Gaydon Parish Magazine September 2011

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This Month's Diary

Parish Council         Thurs 1st 7.30pm   Parish Office
Morning Coffee         Sat 10th 11am      Village Hall
Harvest Festival       Sun 18th 4pm       Chadshunt
Village Hall Committee Mon 19th 7.30pm    Village Hall
Friendship Club        Tues 27th 2.30pm   2 Anson Close
Pilates                Tuesdays 6.30pm    Village Hall
Mobile Library         Thurs 1st and 22nd   

Church Services in September

4th      8.00   Holy Communion BCP Burton Dassett
        10.30   Morning Prayer     Fenny Compton
        10.30   Family Communion   Gaydon
        10.30   Morning Prayer     Farnborough

11th     8.00   Holy Communion BCP Farnborough
        10.30   Family Communion   Fenny Compton
        10.30   Communion by Extension  Northend
        10.30   Morning Prayer     Gaydon
         6.00pm Evening Service    Burton Dassett
18th     8.00   Holy Communion BCP Gaydon
        10.30   Family Service     Fenny Compton
        10.30   Family Communion   Northend
         4.00pm Harvest Festival   Chadshunt
         6.00pm Evensong           Farnborough

25th     8.00   Holy Communion BCP Fenny Compton
        10.30   Family Communion   Farnborough
        10.30   Pray and Praise    Gaydon
        10.30   Morning Prayer     Northend

Nature Notes for Last Month

Unlike the recent press articles, I can only report that our Cuckoos have left for their long migration back to Africa by now. However, migration of many birds to this area seems to be having problems. Only recently, we would have had scores of Swallows and House Martins nesting in the village: but this year, only a few swallows have returned and the skies are empty of House Martins.

The Swifts, though, are back in good numbers and quite a few are nesting once again in the roof spaces of the Village Hall Cottage. They arrive here early and leave early and this may be their advantage over the others, as the food sources may be more plentiful for them. The Swallows and Martins need a source of mud and it has been very dry this year, even around the old pond area off the Kineton Road. I am hoping that some may be nesting in St Marks Close which has had many nests in previous years.

By contrast, many butterflies are early. Like many others, I took part in "Butterfly Week" a few weeks ago. In the meadows around Gaydon I was delighted to record a good number of Marbled Whites, Ringlets, Gatekeepers and Meadow Browns. All these are in the "Brown" family and we are lucky to have areas of "unimproved" grassland containing a diverse number of old grass varieties. Brimstones, Commas and Red Admirals are all about a month early and on the wing as I write this.

I have also seen Holly Blues and Common Blues in good numbers.

One of my old childhood haunts in Alcester Oversley Wood is a great place to visit for rarer species. Yesterday I watched a whole colony of Purple Hairstreaks in a single Oak tree and in the previous week had seen the superb purple Emperor on the wing, along with Fritilleries and White Admirals; these are all species found only in Ancient Woodland. The latter two are also found in Itchington Holt, just out of Gaydon. The rampant Valerian in the Village has been spared for a week to provide nectar for the many Humming Bird Hawk Moths. I feel that having flown from North Africa, this delightful little moth (often mistaken for the real thing!) deserves a break.

Other good news is that Goldcrests are back in my Leylandii Trees and you may, I'm sure, spot these delightful tiny birds (smaller than a wren) in your own gardens, too! Grasshoppers are chirping in the churchyard and the small plantings of Oxe Eye Daisies I put in years ago are beginning to spread at last.

Bernard Price

Mobile Library

The mobile library will be in Gaydon on Thursdays 1st and 22nd September.

Friendship Club

This month's meeting will be on Tuesday 27th at 2 Anson Close, Wellesbourne, at 2.30pm.

Coffee Morning and Bring and Buy

Gaydon Village Hall Saturday 10 September at 11am
Home-made cakes and garden produce.  Raffle.
Come to meet other villagers and catch up on the news!

The National Chinchilla Society Comes to Gaydon

The National Chinchilla Society
will be holding its first event in Gaydon Village Hall on
Sunday, September 11th  2011
between 11.00am and 3.00pm

This will be an educational, informal field day with lots of talks and discussions and a fun assessment/mini show. Entry is free and all are welcome. So if you are a chinchilla owner or are interested in these wonderful animals, please mark the date in your diary.

The society will also be holding a show in the hall on Sunday 13th November. Details of both are on the NCS website under events ( or you can contact Siân on 01926 641337.

Whichford Pottery 'Bulb and Pot Bonanza'

Friday 9th to Sunday 18th September 10am-5pm

Thousands of bulbs - Tulips, Narcissi, Alliums, Crocus etc for sale, all chosen and tried out by Harriet Rycroft, the Head Gardener, who will give advice on producing colour in the garden from February to May.

