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Gaydon with Chadshunt Parish Magazine June 2009

This Month's Diary

Coffee Morning              Sat 13th 11am                 Village Hall
Pebbles                     Sun 14th 10.15am              Village Hall
Barbecue                    Sat 20th 6.30pm               The Leys
Friendship Club             Tues 23rd 2.30pm              Wellesbourne
Pebbles                     Sun 28th 10.15am              Village Hall
Parish Council              Tues 30th 8pm                 Village Hall
Pilates                     Tuesdays 8pm                  Village Hall
Toddler Group               Thursdays 10-11.30am          Village Hall
Mobile Library              Thursday 11th

Nature Notes

The first Cuckoo heard in Gaydon?

On reading the papers, I see that the cuckoo, once a familiar sound in the late spring, is disappearing from many of its old haunts. So I was delighted to hear a loud familiar call right on the edge of the village yesterday.

This may not be good news for the local tree pipits and dunnocks who will be the surrogate parents of its offspring; for as we know, it is a parasite, laying its eggs in their nests and leaving them to bring up an alien child! The groove in a young cuckoo's back soon disposes of any rival eggs or fledglings by throwing them out, leaving the uncomprehending parent birds to exhaust themselves feeding the huge youngster!

The adult bird is hawk-like in appearance and is often mobbed by small birds. It also has a special adaptation (beak hairs) enabling it to eat the hairy caterpillars or "woolly bears" that are rejected by other birds owing to their irritant spines.

Cuckoos migrate here each year from Africa and there are several other family members in the genus that we might like to have here but our wet climate is too cold. One is a parasite of magpies and an Indian species manages by mimicry to fool nesting house-crows.

The tiger moth and oak eggar are scarcer now as the weeds they feed on are often sprayed or pulled up. Their hairy larvae may be hard for the cuckoo to find in the English countryside, which is a lot tidier these days; sparrows and starlings are also diminishing and although they are common in Gaydon, few are found in the large cities like Birmingham and London.

It is sad to see the virtual extinction of red squirrels, elm trees and corncrakes and many find the cattle egret, grey squirrel and parakeet poor substitutes! Time moves a lot faster nowadays and change is rapid so we have not had time yet to immortalise them in our folklore!

Red campion and the white lace of cow parsley this month: bluebells liking dappled shade are on the wane. It is gratifying to see how many people have mown round cowslips, giving the seedheads a chance to scatter seeds for next season.

The beefly, now a rare insect, appeared in village gardens this spring. Like the cuckoo, it too is a parasite - of bumble bees which it resembles; these are also scarcer but an old lawn edge or herbaceous bed is a good habitat. The large queens in their zealous search for a nesting site often enter houses: gently catch these with a piece of card and a tumbler and release them, as they will found future nests of vital pollinators.

Footpaths are now easily walked so enjoy them. Bernard Price

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library will visit Gaydon on Thursday 11 June.

Coffee Morning Bring & Buy

Our coffee morning is on Saturday 13 June 11am in the Village Hall. Please bring home-made cakes and other produce to sell; any surplus bedding plants etc. would be welcome too. There will be a small raffle; and coffee and biscuits, of course. Any money we make goes to the Fabric Fund to help with repairs to St Giles.

Friendship Club

We meet this month on Tuesday 23rd at 2.30pm at the home of Mrs Josie Liddington, 2 Anson Close, Wellesbourne.

New Bus Service

A new shopping bus service numbered 277 will operate between Lighthorne Heath and Banbury, also serving the villages of Gaydon, Temple Herdewyke, Northend, Fenny Compton, Farnborough, Claydon, Mollington and Little Bourton. It will be provided by Stagecoach with financial support from both Warwickshire and Oxfordshire County Councils. The 277 will provide bus travel on Mondays to Saturdays to Banbury for the first time for many of these villages and is a good example of partnership working between the two councils. The new Service 277 will start on Monday 1st June 2009. Brief summary details are available on the public transport pages on the County Council website under Forthcoming Service Changes. If you have any queries please contact Dave Matthews on

