Gaydon Parish Magazine June 2016

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This Month's Diary

QB Party Planning                 Tues 7th 5.30pm              Village Hall
Parish Council Meeting            Tues 7th 7.45pm              Village Hall
GVS AGM                           Weds 8th 7.30pm              Village Hall
Coffee Morning                    Sat 11th 11am                Village Hall
Queens's 90th Service             Sun 12th 10am                Burton Dassett
Queen's Birthday Party            Sun 12th 3pm                 Village Hall
Friendship Club                   Tues 21st 2.30pm             Almeley Chase
Referendum Voting                 Thurs 23rd 7am-10pm          Village Hall
Library                           Mondays 6th & 27th           Telephone Box
Pilates                           Tuesdays 6.30pm              Village Hall

BIG LUNCH                  SUN 17th JULY             VILLAGE HALL
CHRISTMAS LUNCH            SUN 4th DEC               VILLAGE HALL  

Parish Council News

Councillors' Responsibilities: John Brine has agreed to continue as Chair with Adrian Claxton as Vice Chair. Tom Hughes has the enormous task of Planning and will no doubt be attending numerous planning committee meetings on our behalf. Mirrin is continuing with traffic and will be looking at producing a Neighbourhood Plan. Debi is concentrating on the play area and community spaces. Both Mirrin and Debi are active in the arrangements for the Queen's Celebrations on Sunday 12th June along with a number of residents.

If you have not received an invitation please pop into the shop to pick one up or contact the Clerk.

John Brine will be continuing in his role of keeping an eye on the cemetery and Adrian will do street furniture, footways and ditches (including flooding). Tom will be liaising with Ian Miller on Neighbourhood Watch.

District Council Planning Committee Meeting: John, Adrian and Tom were present when GLH and the 2000 houses were discussed. It is a great regret that no amendments were properly considered at the time of the granting of outline planning permission. As Cllr Chris Williams was the greatest supporter of this, we have asked him to give full reasons why this was missed.

Extra Councillors: Our workload is enormous but we are hoping to get approval for 2 more councillors later this year. In order to assist, would residents please report any street lights not working or pot holes direct to the County Council. You can report these via their website more quickly than via the Clerk. If you report them and then find that they have not been fixed, please let the Clerk know.

County Cllr Chris Williams has said that he no longer wishes to attend Gaydon Parish Council meetings. If you want to ask him questions, the chairman suggests that you contact him directly or via the Parish Clerk.

Road Safety: Mirrin is engaging with the Police with regard to safety in our Village and is hoping to have a meeting shortly. The Police have said that a safety audit will be carried out by the County Council once the new road network is finished. This is good news and we are hoping that they keep us updated on any recommendations. We have tried very hard to get County Highways to meet the local community via the Community Forum (meeting on 2nd June) on traffic calming but they refuse to discuss the matter until 12 weeks after the new road network is finished.

Ash Close: One of the roads on the Gaydon Inn development will not now be called Valiant Close as there is already one nearby; so we have chosen the third choice, Ash Close.

Dog poo spray has come to Gaydon: It is such a shame that we needed to do this but with so many complaints, the Parish Council has had no choice. The message is simple: please take responsibility for your dog and clear up. If you see a dog fouling and can identify dog or owner then please do let us know. Fines can be imposed.

Cemetery Fees will be increasing from 1st June 2016. The fee schedule is available on the website.

Traffic monitoring equipment was installed in the parish and we are now waiting for the results.

Wagon Pond:The County Council Flood Risk Team have looked at the pond on the Kineton Road. They reported that they would be revisiting the site with a member of County Highways maintenance team - we will keep you posted.

Pimple Lane: County Cllr Williams told us that a road safety audit had taken place on Pimple Lane but unfortunately, when we requested a copy, we were informed that it was only an inspection and that Patch Byrne, the maintenance officer, has recommended no improvements. This is very disappointing as we all know that this lane probably experiences the most minor accidents in our parish and as it is well walked by residents, safety is paramount. We believe it needs replacement marker posts on the bends (apparently too expensive) and the road markings re-examined. We will be pursuing this.