Raffle of a large Armscote Bee Pot with 10 carmine red "Princesse Charmante" tulip bulbs with proceeds going to Shipston Home Nursing.

More details from Rebecca on 01608 674929.

Gaydon Village Shop

A big thank you to Rix Oil who donated £190 to the shop as a direct result of all those GVS customers who purchased oil from Rix through our loyalty scheme. If you would like details of the Rix Oil loyalty scheme, please call into the shop and pick up a leaflet. With autumn not too far away, it might be worth ordering your oil now.

Thank you also to all those volunteers and customers who supported our stall at the Avon Dassett Fête - we raised an additional £100 from sales on the day and gained new customers due to the tasty samples on display.

We are now stocking Frank's luxury biscuits in store - there are many tasty varieties to choose from. Why not call in and try some?

We also sell freshly-made baguettes from the Malt Shovel which are available to order or purchase in the shop.

Shipston Home Nursing

Fund-raising Events for September

Country Car Boot Sale
4th September at Honington Estate
Idlicote Road Gateway open to public 9am
Public Entry Fee £2 per head Max £5 per car.  Refreshments Available
Please apply to Rebecca for pitches on 01608 674929.

Electric Blankets (yes, summer really is over!)

Warwickshire Trading Standards Service will provide electric blanket tests FREE OF CHARGE, for people aged 50 or over, between Monday 3rd October and Friday October 7th 2011.

Don't miss this opportunity! Old or damaged electric blankets cause a number of fires each year, which can result in injury or death. These can be avoided by simply getting your electric blanket checked.

Testing, by appointment only, will take place at the following venues around Warwickshire:

Leamington Town Hall, Monday 3rd October

Rugby Library, Tuesday 4th October

Nuneaton Fire Station, Wednesday 5th October

Kenilworth Library, Thursday 6th October

Stratford Fire Station, Friday 7th October

To book an appointment, call the Trading standards Service on:

01926 414004 (Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm) or email

Heritage Motor Centre Events

Sci-Fi Final Weekend: 3 and 4 September

National Bike Safe: 4 September - For riders of motorbikes/scooters.

Auto Italia: 11 September - An array of all things Italian, from Fiats through to Alfa Romeos and Ferraris.

Retro Truck Show (NEW SHOW): 18 September

Features trucks from 1965 to 1995,a great day out for all the family. There will be trade stands and displays, food stands and children's fun area. The ticket price includes entry into the Museum so you can enjoy over 180 historic British vehicles on display.

Camping is available but this will need to be booked in advance.

Gaydon Autumn Classic: 25 September

Autumn Cream Tea Run and Charity Car Boot - Boot 4 Ben

Our final gathering for the season and free for all participants. You could join in the Autumn Cream Tea Run for a scenic local drive culminating in a cream tea at the Heritage Motor Centre Cafe. There is an extra charge for the run and it should be booked in advance.

The gathering is free to view but normal Museum admission prices apply. However, if you come in a Classic car and then you and your passengers can visit the Museum at the classic price of just £5 each.

Please see the website for all event and booking details: or call 01926 641188.

Harvest Festival Service

Harvest will be celebrated with a candlelit service at the lovely old church of All Saints at Chadshunt on Sunday 35 September at 4pm.

Ilmington Music Festival

Saturday September 10th, 1pm until midnight
Live Classical Music, Cool Jazz, Fireworks, Hog Roast, Pimms Tent
Tickets £10 single, £30 family from Ilmington Grange,
Back Street, Ilmington, or phone 07776 17590

September in the Garden

When we first bought a house that had a fruit tree in the garden, I went out and bought a box of grease bands. Grease bands are brilliant things that you whack around trees to prevent the codling moth from creeping up the trunk and laying its eggs in next year's fruit buds: leading to lots of unpleasant moments coming face to face with grubs when you bite into that lush, rosy apple. Unfortunately, at our first house, the second most dangerous man in London was then allowed to prune the solitary fruit tree, after which there was no need for grease bands and no more fruit. The box sat in the shed in various houses for the next fifteen years before being cleared out in a moment of unusual energy.

When we moved here, we planted a selection of heritage fruit trees, some of which suffered the tender mercies of builders. Others were enjoyed by rabbits and had to be replaced within a year. Last year, however, we had some fruit. Ha! Triumph at last; luscious pershore purple plums and court pendu plat apples. But no, the codling moth had been waiting and got there first, together with our pole-vaulting chickens who stand underneath the apple trees in their enclosure, jumping up to peck holes in the ripening fruit.

