St George's Day - Celebrate the English way with a pint of Bombardier or English pot of Tea

Friday 24th April: Sea food Platter Night - This is an evening to hunger for, so Pre-Order our Seafood Platter Now!

Sunday 26th April: Quiz Night - Starts at 7.30pm, test your knowledge! £2.00 per person maximum teams of four, which includes a cheese supper!

Don't Forget: Breakfast is being served at The Gaydon Inn. Look at our boards for more info!

Telephone: 01926640388 or email:

St Giles' Church, Gaydon Services for April AD MMIX

Holy Week
Palm Sunday
5                 8.00             Eucharist                          Burton Dassett
                 10.00             Eucharist                          Fenny Compton
                 11.15             Morning Service                    Gaydon
                 11.30             Eucharist                          Farnborough
Maundy Thursday
9                 7.30pm           Mass of the Lord's
                                      Last Supper                     Gaydon
Good Friday
10               10.00             Children at the Cross              Gaydon                            11.00            Children at the Cross              Fenny Compton
Easter Eve
11                6.30pm           Walk from Northend to Burton Dassett
                                      for the Vigil at 7.30pm
Easter Sunday
12                 8.00           Eucharist                           Burton Dassett
                   9.00           Eucharist                           Farnborough
                  10.00           Eucharist                           Fenny Compton
                  11.30           Eucharist                           Gaydon

19                 8.00           Eucharist                           Farnborough
                   9.00           Eucharist                           Gaydon
                  10.30           Morning Service                     Fenny Compton
                  10.30           Service of the Word                 Northend

26                 9.30           Eucharist                           Northend
                  10.30           Family Service                      Fenny Compton
                  11.30           Family Eucharist                    Gaydon
                   6.00pm         Evening Prayer                      Farnborough

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Thursday 2 April at 7.45pm in St Giles' Church

On Thursday 2 April the Joint Parishioners' Meeting will be held at 7.45pm in St Giles' Church for the election of churchwardens. Following straight on from this, the APCM will take place, at which those who are on the Chruch Electoral Roll can hear the Annual Reports and vote for members of the Parochial Church Council.


Shipshapes Children's Holiday Club will be held in Fenny Compton on April 15th and 16th. There will be all sorts of games, activities and crafts - and a puppeteer, too! Contact Alyson or Kate on 01295 770118 for more details and to

book a place.

The Snowman

This month's snowman is a scary Dalek sent in by William and Owen Perry, our local Dr Who experts.


Pebbles is an activity group for children aged approx 4-8 years. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 10.15 in the village hall.

Sessions include games, stories, craft activities and quizzes, all of which allow us to explore stories from the bible whilst having lots of fun. We finish with a drink and biscuit before moving over to church for the family services.

We'd love some more children to come and join us. If you have children who may be interested, please contact Jo Hotchkiss 642248 or Chris Corner 640523 - or pop along, join in and see what you think!


The snowdrops and crocuses have done well this year; the lenten rose flowered for the first time and the violets and primroses are appearing. Soon, the blossom will be out and we will be looking for the bluebells and then the meadow flowers of early summer.

As you walk past this lovely open space in the centre of the village, please stop to enjoy it. Do pull up any weeds you see in the gravel around the church - or if you'd like to do something more, please contact the churchwardens. Many hands make light work and your contribution would make all the difference.


The flag was raised on March 10th to celebrate the Birthday of HRH the Duke of Wessex.

Great walks of Gaydon: walk 3; the Chadshunt Round - 3.5 miles

Click here for map and photographs of the walk

This circular walk is a bit of a curate's egg as among its delights it includes a stretch of the B4451! It can be tackled clockwise or anti-clockwise but as I prefer to get the boring bit out of the way first, this walk is described widdershins.

The first part of the walk covers the same ground as walk 2 in 'Great Walks of Gaydon - the allotment walk'. This has appeared twice in the magazine so I just cover it briefly here.

Start in Church Lane at the back of the church. Walk West through the snickett, past the end of St Marks and climb over the stile at the end of the overgrown path. Head South for 120 yards, go through a gap in the hedge and cross the next field and the lane. Halfway across the next field turn right and walk to the road.

Walk about a mile along the road to Chadshunt, where it is worth a diversion to look in the churchyard; the snowdrops were beautiful in March. Turn left at the crossroads a bit further on and walk down Watery Lane.

In three quarters of a mile you will cross a bridge where the stream from Chadshunt Lake meets Piper's Brook, which runs from Piper's Spinney on Gaydon Hill. Walk on and cross over the old railway bridge to find a huge galvanised metal gate on your left. The waymark sign has fallen off but go through the quarter-gate. (The O.S. map is misleading here.)

The path is straight and well-marked for the next half-mile. Cross the corner of a field, through a gap in the substantial hedge and ditch system and turn North. At the end of the hedge, cross a stile into the small field beside Ireland Farm and go over the footbridge which crosses back over Piper's Brook again.

Cross the lane over a stile and head up the field towards the village. At the top of the field you should see the tops of the Old Vicarage pine trees. Head for the pines across an open field, cross the plank bridge, then another field.

A hundred yards further and you are back in the village, in Gaydon meadow behind the church. JR

Parish Council News

Flood Defence Plan

Talks are continuing between residents of the Banbury Road, Highways and farmers. It is hoped that Highways will install a pipe to carry the water under the Banbury Road in the late Autumn. We are still waiting to hear about the suspected broken pipe on the Claylands bank.


We are awaiting a date for when the broken rail along the Banbury Road will be repaired by Highways. Highways have dealt with some of the issues on the Banbury Road lay-by and we hope that this area will be addressed in the County 5 year plan.


We understand that the Police have been informed of the visibility issues when exiting from St. Giles Road. Complaints have been received regarding vehicles parking on grass verges and kerbs and obscuring visibility. Please park sensibly.

Village Green

We are still waiting to hear when Severn Trent Water will restore our Village Green and verges to the condition that they were in prior to the work they carried out last year. The Parish Council is actively pursuing this.

Refuse/Recycling System

This is to change again in April 2009 and details are to appear with Council Tax bills. Any issues please contact the Parish Clerk.

Next Meeting

Tuesday 5th May at 8pm in the Village Hall. All residents are welcome.

Consumer Council for Water

In our experience many people assume that rainwater that falls on their roof or driveway goes down the same drain as everything else and ends up in the public sewers. But this is not always the case. If rainwater drains to a soakaway in the garden or a local watercourse then a rebate can be claimed. This can save customers between £30 and £34 per year, but they must make an application to qualify for the rebate.

Our Central Office deals with enquiries about Severn Trent Water at 1st Floor Victoria Square House, Victoria Square House, Birmingham B2 4AJ. Tel: 0121 345 1013; Fax: 0121 345 1010; Lo-call: 0845 702 3953.

Email: Website: