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This Month's Diary

Open House Sat 5th 3-5pm Barnfield Coffee Morning Sat 12th 11am Village Hall Parish Plan Mon 14th 8pm Village Hall Friendship Club Tues 15th 2.30pm Trevose Parish Council Thurs 17th 7.30pm Village Hall Pilates Tuesdays 8pm Village Hall Toddler Group Thursdays 10-11.30am Village Hall Mobile Library Thursday 10th


Congratulations to Michelle and Alistair Corner on their marriage! The ceremony took place at All Saints' Church, Burton Dassett, on Saturday 22 May and the reception was held at the village hall. We wish them every happiness.


Congratulations to Joe and Heather Dee, who live in St Marks Close, on the birth of a daughter, Olivia Jane, on 23rd May.

Church Services for June AD MMX

6                 8.00           Eucharist                          Burton Dassett
                 10.00           Eucharist                          Fenny Compton
                 11.15           Morning Service                    Gaydon
                 11.30           Eucharist                          Farnborough

13                9.00           BCP Eucharist                      Fenny Compton
                 10.00           Morning Service                    Farnborough
                 10.00           Eucharist                          Northend
                 11.15           Growing Together                   Gaydon
                6.00pm         Evening Service                    Burton Dassett

20                8.00           Eucharist                          Farnborough
                  9.00           Eucharist                          Gaydon
                 10.30           Morning Service                    Fenny Compton
                 10.30           Eucharist                          Northend

27               10.00           Eucharist                          Northend
                 10.30           Family Service                     Fenny Compton
                 11.30           Family Eucharist                   Gaydon
                  6.00pm         Evening Service                    Farnborough


Margaret Ratty

We are sorry to report the recent death of Mrs Margaret Ratty. Older villagers will remember her and her late husband Derek who lived for many years on the Banbury Road before moving to Kenilworth. Shortly before she died Margaret was able to visit Scotland, where her daughter now lives, and see again places dear to her past memories. Margaret was a keen gardener who regularly won prizes at the village horticultural show. She was also interested in flower arranging and her dried flowers were much in demand in the village.

Bernard Price

Nature Notes

Although it is still unseasonably cold (at the time of writing), the sound of Skylarks and a distant Cuckoo indicate that warmer temperatures may be on the way. I was delighted to see the solitary Swallow I saw last month excitedly chasing a new arrival along Church walk. It was relieved, I imagine, to find a companion! House Martins are investigating their old nests and I have seen a couple of Swifts high over the village.

This cold winter has damaged many tender species like the large Holm (evergreen) Oak at Chadshunt. Many are not yet in leaf, providing good vantage points for Buzzards to check the road verges for rabbits and take in the warmth of the early sun.

Skylarks are still found around Gaydon and their melodious chirping high in the sky is a pleasure to hear. Modern agricultural practices tend to destroy their ground nests. I still remember my grandfather rescuing some fledgelings which had to be kept in a special cage with a Canvas roof, to avoid their hitting their heads as they take off vertically.

Cowslips are in profusion this season and seem to be spreading on the verges with sympathetic mowing around them which has helped the spread of seeds. The Dandelions, Nettles and Hogweed are, perhaps, not so welcome to gardeners.

I have watched a Songthrush teaching its four fledgelings to break open a snail; each took a turn and then opened their beaks to be fed. At this age they are vulnerable to domestic cats as they are still learning to fly and so the parents stay around for a few weeks making frantic and sometimes effective alarm calls.

This is a good month to try and find Bee Orchids which do appear in certain years around the village, even in gardens. There is even a Pheasant hatching eggs near my house in the centre of the village. Bernard Price

Dog Nuisance

A resident of St Giles Road informs us that a small white spaniel with tan patches has been using her drive as a toilet. She is annoyed that she has to clear up after it and asks the owner to stop it roaming and keep his or her dog under proper control.

The Parish Council has recently pointed out (again) that there are fines that can be imposed if anti-social dog-owners are identified.

Neighbourhood Watch

Gaydon Report

At approx 3pm on Thursday 22nd April three "youths" broke into a property in Church Lane stealing jewellery and cash. Police have managed to get a description of them have gathered forensic data from the crime scene.