01926 412760 or email

Parish Council News

Jonathan Crowe was re-elected as Chair of the Parish Council at the Annual Meeting of the Council in May. Bernard Price will continue as Vice Chair with responsibilities for footpaths. He will also continue as a member of the Gaydon Liaison Committee (consists of representatives from Land Rover, Aston Martin, Simpro, County Council, District Council and Lighthorne Heath Parish Council). Andy Thomas has responsibilities for the cemetery and our drainage system. He also represents the Parish Council on the Neighbourhood Watch Committee. Helena McGrath is continuing with her responsibility for the refurbishment of the play area (see below). She also represents us on the Gaydon Liaison Committee and the WALC Southam Area Committee (group of local parish councils exchanging ideas). Tony McGrath has agreed to continue with lights, litter and street furniture. All councillors are involved in the flood defence plan and the emergency plan. Please feel free to contact them. They are available from 10.30am on a Saturday morning and are generally in the parish office for between 30 to 45 minutes. The parish office is at the back of the Village Hall.

Play Area

We now have three designs for the play area. Residents are welcome to look at these designs on a Saturday morning in the Parish Office. Helena McGrath will also be visiting the play group. We would like the views of as many residents as possible on this important decision. There is such a wide choice of equipment available so please let us hear your views. Contact either Helena McGrath or the Parish Clerk if you are unable to visit the office on Saturdays but would like a say in our choice of equipment.


The Parish Council recently arranged for the headstones in the cemetery to be inspected to ensure that they meet Health and Safety standards. Eight headstones have been identified as requiring securing. We understand that these headstones can be secured without any additional structures being fitted to them. Any resident believing that a structure is required to support an headstone should make an application to the Parish Council for consideration at a parish council meeting. We will be contacting relatives whose headstones have been identified as requiring securing. If we are unable to trace relatives then unfortunately we will have no option but to place the headstone on the ground.

Defined Footpaths

If you have a footpath across your land can you please ensure that it is marked.

Lights/Litter/Street Furniture

The light outside the garage has been reported and should be fixed shortly. We have alerted our District Councillors to the plight we are experiencing with regard to getting replacement litter bins for the play area and the bus shelter. We understand that the District Council has some funding for these and we hope that we will get them soon.

Flood Defence Plan

The Flood Defence Plan is progressing and the Parish Clerk is continuing to move this forward by liaising with Highways, water engineers and residents. We hope to be able to give you a detailed update in July.

Village Green

The damage to our village green caused late last year by Balfour Beatty's equipment has not been rectified satisfactorily. Our grass contractor, Mr. Pickering, is unable to mow parts of the green because of the large stones which will damage his equipment. We have written to Balfour Beatty asking if they could please address this issue as a matter of urgency.

Green Bins

We understand that some residents do not have green bins and some are waiting for a second green bin. The District Council has a shortage of green bins and is giving priority to households who do not yet have one. I have been assured that all residents who are on their list will receive a green bin in due course.


The Banbury Road lay-by has been resurfaced.

Several residents have said that they are finding the footway along the Kineton Road difficult to walk in places. We have asked Highways to arrange for this to be inspected.

Gaydon Village Stores (GVS)

The Parish Council has been approached by GVS to assist with funding of the planning application for change of use and conversion of the barn to a shop. This would be by way of a joint planning application submitted by Gaydon Parish Council and GVS. A Parish Council meeting will be held to discuss this request. This meeting will be advertised on the village noticeboard and all residents are welcome to attend.

Best Kept Village Competition

We have entered. Judging takes place in July.

Bus Service

Thank you for your comments which have been passed to the County Council.

Annual Accounts

If you want to view the accounts for the year ended 31st March 2009 please contact the Clerk. The notice of appointment of date for the exercise of electors' rights is on the village hall noticeboard with a summary of your rights.