Lorries parking on Church Road are a growing concern as they reverse into the B4100 during peak hours. The Police are aware and we hope JLR will support us in trying to stop it. They are concerned about delays to their workforce and it is a safety concern for us.

Planning Applications: Cllrs John Brine and Adrian Claxton have met JLR to discuss their 4 planning applications and they have noted our concerns. Cllr Tom Hughes will be speaking to our responses at the Planning Committee Meeting.

Thanks to the wonderful person who has mended the bench at the end of St Mark's Close. We really are grateful.

Footpaths: Could we please ask all landowners with responsibilities for footpaths across their land to ensure that they are easily accessible and clearly marked.

Nests: Orbit has agreed to fund artificial bird nests on the side of St Mark's Close flats. Thanks to Bernard Price, they have been bought and erected.

Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2016 are being finalised. If any resident would like to review them please contact the Clerk.

Vegetation is growing quickly so please try to ensure that footways are kept clear for pedestrians.

Clock: The War Memorials Grant Fund has informed us that we will be receiving approximately £1000 towards the repairs to the clock. Once the various agreements have been signed the clock will be taken away for at least 4 weeks, as the repair company will be keeping it for a while to ensure that the workings have been fixed.

Letters to the Parish Council: Remember that anonymous letters go no further than the Clerk. If you write in with a complaint, please put your name and address on the letter; otherwise, you are wasting your time and stamp.

Next meeting is on Tuesday, 7th June at 7.45pm.

Following meetings are on 5th July, 6th September and 4th October.

Church Services in June

Sunday 5th
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Burton Dassett
     10.30   Morning Prayer        Fenny Compton
     10.30   Holy Communion        Gaydon
      6.00pm Evensong              Farnborough
Sunday 12th
     10.00   Queen's 90th Service  Burton Dassett
Sunday 19th
      9.00   Holy Communion        Farnborough
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Gaydon
     10.30   Family Service        Fenny Compton
     10.30   Holy Communion        Northend
      6.00pm Songs of Praise       Farnborough
Sunday 26th
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Fenny Compton
     10.30   Holy Communion        Farnborough
     10.30   Prayer and praise     Gaydon
     10.30   Morning Prayer        Northend

Queen's 90th Birthday Thanksgiving Service

Sunday 12 June, 10am at Burton Dassett Church. There will be a joint service for all the parishes with choir and music followed by refreshments and Parades of Sea Scouts, Army Cadets, Scouts and Brownies

The Reverend Mike Cadwallader

Our parish priest, Mike, has been appointed to a new parochial position in the Diocese of Lichfield. He carried out his last service in these parishes on Sunday 29 May at the church of All Saints, Burton Dassett. We wish him well in his new church.


It is with great sorrow that we record the death of Mr Alf Diston and we offer our condolences to Georgina and her family.

Nature Notes for May

Oak trees are now in leaf and so "Oak before Ash, in for a splash " must be expected to come true. The last trees in my garden to sprout leaves are the Mulberry and Walnut, probably because of their Middle Eastern origins.

As yet, only a few distant sightings of Swallows and House Martins over the village; though there are a large number of Swifts once again. The three species are quite distinct: Swifts are all black, scimitar-shaped wings and let out a hissing "scream" whist in flight; Swallows make a more sedate twittering. They fly very low over fields "hawking " for flies and they are royal blue with a red throat, white underparts and very thin wire-like forked tails. House Martins are smaller and more compact with mostly dark blue and white under-colouring and shorter wings and tail.

The latter two - swallows and house martins - have become very scarce here in recent years. Only ten years ago, there were scores of nests in the village. In order to help them replace their mud nests which were destroyed last year in the storms, I have put up a series of artificial nests kindly financed by Orbit Property Services, in their favourite spot around the St Marks Close flats; and scattered some others around the village. (I have a spare nest if anyone will put it near an old one on their property.)

