Gaydon Parish Magazine April 2013

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Church Services in April
        9.00    Holy Communion BCP    Burton Dassett
    10.30    Holy Communion        Gaydon
    10.30    Morning Prayer        Fenny Compton
     6.00pm  Evensong              Farnborough

     9.00    Holy Communion BCP    Farnborough
     9.00    Holy Communion        Gaydon
    10.30    Holy Communion        Fenny Compton
    10.30    Communion by extension, Northend
     6.00pm  Evening Service       Burton Dassett

     9.00    Holy Communion        Farnborough
     9.00    Holy Communion BCP    Gaydon
    10.30    Family Service        Fenny Compton
    10.30    Holy Communion        Northend
     6.00pm  Songs of Praise       Northend

     9.00    Holy Communion        Fenny Compton
    10.30    Holy Communion        Farnborough
    10.30    Prayer and Praise     Gaydon
    10.30    Morning Prayer        Northend

Parish Council News

New Councillor

As you are all aware, Jonathan Crowe resigned as Chairman and Councillor earlier this year. Jonathan gave a considerable amount of his time to the community and is already being sorely missed. The Parish Council would like to thank him for the help and support that he has given over the years. Annette Conway has agreed to join the Parish Council and she was co-opted at the March meeting.

Junction M40 and extension road to Jaguar Land Rover

We have learnt that there will not be a public consultation in respect of these plans. The initial information that was provided to the Parish Council was incorrect.

Councillors have met with the County Highways Design Team to look at the draft plans. The plans are available on the Gaydon website on the home page under the link for maps.

One of the concerns expressed by the councillors present, was regarding the loss of pedestrian/horse/cyclist access from Gaydon to Bishops Itchington. The Highways team are planning to turn the M40 bridge crossing into a dual carriageway and our understanding is that there is insufficient space for pedestrian access. They have also expressed safety concerns regarding pedestrian access on a dual carriageway. However, they have agreed to look into this issue. We have arranged for a Gaydon Information Session to take place on Monday, 8th April, between 6.30pm and 7.30pm in the Village Hall. A full set of plans will be available and officers from County Highways will be there to note any concerns and answer questions. If you do have any issues following this session can you please email the Parish Clerk or talk to a Parish Councillor as we will be discussing this topic at the May meeting.

Gaydon Inn Plans

The company that is developing the Gaydon Inn pub and the car park attended our March meeting. They explained that they are planning to turn the pub into a residential property and build three other houses on the site.

The Parish Council has not been notified by the District Council of any planning applications in respect of this proposal and when we are, we will advertise this on the notice board.

We have also been contacted by residents who have received an anonymous leaflet regarding development of the Gaydon Inn field. The Parish Council has no idea where this information has come from or who has sent it. Our advice is to wait and see if a planning application is submitted. We have not been approached regarding development on the field.

Parish Plan

We are hoping that Stratford District Council will adopt the Parish Plan at a meeting in April.

Cemetery Gates

The cemetery gates have been shot-blasted, painted and rehung. Thanks to Cllr. Rickman and his team of helpers.

Litter Bin

One of the litter bins by the telephone box has been moved to the

play area.

Anonymous Complaints

We would like to remind residents that the Parish Council follows the same code as the County and District Councils: they do not investigate anonymous complaints. Anyone wishing to bring any issue to the attention of the Parish Council can do so at the public meetings, by email or letter to the Clerk or by talking to a councillor or the clerk.

Horse Chestnut Tree, Village Green

A tree surgeon has re-examined this tree and said that because of the condition of the tree and the close proximity to the bus shelter, road, power cables and properties it should be either considerably reduced in height or felled.

Councillors decided that if they reduced the tree only a trunk would be left and this would be unsightly on a Village Green. Therefore, it was agreed reluctantly that the tree should be felled, as soon as possible, because of safety issues. A local tree surgeon has been instructed to carry out this work and we understand that it will probably take place either the 1st or 2nd week of April. Once Western Power have confirmed a date for the power to be shut off, the Parish Council will place a notice on the noticeboard and on the website. Nearby residents should receive letters from Western Power.