The County Councillors have asked us to remind you that voting takes place on Thursday, 4th June. Information about candidates is on the village hall noticeboard.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 30th June at 8pm. This is a change from our routine (first Tuesday bi-monthly) which is necessary because there has been a change in the audit rules. Our Annual Return must be approved by 30th June instead of 31st July and so we have no option but to bring the meeting forward by a week to comply with this requirement. We hope that this will not inconvenience you. All residents are welcome.

Seasonal Recipe

Cornish Pasty (pronounced with a long 'a' as in 'party')

Pastry rolled out like a plate,

Piled with turmut, tates and mate,

Doubled up and baked like fate,

That's a Cornish pasty.

Pasty pastry for 4 x 8" pasties

450g/1lb strong white flour, 100g/4oz Cornish butter, 175ml/1/3pt water, 100g/4oz lard/margarine, pinch of sea salt

Put the flour and salt into a bowl. Cut off a quarter of the lard and rub into flour. Grate or slice the rest of the fat into the mixture and stir with a knife. Pour all the water in and stir until absorbed. Knead a little and leave at least half an hour in the fridge before using.

NB Do not rub the fat and flour to the 'breadcrumb' stage of shortcrust pastry: a more elastic dough is achieved by chopping the fats as above.

Filling for one Pasty

50g/2oz onion or shallot (leek is nice too), 50-75g/2-3oz turnip (really swede*), 100g/4oz beef skirt or chuck steak, 150g/6oz sliced potatoes, black pepper and sea salt

Making the Pasties

Divide the prepared pastry into four. Roll each piece into a 8-9" circle and cut out using an upturned plate as a pattern. Place most of the 'turnip'q and onion across the centre of the round. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper to taste.

Place meat along the top and well into the ends; season; top the meat with most of the potato and the remainder of the turnip.

Dampen one side of the pastry with a little water. Fold the damp side onto the other and press firmly together, so that you have a seam down across the pastry, or by the side, whichever you find easier. Fold over and crimp the two edges together, like a wave.

Make a small slit in the top. Make the rest of the pasties in the same way.

Brush with milk or egg-wash and place them on a greased and floured

oven tray.

Bake in a hot oven (220°C/425°F/gas 7) for 20-30 mins. If already brown, turn down the oven and bake at 160°C/325°F/gas 3 for another 20 mins. Turn off the oven and leave the pasties inside for another 15 mins with the door shut.

Remove from oven and allow to cool for 15 mins before eating.

For eating later on your picnic, wrap each pasty in greaseproof paper and fold all four in a clean tea cloth. They should still be hot after an hour.

*Cornish for swede is turnip

Gaydon Village Hall News

The AGM was held on Monday 18 May at 8pm, followed by the regular Committee Meeting. The committee was re-elected and will be continuing to try to improve the heating in the hall for next winter.

St Giles' Church, Gaydon, Services for June AD MMIX

7                 8.00             Eucharist                          Burton Dassett
                 10.00             Eucharist                          Fenny Compton
                 11.15             Morning Service                    Gaydon
                 11.30             Eucharist                          Farnborough

14                9.00           Eucharist                            Fenny Compton
                 10.00           Morning Service                      Farnborough
                 10.00           Eucharist                            Northend
                 11.15           Growing Together                     Gaydon
                6.00pm         Evening Prayer                       Burton Dassett

21                8.00           Eucharist                           Farnborough
                  9.00           Eucharist                           Gaydon
                 10.30           United Service                      Fenny Compton
                 10.30           Service of the Word                 Northend

28               9.30            Eucharist                           Northend
                10.30            Family Service                      Fenny Compton
                11.30            Family Eucharist                    Gaydon
                 6.00pm          Evensong                            Farnborough

Weekday Service

There will be a Eucharist at 11am on Wednesday 17 June.

The BIG Lunch

Gaydon Village Hall will be hosting a BIG lunch on Sunday 19 July at noon.

Look out for details in next month's Parish Magazine.

