Gaydon Parish Magazine March 2016

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This Month's Diary
Parish Council Meeting               Tues 1st 7.45pm                Village Hall
Clean for the Queen                  Sat 5th                        Village Hall
Mothering Sunday                     Sun 6th 10.30am                Parish Church
Coffee Morning                       Sat 12th 11am                  Old Bakehouse
Good Friday Children's Activities    Fri 25th 10.30am               Parish Church
Easter Day & Egg Hunt                Sun 27th 10.30am               Parish Church
Library                              Monday 14th                    Telephone Box
Pilates                              Tuesdays 6.30pm                Village Hall

Parish Council News

New Councillor: We are really pleased to welcome Mirrin Lewis to the Parish Council to replace Steve Alder.

Supplementary Planning Document for GLH

Top priorities this month are responding to the draft Supplementary Planning Document for GLH; this parish council still has big concerns regarding infrastructure. Our District Councillor, Chris Kettle, continues to meet County Highways, highlighting concerns regarding infra-structure on the local network.

JLR planning application has been received and we have requested that a member of the JLR planning team attend a Parish Council meeting to address our concerns.

Traffic calming

We are also seeking funding from this application for traffic calming measures in this parish. Initially we need £3,000 for a feasibility study.

JLR are planning to undertake the following work in recently acquired land to the South of the British Motor Museum:

Starting as early as Monday 29th February, specialist consultants will be carrying out some environmental and soil investigation activities, that will involve small trial holes, and borehole drilling. These are merely precautionary investigations, to check suitability for potential use of the land for ecological and environmental off-setting. It is important to establish the soil quality, so that we can plan for proper preparation of the site, as an ecological receptor.

Good news: we applied for a grant and have received £1000 towards a new Personal Computer for our clerk; plus money towards a website.

Parish precept

Reluctantly, we have had to raise the parish precept by approximately 56p per month on a Band D property. We have budgeted towards traffic calming although it is hoped that the majority of this will be funded by JLR.

Village Green

We have forwarded details of two tree surgeons to Balfour Beatty for quotes for the removal of the tree stump on the Village Green. Let's hope that they will support this project!

Slip Road Closure

The Parish Council has been active in trying to persuade Balfour Beatty and now Highways England to close the northbound slip road on the M40 from 7.30am and not 7am. This would allow the school buses to enter Gaydon before the build up of traffic on the Banbury Road - a route used by some of the school buses and public bus 77.

24 hour Garage

A planning application has been received for changing the operating hours of the petrol garage to 24 hours. If you wish to comment on this amendment details can be found on the District Council website.

Gaydon Inn and Field

The Gaydon Inn pub and paddock now has planning approval. We have been asked to name the two new roads onto these developments. If anyone has any suggestions could they please contact the clerk asap.


Complaints are still being received regarding the lighting on the new dual carriageway. County Highways have agreed to dim the lights but are reluctant to turn them off from 12pm until the carriageway is finished. We will continue to monitor the situation. Work is unlikely to be finished before May/June.


The Planning Department has confirmed that if the Kineton Road development proceeds, there will be a footway to St. Mark's Close.


Cllr Hughes is still looking for a solution to the stile over the footpath that has sunk and is difficult to cross.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 1st March at 7.45pm in the village hall. The Parish Annual Assembly will take place on 5th April before the April Parish Council Meeting. Time to be confirmed.

Church Services in March

Mothering Sunday 6th
    10.30    Morning Prayer        Fenny Compton
    10.30    Mothering Sunday Communion Gaydon
    10.30    Family Service        Northend
     6pm     Evensong              Farnborough
Sunday 13th
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Farnborough
      9.00   Holy Communion        Gaydon
     10.30   Holy Communion        Fenny Compton
     10.30   Communion by ext.     Northend
      6pm    Evening Prayer        Northend
Palm Sunday 20th
      9.00   Holy Communion        Farnborough
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Gaydon
     10.30   Family Worship        Fenny Compton
     10.30   Holy Communion        Northend

Holy Week
Monday     21st at 7.30pm Evening Prayer at Gaydon
Tuesday    22nd at 7.30pm Holy Communion at Fenny Compton
Wednesday  23rd at 7.30pm Evening Prayer at Farnborough
Maundy Thursday at 7.30pm Communion at Northend
Good Friday at 10.30am Children's Session* at Gaydon
            and at 6pm Reflective Service at Gaydon

Easter Sunday 27th
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Burton Dassett
     10.30   Holy Communion        Farnborough
     10.30   Holy Communion        Fenny Compton
     10.30   Holy Communion by ext.Gaydon
     10.30   Family Service        Northend

Attention Dog Owners and Walkers!