A Parish Councillor has expressed concern at this decision and so we have written to the District Council explaining that the tree is considered 'historic' because it was planted for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, and asking if they would consider placing a Tree Preservation Order on it. We have expressed the need for an urgent reply and we are sure that if they believe that the tree should be protected, they will contact us quickly in order to prevent the tree from being felled.

The Parish Council has agreed that the wood from the tree should be given to any residents who would like some. Exact details are still to be finalised but a notice will be placed on the noticeboard.

Next Meeting will be on Tuesday, 7th May, at 8pm.

23rd April for Shakespeare and St George
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our English dead.
In peace there's nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility...
I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start.  The game's afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry God for Harry, England, and St George!
                   Henry V Act III (1598)

Gaydon Village Store

The shop has been open all day Monday to Friday for a month now and we are very pleased to see it being used more and more during those hours. We will be having a delivery of fresh bread from Le Petit Croissant of Upper Quinton every weekday now so be sure to pop in and buy some. Please note that we will be closing at 2pm on Saturdays from April 6th as we struggle to find volunteers at the weekend. SR APCM The Annual Parish Church Meeting will be held in St Giles' at 7.30pm on Wednesday 17 April. All parishioners are welcome to attend and those on the electoral roll of the church are entitled to vote in the election of church officials such as churchwardens. Messy Church Messy church will be held at Fenny Compton at 3.30pm on Sunday 14th April. 20 Walks in Shipston Country This new 96-page guidebook has just been published for the exclusive benefit of Shipston Home Nursing. It has been compiled by Peter Titchmarsh in memory of his wife, Janet. It is also his way of thanking all the staff of SHN for the many months of loving care that they gave her. Walks in Shipston Country, with its twenty maps and ninety colourful illustrations, is available at £6 from Waterstones in Stratford-upon- Avon, from all the pubs mentioned in the book and from Rebecca on 01608 674929. Do visit our website for more information.

Compton Verney

The new season has started at Compton Verney with the spring exhibition which runs until 23 June this year. It is a rare opportunity to see a selection of Italian paintings from the City of Glasgow's fine collection which covers the period 1400-1900. The transition from religious to non-religious painting is traced through the works of artists such as Bellini, Botticelli, Titian, Salvator Rosa and Francesco Guardi. Ticket prices and further details: or by telephoning 01926 745500.
 Seasonal Recipe
 Monastery Soup
 2 large potatoes                           2 large carrots
 200g Savoy cabbage                         1 large onion
 1 leek                                     2 cloves garlic
 2tbs olive oil                             1litre vegetable stock or water
 1 tbs chopped fresh herbs e.g. parsley


Wash and chop all the vegetables, slicing the cabbage finely. Heat the oil in a large pan and gently fry the onion and garlic until soft. Add the rest of the vegetables, cover the pan and cook for 5 mins. Now add the vegetable stock. Cover and simmer for 20 mins or until all the vegetables are soft. Add the herbs and salt and pepper to taste. This vegetarian soup can be varied according to the seasons. Replace the cabbage with broad beans or peas in summer, for example, and with parsnips or celeriac in the winter.

Mobile Library

The Library will be here on Thursdays 4th and 25th of April. The van will be at the Telephone Box 1.50-2.10pm and at St Marks Close from 2.15-2.35pm.

Friendship Club

The next meeting will be at 2.30pm on Tuesday 23 April at the home of Mrs Josie Liddington, 2 Anson Close, Wellesbourne.

Coffee Morning and Market

The coffee morning will be on Saturday 13th April at 11am in the Village Hall. As usual there will be a raffle, cakes and bric-a-brac. Funds raised are in aid of the church fabric fund. MF

Children's Society

The contents of the collecting boxes of Gaydon for the past year have added up to a grand total of £ 177.70. The Society is very grateful to all the kind people who put their spare change to such good use. Each year, thanks to our supporters, collection boxes raise about two million pounds towards the charity's work with children in need of help, from runaways to young carers. If anyone would like to become a box-holder, please contact me, Julie Rickman on 640349.

Upton House and Gardens

Upton has another year of great events lined up and as always would love to see local residents making the most of them. 29 March - 7 April: Easter Egg Trails - search for clues and answers to win your Easter chocolate. 13 - 14 April: Amazing Tulip weekend with over 7,000 tulips of different varieties and wonderful displays in the house. Come and make your own arrangement!

Lighthorne Heath Primary School

This term at Lighthorne Heath we have had a real focus on looking after our environment and being Eco-friendly. We have a team of children and teachers dedicated to improving the school’s environment, recycling and the global curriculum. The Eco-Committee have put together an action plan which focuses on improving nine areas: energy, water, biodiversity, school grounds, healthy living, transport, litter, waste and global citizenship. All their hard work this term has paid off because the school has been awarded the Eco-schools Bronze Award. We are really excited to get this award which celebrates our commitment to being Eco-friendly and improving the environment. The team have already started working towards the silver award! We have limited places left in our nursery and reception classes for September. If you are interested in coming and seeing for yourself all the exciting things we do and the positive changes we have made over the last few years, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment to have a look around the school and talk to staff. Juliette Westwood (Exec. Headteacher) and Michelle Cragg (Associate Headteacher)

Gaydon Village Hall News

The work undertaken in March to improve the toilets and kitchen is now complete. The Ladies and Gents have been retiled, repaired and painted, with new doors fitted. The kitchen has a purpose-built sink and there are new cupboards for crockery etc. The ceiling has been re-papered and the walls have been redecorated. The committee hopes that villagers using the hall will enjoy the fresh new look.

Shipston Home Nursing

Spring Walk, Jog or Run Sunday 21st April at 10.30am at Walton Hall Wellesbourne CV35 9HU £5 adults £3 children For more info call Gilda Gardner 01789 740083 or 07970 177951 and Rebecca 01608 674929 or 07932 043111

Nature Notes

Under the Trees

I've spent the past few weeks in China but gather that the cold spell has continued its icy grip here, although March heralds the Spring Equinox in a few days.

The Snowdrops in Chadshunt are a great show and those transferred from there to our own churchyard are increasing in number too. A few catkins on the Hazel trees are a hopeful sign!

China is a most interesting place.

It has experienced rapid industrialisation and a cultural Revolution which have taken their toll on the environment; but there is now a great interest in restoring native species, recycling and altermative energy.

The Sparrows that were exterminated on Mao's orders have returned to Bejing. Exotic Doves, Babblers and Laughing Thrushes are a common sight, whilst the two species of Magpie (one is the familiar Eurasian species) are by far the most frequently seen birds, nesting in almost every tree.

On the subject of Trees, these were one of the few species that were untouched by the Red guards. Venerable Baobabs, Figs, Elms and Pines, often centuries old, are lovingly preserved and often covered in rope or hessian to protect them from frosts; or bound with iron bands to prevent their splitting. Around them, many old traditional buildings are being restored regardless of cost. The error of destroying ones own heritage is now realised only too well. Our own centenarian Horse Chestnut Tree is now under threat from the H and S brigade! I notice that in Bejing artists even paint rather tasteful pictures of wildlife to cover unsightly stumps: perhaps we may be able to do the same if the tree is saved.

"Woodman, Woodman, spare that tree!" It is such a pleasure to see the "Sticky buds" and candelabra blossom in Spring, the spiky conkers and colours of the leaves in autumn; irreplaceable once gone! Wood of such dense grain it will never split or fall and a life expectancy of 300 years. In spite of the cold, Rooks are already nest building and one of my hens has gone "broody". Let's hope the warmer weather comes soon! Bernard Price