June Events at The Heritage Motor Centre

Classic and Commercial Show 13-14 June

A colourful show, featuring a diverse selection of historical vehicles that have been used commercially over the years. T: 01926 641188

Banbury Run 21 June

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club's ' Banbury Run' returns to the Heritage Motor Centre for its second year. With over 600 entries the 61st VMCC Banbury Run looks set to be another fantastic event, with Club Stands, Auto jumble and special interest displays, plus the largest gathering of vintage motorcycles in the world! T: 01926 641188

Supercar Sunday featuring Superbikes 28 June

This is a supercharged event with the opportunity to view some of the finest supercars in one place. Mini stunt driving displays by Russ Swift and new for 2009 the BoldDog Freestyle Motorcross display team. Plus a Mont Blanc climbing wall, live music, track runs, entry to the Museum and much much more.

Advance tickets (available until 22nd June) start at £9 for an adult £28 for a family, then tickets on the day £11 adult £38 family. T: 01926 641188

Walk in Warwickshire

More than 90 Warwickshire walks to download and print free!

There's no doubt about it, walking is good for you. It's good for your heart, it's good for your lungs, it's good for the muscle and bone growth of your children and it's good for your feeling of wellbeing! Strong scientific evidence now supports the many benefits to health of regular walking - it is recommended that we take at least 10,000 steps a day.

Studies show that walking can:

Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke

Lower blood pressure

Reduce high cholesterol

Reduce body fat

Enhance mental well being

Walking offers a great way to help children get the active habit. If parents express excitement about the prospect of a walk in the countryside, they are more likely to transmit this feeling to their children. If children experience walking as part of a fun activity they are more likely to want to go again.

So, how do you find out what is on offer?

John Harris, a keen walker, got fed up with the lack of information on walks that were going on in the County. He decided that if he couldn't find what he was looking for - he had better create it!

And so came into being. gives you all the information you need for the best walking in the County: more than 90 walks to download and print free, details of all the Warwickshire walking groups, maps and walk books - plus loads more information. So check out the website and get walking!

Neighbourhood Watch

Gaydon Report

May has been quiet apart from one report of unwanted visitors to a farm property and a report of a "silent" phone call. No damage or loss was reported from the farm.

Please be aware of reports that a the driver of white van VRN P598 KRP is being sought by Police for demanding money with threats for gravel at a rate higher than quoted when he approached an Avon Dasset householder.

Smart Water

We are out of stock at present and expect a delivery shortly.


Chief Inspector Whiting, Stratford District Police Commander informed a recent District Neighbourhood Watch meeting that the recession was predicted to cause an increase in burglary and theft etc and this is proving to be the case in Warwickshire. He remarked that that unlocked backdoors and open ground- floor windows as well as insecure vehicles facilitated a surprising number of these offences.


We urge residents to make the necessary improvements to outbuilding security, thereby not giving thieves an easy ride. Tools and garden equipment can be expensive so property mark all valuables such as lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and garden furniture. Post coding can be done with ultra violet marking pens, engraving, stamping or even paint. A SmartWater property marking kit is another product that can be used to act as a deterrent to theft/burglary offences -

Crime Rate

In view of the above it is not surprising that the Crime Rate in this Police District (Kineton Ward which includes Kineton and Lighthorne) has increased by 5% which is "above average" see the crime maps on To put this in context Warwickshire has low crime levels, with an average of 77 offences for every 1,000 people who live here. Across England and Wales

the national average is 91 offences.

Stop Press

NHW SA Please lookout for Black BMW 320D Coupe reg VF07 NYW believed involved in distraction burglaries around your area. If you see this vehicle in the area please dial 999 to report its whereabouts immediately and say that you are calling in response to an urgent Watch message. If you have recently seen the vehicle please dial 01926 415000 and ask for Crimedesk.


Pilates classes are held in the Village Hall on Tuesday evenings at 8pm.

Pilates is an exercise system that is particularly good for your back. Our instructor Debbie Birch is fully trained and qualified. It costs £40.00 for five sessions. We are a mixed group and anyone is welcome, you can be any age, male or female. If you are interested please call Madeleine on 640636.

Jazz Concert on Friday 12 June at All Saints' Church, Burton Dassett

Tickets including Wine and Strawberries from Norma King 01295 770292