The Cuckoo is often heard now, though never seen; and other species to look out for are the Whitethroat, Black cap and Pied Flycatcher which may visit garden or woodland areas here. The larger species like the local Heron is often seen too, so cover any pond containing fish.

I'm afraid our local colony of orchids has been knocked about a bit by the Balfour Beatty vehicles around Knightcote Bottoms but may recover. There are a few Bee Orchids and Early Purple Orchids around Itchington Holt and the Cemetery but very hard to find. It has been an excellent year for Cowslips though: they are colonising every roadside now that spraying has been stopped for some years.

The rather varied temperatures are not good for the early butterflies; though Orange-Tips and Brimstones seem to appear during any sunny spells and I even saw a early Holly Blue in my garden yesterday. At this time you may also encounter a Great-crested or a Smooth newt whilst gardening as they have now left the water after spawning and hide under rocks and logs. They are invisible until they turn over revealing an array of vivid colours - so when a dull slug-brown shape moves... it may be one! They are one of the gardener's friends, eating all the most-hated pests.

The same can be said for our native Hornet, like a huge wasp. It must not be mistaken for the now feared, almost black, smaller Italian Hornet much vaunted in the Tabloids. They are not aggressive like wasps are and they feed mainly on mosquitos.

Please let me know about any Swallow or House Martin sites that you are aware of apart from Poplars Farm, St Marks Close, Church Road, Gaydon Farm Barns, and Chadshunt outbuildings.

Bernard Price 640757

Mobile Library

The Library will visit Gaydon on Mondays 6th and 27th June from 1.30pm-2pm at the Telephone Box.

Coffee Morning

The next coffee morning will be held on Saturday 11 June at 11am in the village hall. There will be the usual bookstall, raffle and bring-and-buy. Perhaps some more plants as well. Any profits go to church funds. Do come along!

Friendship Club

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 21 June at 2.30pm at the home of Mrs Olive Richards, Almeley Chase, Kineton Road.

The Queen's 90th Birthday Planning

1st June Deadline!

Invitations to the Village Hall Celebration on Sunday 12th at 3pm: have you handed your reply slip to the Village Shop? Deadline for RSVPs is Wednesday 1st June; but hurry along, get your reply slip in as soon as you can and you will very welcome to come. Replies tell us how many to cater for.

Meeting Tuesday 7 June

The final planning meeting will be in the Hall at 5.30pm to sort out the details for a successful Celebration on the afternoon of Sunday 12th. Please try to be there!

Gaydon Village Store News

You are all welcome to come to the Gaydon Village Store Annual General Meeting in the village hall on Wednesday 8 June at 7.30p.m. We are pleased to announce the arrival of Hogan's cider and perry, ready for summer drinking. It is one of our local products from nearby Alcester. Sue Roberts

Big Lunch Reminder

Sunday 17 July at 1 o'clock. Gaydon Village Hall will be hosting the Big Lunch again at the start of the summer holidays. Bring a plate of food to share. If it is a nice day, the village barbecue will be alight and you can cook your own sausages and burgers. Wine and soft drinks will be available. Book the date in your diary! Want more details? Ring Sue on 640695 or Julie on 640349.

Tysoe Open Gardens: 4 & 5 June 2pm-6pm

A group of ten gardens in Upper and Middle Tysoe are for the very first time opening in June in aid of the National Gardens Scheme.

The NGS is a charity which raises money through organising the opening of mainly private gardens for its beneficial charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie, Help the Hospices (of which Shipston Home Nursing is a beneficiary) and other caring charities. The NGS has donated more money to Macmillan's and Marie Curie than any other organisation and in 2015 alone gave away £2,700,000 to all of its beneficiaries. An incredible 80p in every pound received from visitors to our gardens goes directly to the charities we support. There are over 3,300 gardens that open in England and Wales, either individually or in a group such as Tysoe. The NGS is run almost entirely by volunteers who give their time and hard work, either in the garden or administratively, for the pleasure of letting other people enjoy their gardens and raise money for those charities so desperately needing our help.

Please come and support us on these two NGS Festival days. Entry £5 per person, children under 16 free. There will be delicious homemade teas and plants for sale in the village hall. Other local openings for the NGS are:

Sunday 16th June: Honington, Whichford and Ascott, Warmington

Sunday 26th June: Ilmington, Lighthorne

Sunday 3rd July: 90 allotments in Wellesbourne, Stretton-on-the-Fosse

Booklets showing all Warwickshire NGS openings are available in local village shops and libraries or on the website


This month we welcome some newcomers to Gaydon. Helen and Martin have come to live at the top of Kineton Road; Holly and John have recently moved into Church Lane; and Sarah and Andrew into Church Road. We hope that you will all enjoy life in the village.

Concert by Warwick University Brass Ensemble

All Saints' Church, Burton Dassett, Friday, 24 June at 7.30pm
Tickets at £12 will include a glass of wine, strawberries and cream.
Please apply to Norma King
Phone: 01295 770292 Or Email:

Shipston Home Nursing

Summer Shopping Day Thursday 16th June 10am-4pm; New Fabulous Stalls: £4 entry includes coffee and home-made biscuit. Lunch £5 will be served from 12noon-2pm with Wine available.

Beautiful Garden to enjoy in support of Shipston Home Nursing by kind invitation of Patrick and Fudge Ramsay at Burmington Grange, Cherington C36 5HZ.

Please contact Rebecca email or on 01608 674929 or for more details.

Annual General Meeting News

At the Village Hall AGM on 9 May the Chairwoman, Sue Middleditch, reported that it had been a good year for the Hall, now a popular venue for a variety of clubs and events. With plenty of bookings, managed by committee member Eirwen Hughes, the Committee can afford repairs and refurbishment. Villagers can see that the outside woodwork is being repainted to coincide with the Queen's Birthday celebrations. New chairs have been bought and there is now some garden furniture as well. Plans are under way for a permanent display of enlarged photos of the village in bygone days and for an exhibition of old photographs owned by villagers. Sue also mentioned that the Village Hall Cottage has had some roof repairs and has been redecorated throughout the interior. She thanked all of the committee for their work over the past year and for looking after our lovely Hall for the benefit of the village.

Obituary: Alf Diston

Mr Alf Diston was born on 18 January 1938 at Lowsonford. He live on many farms where his Dad was a shepherd, finishing up at the Dunnes' farm at Chadshunt. Alf was a carpenter and joiner by trade and did many jobs around the village, including work on the village hall. Alf and Georgina built their own bungalow in St Giles' Road and were married at Chadshunt Church. They had two lovely daughters and five grandchildren and had lived in the village for fifty years until Alf's sudden death on Wednesday 4 May 2016.


Mrs Georgina Diston and her family would like to thank everyone for their cards and flowers; but most of all for their kindness after the sudden death of her husband Alf.

Election on 23 June

Don't forget to cast your vote in the European Referendum on Thursday 23 June. Your polling station is Gaydon Village Hall and it will be open from 7am to 10pm on the day of the election. For more information about voting look at the website

Messy Church for Children

Sunday 5 June at 3.30pm at Temple Herdewyke Community Centre Taste and See, Café and Messy Church.

There will be no Messy Church at Fenny Compton on Sunday 12 June.

The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration

Sunday 12 June Gaydon Village Hall from 3 o'clock onwards with Cream Tea and Savoury Scones, Strawberries and Cream; Hot drinks and Soft drinks. 4 o'clock onwards - Entertainment Extravaganza; 6.30pm onwards

Barbecue, Wine and soft Drinks. Please offer to take part in the Entertainment with an Act or Turn!

Contact Alastair on 07581 277216 or at