Police have again recommended burglar alarms as an effective deterrent to this type of break-in. It is unfortunate that at about this time each year a burglary occurs in Gaydon. The break-ins appear to be random but follow a similar pattern, i.e. a quick break-in and usually only small valuable items that can be pocketed are taken; a quick exit and the burglars move on to another area.

They probably walk around the Village looking for a property that does not have a vehicle in the drive-way. They then ring the doorbell to make sure no-one is in the house and then move to the back or side where they can make a quick break-in. The procedure is to jemmy a door or window, enter the property, then lock the front door from the inside in case the owner comes back. A quick methodical search is conducted of the obvious places where valuables are usually hidden (tops of cupboards, drawers, under beds, vases and other containers). Three or four minutes is all that it takes before they run off. They do not have time to conduct long searches.

Please consider any of the following to deter random burglaries:

Buy an alarm: discount vouchers are available so please speak to your street co-ordinator; SmartWater; secure locks to all ground floor doors and windows; find alternative or difficult-to-reach hiding places for small valuables.

A vehicle in Church Lane was broken into on the 19th of May setting off an alarm; however, a holdall was stolen.

Mobile Library

The Library will visit Gaydon on Thursday 10 June.

Friendship Club

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 15 June at 2.30pm at Trevose, Kineton Road, by kind invitation of Mrs Pauline Layton.

Coffee Morning

Gaydon Village Hall on Saturday 12 June at 11am. Home-made cakes and jam; Bring and Buy; Raffle.

Open House!

At Barnfield, Church Lane on Saturday 5 June at 3-5pm. John, Philip, David, Keith and Donald would like to invite

the community of Gaydon to an afternoon of tea and cakes; and to welcome our new resident, Donald.

Parish Plan

We want to re-start the creation of a Parish Plan for Gaydon.

This is an important process for the village to say what it wants for the future. For example, we were recently refused funding for the playground because we have no officially adopted Plan that shows a desire for this. A start was made several years ago, but dwindled. We now want to revitalise this and see if we can complete the Plan. Please come to a meeting in the Village Hall on Monday 14th June at 8.00 pm to discuss.

If you are interested but cannot make the meeting, please contact Jonathan Crowe on 640394.

Parish Council News

Flood Defence

County Council solicitors are working with us to ensure that the legal side of the Banbury Road pipe is in order should funding become available.

County Councillor Williams believes that it is unlikely that the Environmental Agency will be able to address the flooding issue of the Warwick Road (diverting of water away from Gaydon before the roundabout) this year.

We are still hoping for a consultant to look at the Kineton Road to let us know whether he feels that the clearing and widening of the ditches on the farmland is enough to prevent flooding. Our request is with the District Council.

Please continue to clear ditches and drains of leaves. If you see any drains that are blocked please contact the Clerk.

Play Area

The Play Area is for young children but we do appreciate that teenagers also like to spend time there. May we please remind everyone that this is not an area for drinking or for firework parties. The Police have been asked to include this area in their rounds.

We would like to thank Ellis Machinery for donating £200 towards the cost of refurbishing the play area.

The Parish Council would also like to thank the Village Hall Committee for their kind offer to refurbish the Office. The Committee has asked if we could reallocate the funds we had assigned to this, to the refurbishment of the Play Area. The amount assigned was £500 and we will be discussing this at our next meeting.

Telephone Box

English Heritage have said that they will not be listing the

telephone box.


The garage has confirmed that it will be fitting light shields to the lights at

the back.

Banbury Road Lay-by

Three rubbish bins are to be placed in the lay-by.


We have alerted Jaguar Land Rover and the District Council to the fact that car transporters appear to be travelling up and down the Warwick Road many times before either turning into Swallowfields Farm or Jaguar Land Rover. We do not know if the drivers are lost or if there is a vehicle access issue but we have flagged this.


Jaguar Land Rover have said that they will be planting on the roundabout in the autumnal season.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council took place on 13th May.

Jonathan Crowe remains Chairman with Helena McGrath as Vice-Chair.

Next Meeting

Thursday, 17th June at 7.30pm.

Gaydon Village Shop

We are now open for business!

We open the shop from 8-12 noon every day. We stock fresh crusty bread from West's from Monday to Saturday, with croissants at the weekend.

We can order in your preferred daily/weekly newspaper and we sell greetings cards as well as first class stamps. Cigarettes are available on request and we hold a range of fresh cooked meats, free range eggs, milk, dairy products, frozen foods; as well as fresh fruit, salads and vegetables.

We take debit cards on purchases over £5 and we offer cash back up to £50 on purchases over £5 as well. Pop in and have a look around. Let us know if we have missed anything from our shelves.

We rely exclusively on the valuable assistance our volunteers provide in ensuring the shop is open but we do need more people to volunteer. With more people on the volunteer rota, we can aim to open during the afternoons/early evenings as well.

Volunteering is a great way of getting to know people and staying in touch with local issues. If you work from home or are retired, we'd like to hear from you. Call in the shop and ask for further details or ring 07794 187352.

I look forward to seeing you in the shop very soon, Claire Hamm.

Village Hall News

The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 12 May at 8pm. The Committee decided to renovate the Parish Office this year and provide cupboard space for a Village Archive. If villagers have any documents, photographs or other memorabilia that they think should be preserved as part of the history of the village, they should contact the Chair of the Village Hall Committee, Debbie Price.


Robert Cheshire

It is with sorrow that we record the death of Mr Robert Cheshire of St Giles Road who died on 3rd May at the age of 73. We offer our sympathy to his wife and family.

Shipston Home Nursing

Shopping, Tea, Plants and Pimms at Whichford House, Whichford CV36 5PG on Tuesday 8 June from 2pm to 8pm. Entry £5 includes afternoon tea.

Visit The Gaydon Inn!

4th June

Steak Night - what is your Favourite Steak? Choose from our wide variety on offer on Steak Night - 6pm till 9pm

20th June

Father''s Day - Bring your Dad to the Gaydon Inn to celebrate this important date! We are open all day so anytime is a good time!

26th June

Live Music - Certified are playing live for the second time at the Gaydon Inn - This will be a good evening! Starts at 8.30pm

3rd July

Louise James is here again, she is entertaining and can sing like a star! Don''t miss this brilliant night! (Don''t forget your dancing shoes!

Fancy a Seafood Platter?

You can now have a Seafood Platter when it suits you, although serving times apply.) Just book a table 3 days in advance!

On Sundays we serve Sunday Roast all day and you can even have a Sunday Roast Takeaway!

Now Spring is here, enjoy our Large Garden with Children's Area. We do Takeaways - everyday! Pick up one of our Takeaway Menus!

01926 640388 or email the


Between Gaydon, Knightcote and Bishops Itchington: Report on 14 May: It's all gone a bit quiet, so does that mean it's gone away?

No, not at all! This is the calm before the storm. Since the rejection of the Met Mast by Stratford-on-Avon District Council on 25 November and the subsequent Appeal by Broadview Energy (the result of which we are still awaiting), there has been quite a lot of activity by the developer, albeit low-key.

A 10 metre-tall weather mast was erected (without planning permission) at the site on 11 February and not removed until 29 April.

Within this period, noise-monitoring boxes were also installed in the gardens of at least six local residents by TNEI working on behalf of Broadview Energy and over-seen by Mr Ellison, Environment Officer of SOADC. Data gained from the boxes will be used to compare local levels of noise in relation to policy ETSU-R-97 and the environmental impact of noise from wind-turbines, if they are installed.

Stephenson Halliday (environment and landscape consultants) have been checking this week on visual impacts at various points around the Starbold site and their impact pictures are expected to be used by Broadview Energy in village consultations later in the summer.

As part of the Met Mast Appeal process, Public Inspector Mr J Woodcock is due to visit the proposed Starbold site on Thursday 3 June at 3pm.

Therefore, our conclusion is that this development is far from moribund and is proceeding at an accelerating rate behind the scenes.