So this time last year, out I went to the hardware store and bought grease bands and spent a happy afternoon taping them round all the fruit trees. I'm pleased to report that it's worked, 100%, and I can highly recommend it. This year I'll be loosening the string I used to secure the bands last year and replacing them where necessary, while conducting a tasting tour of the plums and early apples. Joy!

Seasonal recipe

German Apple or Plum Cake
100g SR flour                    50g soft brown sugar
50g ground almonds               75g butter
1 small egg, beaten              1 tsp lemon juice

Sieve flour into bowl. Add the sugar and half the almonds. Rub in butter to breadcrumb consistency. Bind mixture with egg and lemon juice and press into base of tin. Sprinkle with remaining almonds.


450g cooking apples, peeled, cored, finely sliced /plums, stoned and halved.
50g soft brown sugar         1 tsp lemon juice

Toss apples in lemon juice and sugar. Arrange on base. If using plums, sprinkle juice/sugar on top once laid on the base.


50g SR flour                       50g soft brown sugar
50g butter                         1 tsp ground cinnamon

Sift flour into bowl, add other dry ingredients and rub in butter.

Sprinkle over the apples. Cook at 170°C (325°F) or gas mark 3 for 1-1¼ hours. Cool in the tin and dust with icing sugar before serving with crème fraîche.

Village Hall News

The next meeting of the Village Hall Committee will be held on Monday 19 September at 7.30pm.


Please remember to book your hire of the Hall well in advance of the date you want. Contact Sue Middleditch on 640695.

Hire of Tables and Chairs

Green plastic chairs can be hired for 50p each and wooden tables for £1 each. Please be aware that the green-topped aluminium tables are not for hire; nor are the wooden chairs that are kept in the Hall.

Cottage Renovation

The Committee is planning to replace the unsightly plastic porch over the back door of the cottage with a brick-built construction. Such improvements to the cottage mean that it can be let at increasingly higher rents which in turn subsidise the cost of maintaining the hall itself. Thus, the hall can continue to be hired out cheaply to villagers.

Shipston Home Nursing

Fund-raising Event for September at Justina Boutique, Wellesbourne on Thursday 15 September 9am till late! 10% off all purchases!

Launch of new-look store and previews of this autumn's latest range in support of Shipston Home Nursing.

Champagne and canapés served all day. Raffle, 1st prize Personal Shopper Experience and £100 to spend!

Contact Jayne at Justina on 01789 841562, or

Parish Plan

Work on the Parish Plan for Gaydon has been going ahead smoothly and questionnaires will soon be delivered to all households in the village. Your answers will contribute to the Parish Plan and help shape the future of Gaydon.

Celebrating the King James Bible

Four hundred years after its first publication, the King James Bible is the most printed book in existence. The quatercentenary exhibition at the Bodleian Library in Oxford tells the story of its commissioning and translation. It is fascinating to see so many famous Bibles gathered together in one room: Wyclif and Tyndale's earlier translations into English; Coverdale's Great Bible printed under Henry VIII; the touchingly small New Testament printed for Anne Boleyn; the Bishops' Bible annotated in 1602 at one of the many meetings of the forty bishops who formed a translating committee and whose work culminated in the 1611 Bible. The Book of Common Prayer of 1662 still used Miles Coverdale's translation of the Psalms whereas the other texts are from the King James translations. It is sad that the great prose of the King James Bible and the Prayer Book is neither read aloud nor valued in the Church of England today.

Hurry along to the Bodleian before 4 September to catch this memorable exhibition! Tours of the Library itself are always available: visit for details.

Parish Council News

Banbury Road

Please beware as you walk along the Banbury Road, past the cemetery, as the path is falling away. This area has been marked and will be repaired as soon as Highways are able to.

Banbury Road Pipe

We are actively pursuing this. There seem to be some hold-ups due to holidays but we have been told that as soon as the holiday period is over, legal documentation will be sent to all parties involved.

Flood Defence

Highways have confirmed that they will be surveying the Warwick Road to see if there is a way to direct some of the water to the M40 side of the road.

Pot Holes

Highways are aware.

Telephone Box

A window has been broken in the telephone box. BT have been notified and we hope it will be fixed shortly.

Flag Officer

Andy Thomas has been our Flag Officer for a long while now. We really appreciate his help. If anyone else would like to take over this rôle please contact the Parish Clerk.

Next Meeting

Thursday, 1st September at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Sponsored Fun Run/Fun Cycle Ride

on Sunday 25th September
3 miles on 2 legs, 10 miles on 2 wheels: Walk it, Run it or Ride it!

Shipston Leisure Centre: Details/download sponsorship forms at or phone Rebecca 01608 674929.