Gaydon Parish Magazine September 2010

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This Month's Diary

Parish Council           Thurs 2nd 7.30pm             Village Hall
Parish Plan Drop-in      Sat 4th 11am-3.30pm          Village Hall
Coffee Morning           Sat 11th 11am                Village Hall
Village Hall Committee   Mon 13th 8pm                 Village Hall
Friendship Club          Tues 21st 2.30pm             Trevose
Pilates                  Tuesdays 6.30pm              Village Hall
Toddler Group            Thursdays 10-11.30am         Village Hall
Mobile Library           Thursday 2nd and 23rd

                     More Dates for your Diary
Harvest Festival and Lunch    Sun 3rd Oct 11.15am     St Giles' Church
Chadshunt Harvest Festival    Sun 10th Oct 3pm        All Saints' Church

Church Services for September AD MMX

5                 8.00           Eucharist                          Burton Dassett
                 10.00           Eucharist                          Fenny Compton
                 11.15           Morning Service                    Gaydon
                 11.30           Eucharist                          Farnborough

12                9.00           BCP Eucharist                   Fenny Compton
                 10.00           Morning Service                 Farnborough
                 10.00           Eucharist                       Northend
                 11.15           Growing Together                Gaydon
                 6.00pm         Evening Service                 Burton Dassett

19                8.00           Eucharist                      Farnborough
                  9.00           Holy Communion BCP             Gaydon
                 10.30           Morning Service                Fenny Compton
                 10.30           Eucharist                      Northend

26               10.30           Eucharist                      Northend
                 10.30           Family Service                 Fenny Compton
                 11.30           Family Eucharist               Gaydon
                   6.00pm        Evening Service                Farnborough

Parish Council News

New Councillor

The Parish Council would like to welcome Mr David Marks as the newly elected Councillor to join the team.


We are completing the planning application for the Banbury Road pipe. Highways will be clearing the inlets to the pond and looking at the ditch near Claylands again. If you see a blocked or damaged drain please do let either the councillors or the Parish Clerk know and we will arrange for it to be sorted out.

Paths and Footpaths

Please keep plants trimmed. We have received a number of complaints about plants blocking footways.

Please do not park cars on footpaths or grass verges. Blocking the footpaths is unacceptable and any damaged grass has to be repaired. These repairs are chargeable and paid for by the village via the precept.

Play Area

We will be ordering play equipment shortly. If you use the play area, it would be great if you could let us have your ideas for the type of equipment you would like your children to use. The play area age-range is for toddlers to 10 years old. Please drop into the Parish Council Office on Saturdays from 10-11am.

Parish Plan - Have your Say: Saturday 4 September

Please drop into the village hall on Saturday 4 September, open from 11am to 3.30pm, and take part in the design and planning of the Gaydon Parish Plan Questionnaire. This is an opportunity for the whole of our community to produce a vision for the future and a blueprint for action to improve village life. The questionnaire is the first step in this process. Please do come along and add any comment that you feel is relevant to the questionnaire and the objectives of Gaydon Parish Plan. Light refreshments will be provided.

Firework Display

There will be a 10 minute firework display at The Heritage Centre on 5th September between 9.30pm and 10pm.

Next Meeting

Thursday, 2nd September at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Neighbourhood Watch - Home Security

The average number of crimes in our Police area (including Stratford) has decreased from 17.3 to 12.3 (28.8%) (compared to the same three month period last year) .

Nevertheless at least once a year Gaydon is targeted by burglars and there seem to be certain common factors about these burglaries namely:-

Break-ins are usually carried out during weekdays between the hours of 10am and 3pm; the majority of these burglaries take place during the period from July to September; burglars come in from other areas including Northampton, Banbury and Birmingham; they target houses after first knocking on the door to ascertain that no-one is at home and then enter through a door or window usually out of sight of the street.

Burglars work fast. They prefer cash, jewellery and small valuables and if they feel "safe" will bring a vehicle in for larger items. They always search under beds/mattresses, drawers, top wardrobe shelves in the master bedroom and then drawers and shelves in other rooms. They nearly always post a look-out outside the property and they try to look casual and have been known to wear work wear - one had a tool belt. They move from village to village over a day. Dogs may not deter all burglars.

Police have published an advisory list of measures on the web at:

Please give serious consideration to the following measures:

Fit a burglar alarm. These are available from DIY stores, on the Internet or from burglar alarm companies and the cost can be as low as £200.00. Discount vouchers are available from your Neighbourhood Watch Street Coordinator. Remember 95% of all burglaries are carried out in houses that do not have burglar alarms and the remaining 5% are mainly carried out in alarmed houses that are secluded.

Consider a CCTV camera at the entrance to the property. Again these are inexpensive.

Most importantly please phone the Police if you see anyone acting suspiciously. The Police have asked us to make these calls so please don't worry that you are unable to report anything more than "strangers looking a bit dodgy". Remember that an arrest made in Hampshire was as a direct result of a report that three youths were acting suspiciously in Gaydon, coupled with a vehicle registration number. These same youths had committed crimes in three other counties and their behaviour was reported by a Gaydon resident.


Emergency 999; Police Control Room - non emergency - 01926 415000; Wellesbourne Police Station - 01789 444600


We would like to welcome Carol and Martyn who have come to live in Kineton Road and we hope that they will enjoy life in Gaydon.

Free Electric Blanket Safety Tests

from Warwickshire County Council!

Warwickshire Trading Standards Service will provide electric blanket tests FREE OF CHARGE, for people aged 50 or over, between Monday 4th October and Friday October 8th 2010.

Testing, by appointment only, will take place at the following venues around Warwickshire:

Nuneaton Fire Station, Monday 4th October

Leamington Town Hall, Tuesday 5th October

Rugby Library, Wednesday 6th October

Kenilworth Library, Thursday 7th October

United Reformed Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, Friday 8th October

Don't miss this opportunity. Old or damaged electric blankets cause a number of fires each year, which can result in injury or death. These can be avoided by simply getting your electric blanket checked.

Call the Trading standards Service on: 01926 736477 (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm)

or email to book an appointment.


We are looking to recruit a part-time Manager. Up to 20 hours per week - hours to be negotiated. Previous retail experience advantageous but not essential. See for full job description.

Please send CV and covering letter by email to or by post (marked private and confidential) to Gaydon Village Store, The Barn, Church Road, Gaydon, Warwick CV35 0ET. Closing date for applications 15 September 2010.

Nature Notes

Walking the fields around the village, the prolonged dry spell is evident and the parched ground, lined with deep cracked fissures, seems to absorb the infrequent showers like a sponge.

The harvest is in good shape and a good crop of hay has been taken in recent weeks. The churchyard was scythed in the traditional way this year. Though more physically taxing than a strimmer, it is a better way of spreading the wildflower seeds and gives frogs and fieldmice a chance to escape.

Mechanical mowing has in the past seen the demise of ground-nesting species like the Corncrake and Skylark. Most grasslands are in fact monocultures these days with only one varierty of grass sown, the rampant, if nutritious Italian Rye Grass, ideal for silage-making. The older more attractive varieties like Fescues, Timothy, Foxtail or Yorkshire Fog were once accepted hay mix which dried well and kept through the winter.

There are hundreds of grass varieties now which can be planted for their special qualities, such as those for soccer pitches or which help to prevent coastal erosion. In the UK we have lost over 90% of Haymeadows since the sixties and there is a move backed by DEFRA grants to restore them.

The blaze of colours can be seen on our own cemetery. At present it is the yellow of Birds-foot trefoil and the purples of Greater Knapweed. I recently listened to the grasshoppers chirping (The M40 was mute that day!) and Marbled White Butterflies and colonies of Common Blues patrolled the flowerheads. The rapid flight of Skippers, Small Tortoishells and Peacocks contrasts with the lazy flapping of Meadow Browns, Ringlets and Gatekeepers. That vivid primitive moth, the day-flying 5 spot Burnet has clubbed antennae like a butterfly and is vivid red and petrol blue.

These places are great areas of biodiversity in an increasingly "tidy" world. Once again blackberries and Sloes seem to be producing a good crop in the hedgerows. The Swifts have now left for their long migration to Africa while Swallows and House Martins will remain for some weeks yet and are not as numerous or noisy.

A rare visitor to the village, a cock Linnet has been seen several times with the local goldfinches. My grandfather used to cross these with Golfinches to produce a "Mule" the nonpareil of singers in the world of cage bird enthusiasts. The Pink coloured Linnet was once a common bird but is sadly in decline these days.

Bernard Price

Mobile Library

The Library will visit Gaydon on Thursdays 2nd and 23rd September.

Friendship Club

Our meeting this month will be on Tuesday 21st at 2.30pm at the home of Mrs Pauline Layton, Trevose, Kineton Road.

Coffee Morning

Saturday 11 September at 11am in the Village Hall. Bring and Buy; Raffle. Everyone welcome!

Pilates: Tuesday Evenings 6.30pm

Pilates has moved to the earlier time of 6.30pm The classes are held in the Village Hall on Tuesday evenings.

Pilates is an exercise system that is particularly good for your back. Our instructor Debbie Birch is fully trained and qualified. It costs £40.00 for five sessions.

We are a mixed group and anyone is welcome, you can be any age, male or female. There is no age limit - we have had people from fourteen to seventy-five years old in our group. There are even people from Other Villages!

There is always room for more people so if you have already done Pilates before and would like to join then just get in touch. If you are a beginner, then our instructor Debbie can do an introductory session.

If you are interested call Madeleine on 640636.

Gaydon Village Hall

The next meeting of the Village Hall Committee will be held on Monday 13 September at 8pm in the Village Hall.

The Peacock at Oxhill

Food & Wine Matching Dinner on Monday September 13th 7.30pm. 4 Course dinner tasting 16 wines £40 per head. Live music Raffle in aid of SHN. To book please call Pam or Yvonne 01295 688060

Rebecca Mawle, Fundraising Co-ordinator, Shipston Home Nursing Tel: 01608 674929 Mob: 07940 716345

Parish Talk Special

Stratford-upon-Avon District Council Open Day on Thursday 23 September 1pm-8pm at the Council Offices in Church Street. Come and have a look and a say with behind-the-scenes guided tours, help and advice and much more!

For further information contact Richard Hood on 012789 260218 or email


Audrey Iris Payne of 3 St Marks Close passed away 29 July 2010, much-loved wife of Byron and mother of Richard, will be sadly missed.


Laynie Adysen Hilditch and Eleanor Mary Fines Blockley were baptised at St Giles' Church, Gaydon, on Sunday 25 July. Eve Owens O'Brien was baptised at All Saints' Church, Chadshunt, on Saturday 14 August.

We welcome them all into the family of Christ's Church.

Nature Notes

I have several Bumble bees' nests in my garden, one inside an old Grass Roller and even more suprising was a Hornets' nest in one of my bird nesting boxes - although my wife commented "she would rather have the Wrens!" (which had nested there previously).

I am avoiding their flight line. They are much milder-mannered than Wasps but at least 5 times larger and ringed with an attractive chestnut Brown! I have been told that "you will know it" if stung by one. We are coexisting fine at present; they are still not a common insect in the Midlands.

If anyone else has them I would like to know and hope they will be spared, as they are a beneficial species taking flies and mosquitoes as prey. Buddleia, a plant which can destroy buildings and originated in China, is nevertheless a great nectar source for butterflies. If you have a bush, look out for Brimstones (Bright Yellow) and Red Admirals; the ragged-winged Comma and other late species that will hibernate through the winter. BP