Dog fouling in the Parish is becoming more of a problem as more dog owners are moving into the village. The law in Stratford District is laid out in 'The Fouling of Land by Dogs (District of Stratford-on-Avon) Order 2009'.

In summary:

It is an offence to not pick up after a dog in your charge. Wherever anyone takes a dog in Stratford district they must pick up the dog faeces and dispose of them properly.

This includes: rural footpaths; verges (e.g. Pimple lane); and fields to which the dog is allowed access (e.g. behind Church Lane and in St Marks Close).

If you see someone fail to pick up after their dog:

a) Politely point out to them that they have not picked up and ask them to pick it up.

b) Report them to the Dog Warden (01789 260839).

c) Tell a Parish councillor.

For either a councillor or the Dog Warden to take action certain information is required:

The owner's Name and Address.

A description of dog.

Date, time and location of the offence.

Adrian Claxton, Deputy Chairman, Gaydon Parish Council

Clean for the Queen

Saturday 5 March

To celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, Gaydon Parish Council is organising a litter picking session starting at the Village Hall on Saturday 5 March at 10am.

Look out for posters on the notice board and reminders on facebook and the Gaydon website


The flag on the village green was raised on 19 February for the birthday of HRH Prince Andrew.

Shipston Home Nursing

On Saturday 5 March, 9am-5pm Wyatt's Plant Centre and Farm Shop, Great Rollright, OX7 5SH, are offering 20% of all plant sales for one day only in aid of SHN. Please come along!

Saturday 12 March at Sheldon Bosley Hub, Shipston, 9.30am-4.30pm Vintage and Second-hand Clothes Sale. Free entry to buy, £20 per table to sell your own merchandise. More details from Rebecca on Tel. 01806 684 835.

*Good Friday Children's Activity Session

St. Giles' Church Gaydon 10.30am Friday 25 March

Come and join us to explore the Easter story through fun activities - craft, storytelling and refreshments. Suitable for children aged 3-12. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Messy Church for Children

Sunday 6 March at 3.30pm at Temple Herdewyke Community Centre Taste and See, Café and Messy Church. Sunday 13 March at 3.30pm at Fenny Compton Village Hall, there is Messy Church with games, crafts, stories, songs and tea.

Nature Notes


This month we have experienced the first substantial frosts. I had thought that with daffodils and Crocus out already and Rooks building their nests, Spring might be here - but no such luck as yet!. On the home front, my hens have begun to lay and one even went broody on a clutch of eggs.

The biting cold winds and low temperatures have placed us well back in winter time but it is, however, one of the best months to see bird species. I am sure many of you will have had a visit from families of the delightful tiny Long Tailed Tits. I have also had Nuthatches and Blackcaps visiting my garden.

I often walk down Watery Lane in Chadshunt with my dogs, where there are patches of mature woodland and large fallow areas. It is a great place to see unusual species any time of year. A flock of over two hundred Green Plovers have arrived recently. Their distinctive flapping flight gives them their other name 'Lapwing'; and alternatively, 'Peewit' is an exact mimic of their calls. They avoid predation by keeping to the middle of large arable fields and posting lookouts. They are very shy and take off en masse at the slightest disturbance. They are a most attractive species, glossy green with a large crest. Sometimes, you get the odd pair nesting there in the Spring.

A pair of Buzzards had settled on the next field, diligently collecting worms; quite comical to see these huge Raptors balancing with outstretched wings on the heavy plough furrows!

In the centre of the village another large flock has set up residence, but these are melodic, brightly-coloured Goldfinches. Sadly the murmurations(?) of Starlings are gone from this area, although you still see small flocks.

The storms have been exceptional this year and the mud nests of House Martins have been destroyed in their usual haunts in St. Marks Close. There is hope for the African returnees, however! The Parish Council has asked the Housing Association to provide some artificial nests for their long term "tenants" and with luck they will respond favourably - fingers crossed!

This is a sparse time for wild flowers, though look out for early Primroses and the extravagant inflorescences of Green Hellebores, a wild relative of our Christmas Rose which grows in patches of old woodland. At last those heaps of logs, that we thought we would never burn, are going down! Bernard Price


Don't forget that we villagers need to use our shop to keep it open.

Mobile Library

The Library will visit Gaydon on Monday 14th March from 1.30pm-2pm at the Telephone Box.

Fund-raising Coffee Morning

I am having a coffee morning at the Old Bakehouse to raise some funds towards the 2016 Christmas Lunch.

The coffee morning will be held on Saturday 12 March from 10.45am till about 12.30pm and I hope that villagers will be able to pop in at some point and join us.

There will be a bookstall, a raffle (of course) and some bricabrac for sale - do bring a white elephant along with you if you think someone else might give it a home! Everyone welcome, not just Christmas lunchers! Julie Rickman

Friendship Club

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 22 March at 2.30pm at the home of Mrs Mary Fox, Corner Cottage, Church Lane.

Would you like to work in our community shop for two afternoons a week?

We are looking to employ someone to work from 1pm until 4pm on two afternoons a week, initially on a Monday and Wednesday. If you are interested, email to contact Sue Roberts; or call into the shop and leave your details for her.

Good Friday Children's Activity Session

St. Giles' Church Gaydon 10.30am Friday 25 March Come and join us to explore the Easter story through fun activities - craft, storytelling and refreshments. Suitable for children aged 3-12.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Free Allotment on Offer

Owing to ill-health, a local couple are offering the use of their large vegetable plot to anyone who would like to grow his or her own produce. At the moment the excellent soil is being wasted and the garden looks untidy and unloved. Use of greenhouse included. Please ring 642052 if you are interested.

Free Home-Composting Workshops in Warwickshire

Warwickshire County Council are running free home-composting workshops to encourage residents to reduce the amount of organic waste in their residual bins. A recent waste survey of bins showed that 70% of the grey bin was organic waste that could either be composted at home or put in the green bin. This organic waste is harmful to the environment when disposed of at landfill and costs millions of pounds each year in disposal costs.

To help residents reduce their waste we are running free home- composting workshops. Anyone attending the workshop will be given a voucher to buy a compost bin for £5 (normally £10) from a local Recycling Centre (except Judkins).

To book a place please go to

Workshop dates:

Warwick Methodist Church, Barrack Street, Warwick, CV34 4TH on Monday 4 April: 6.00-6.45pm; Monday 23 May: 6.00-6.45pm.

Stratford Methodist Church, Old Town, CV37 6BG on

Wednesday 13 April: 6.00-6.45pm; Wednesday 25 May: 6.00-6.45pm.

Dates for the Rugby area to be confirmed.

Katey Stoneman, Waste Projects Officer, WCC tel. 01926 412724

HM The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

The official date for celebrating the royal birthday is the weekend of the 11th and 12th of June 2016. Gaydon will be planning some sparkling events. Watch this space!

Coventry and Warwickshire Local Radio

CWR came to Gaydon in February on its A-Z of Warwickshire series of programmes. Sally Johnson, their roving reporter, interviewed some school children on their half-term holiday in Gaydon, visited the Village Store and the new Motor Museum up the road. She thought Gaydon was a very pretty village hidden away behind the road works. Sally said that CWR are glad to advertise any events that we put on.

The Children's Society's Information for Box Holders

With your valued support we are able to reach so many children facing poverty, abuse or neglect. Every single penny you collect in your House Box helps to turn a young life around.

On behalf of these thousands of children whose lives have been transformed, the Children's Society would like to say a big 'thank you'.

The total raised by Gaydon's box-holders was £133.55 this year - well done, all of you! Let's try to make it even more in 2016 and remember that every penny counts.

Please contact me, Julie Rickman, if you would like one of our little boxes for your small change. Small change can make such a big change to young lives.

Community Speed Watch

Why? Anyone who lives in Gaydon is probably already aware that we have two very real issues involving traffic: one is the sheer weight of it at peak times causing congestion, pollution and frustration. The other is the speed of traffic when the roads are clear.

There are many ways in which we can tackle these issues and we can undertake a Community Speed Watch without too many obstacles or time constraints. It wouldn't solve the issue in isolation, but Lighthorne, for instance, have found that during the monitoring activity, drivers slow down and it raises awareness of the problem.

So what's involved? We would ideally have a team of around 9-12 people from Gaydon who are keen to help deter speeding on our roads. Currently, we have 7 members but any additional people would allow for each volunteer to spend much less time on speed monitoring per month. Could you spare an hour or two per month to help us?

The registration process is straight-forward. Firstly, we complete vetting forms provided by the police. Once the vetting process is complete, the Police will arrange for a training session which will be held in the Village Hall. Here we will learn how to use a speed camera, record number plates and stay safe during the exercise. Once trained, we'll co-ordinate times to go out in groups of 3 and start monitoring.

To find out more, or to obtain a vetting form, please contact or please visit the website for more info: