Gaydon Parish Magazine December 2016

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A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our Readers!

This Month's Diary

          Christmas Fair               Sat 3rd 2pm               Village Hall
          Parish Council Meeting       Tues 6th 7.45pm           Village Hall
          Village Carols               Mon 19th 7pm              Village Hall
          Crib Service                 Sat 24th 6pm              St Giles' Church
          Christmas Day Service        Sun 25th 10.30am          St Giles' Church
          Library                      Monday 12th               Telephone Box
          Pilates                      Tuesdays 6.15pm           Village Hall



Parish Council News

December Meeting

A resident and Cllr Mirrin Lewis will be updating our meeting on

6 December on the results from the traffic surveys that took place earlier this year. They will then meet with County Highways to ascertain what options are available to us to address the huge issue we face with speeding vehicles.


We are going to ask JLR if they will help us with maintenance in the cemetery again. They did such a wonderful job last time.

Church Clock

Many of you will have noticed that the church clock has been removed. It is in Cumbria being repaired. We hope it will be returned before Christmas. Thanks to the resident who helped to remove it.

New Road Scheme

The Parish Council is trying extremely hard to get the many issues we have with this road scheme sorted out. A County Highways Officer is acting as a contact point and she is meeting with various people in the County Council. As many of you will have noticed, we are attracting overnight visitors to the farm entrance on the left of the link

road as you approach the village. We would like the gate moved to stop this because they tend to leave rubbish which often leads to rat infestations as we have seen in the Banbury Road layby. In addition, we now have posters stuck on the railings in the middle of the road. We are asking the District Council to follow up on these adverts and

advise the companies not to litter Gaydon. Debris from the construction works has been left behind; there is still no sign on the Warwick Road stating 'Access to Frontages Only'; the gate on this road has been damaged; planting has not been completed; shields are missing on the street lights; road markings are not correct and size of signage needs reviewing. The list is never-ending and extremely time-consuming but we will persist. The safety audit that was conducted by the County Council in August recommends that some of these issues be addressed but we have received no guarantee that they will be dealt with or when. The audit is currently with the County designer! An evaluation starts in January.

Gaydon Service Station

Yet more work and no correct planning application: Stratford District Council Enforcement Officer refuses to enforce any restrictions on this garage. The Planning Officer is desperately trying to get up-to-date plans to go to consultation. Our Chair, John Brine, tried to phone the owners of the garage to discuss problems but they refused to speak to him. District Councillor Kettle is trying to help.

Banbury Road Lay-by

Another frustrating problem. Both the Parish Council and the Police believe the issues could be helped by removing some of the vegetation between the road and the layby. If the layby was more visible then this might help to reduce the anti-social behaviour which is very unpleasant. District Cllr. Kettle has been very supportive in arranging for environmental health to meet residents in the layby and look at the huge problem. Unfortunately the County Council, who own the layby, is not providing the same support. One of their officers has stated that no vegetation can be removed because of the wildlife. County Councillor Chris Williams will not pursue this for us and so we are having to write to senior officers to try and get some help. The state of this layby is not acceptable and we believe a health hazard.


The new website is up and running thanks to Cllr Mirrin Lewis who has also secured funding for us by offering advertising opportunities. Thanks to the resident who has been posting our news for many years.

Telephone Box

BT are no longer maintaining some telephone boxes. They have offered our box to us for £1 but we would have to maintain it.

Please speak to any of our councillors if you have a suggestion for its future use. See article on page 7.

Gaydon Inn Development

We have hear from a number of residents concerned about damaged pipes that could create future flooding. Rest assured that these concerns have been passed to Spitfire Properties and copied to the County Council Flood Officer. Following other concerns from residents regarding the condition of the footway and verges by the Gaydon Inn development and also the blocking of the footway by vehicles, the Police have visited the site with a member of the Parish Council. Spitfire Developments have confirmed that they will restore the verges to their original condition, clean the footway and keep it cleaned, and ensure that contractors do not park blocking the footway.

Unfortunately this means that contractors will be parking in our village. However, the number of contractors on site is due to reduce very soon.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, 6th December at 7.45pm in the Village Hall.

Church Services in December

Sunday 4th 9.00 Holy Communion BCP Northend 10.30 Morning Prayer Fenny Compton 10.30 Holy Communion Gaydon 6.00pm Evensong Farnborough Advent Service on Tuesday 6th 6.30pm Compline Gaydon Sunday 11th 9.00 Holy Communion BCP Farnborough 10.30 Holy Communion Fenny Compton 10.30 Morning Prayer Gaydon 10.30 Communion by Ext'n Northend 6.00pm Evening Prayer Northend Advent Service on Tuesday 13th 6.30pm Compline Northend Sunday 18th 9.00 Holy Communion Farnborough 9.00 Holy Communion BCP Gaydon 10.30 Family Crib Service Fenny Compton 3.30 Carols by Candlelight Burton Dassett Advent Service on Tuesday 20th 6.30pm Compline Fenny Compton Christmas Eve 24th 6.00pm Crib Service Gaydon 11.30pm Midnght Mass Burton Dassett Christmas Day 25th 9.00 Communion & Carols Farnborough 10.30 Holy Communion Fenny Compton 10.30 Carols & Communion Gaydon 10.30 Family Service & Carols Northend

Village Carols

Monday 19 December 7pm

There will be a festive evening of Carols, Mulled Wine and Mince Pies in the Village Hall. You are cordially invited to join in!

Crib Service

Saturday 24 December, Christmas Eve

Our special service of Carols and Readings starts at 6pm in our Parish Church of St Giles and is lit by the candles given to everyone to hold. Children take part by carrying the figures of the crib scene up to the altar as the Christmas story is re-told in carols and Bible-readings. The Village Christmas Cake, which was made in church on Stir-up Sunday, is shared out at the close of the service - a slice for every member of the congregation.


The Flag on the village green was raised on 11 November for Armistice Day ; on the 13th for Remembrance Sunday and on the 14th for the Prince of Wales' birthday.

Nature Notes for November

The first frosts this month after a long warm autumn. The leaf fall is still at an early stage and the intense colours this year are exceptionally vivid. The bright reds of Spindle Trees and intense yellows of Hornbeams are but a few examples and make a drive around local back roads a visual pleasure. Last week I scraped the ice from my windscreen and set out for the early antique market in Stratford. The Magpies as usual are numerous, reluctantly flapping away leaving last night's roadkill; and then returning until the next car is heard in the distance. Carrion Crows tend to hang around in the trees warming themselves as their black feathers absorb the first beams of the rising sun. Several foxes cross the road in a fairly casual way; country foxes are well fed at present on rabbits. The pheasants picking over the fields in exotic plumage may also fall victim: they have not acquired wild skills as yet!

I have refilled the garden bird feeders and been rewarded by a whole family of Long-tailed tits whose cheeping and acrobatics are always a delight. Sparrows, Blue tits and the odd Goldfinch are regulars. Sometimes, a Great spotted Woodpecker will arrive and search for the last of the Walnuts that I may have ommitted to collect. It's 3.30 pm and I often watch the sky to see a regular pair of Ravens over my Garden. I hear the familiar "Cronking" as they head for their roost in Chadshunt; where they come from I do not know, but they are certainly punctual. Once, a blue-black glossy feather fell from a wing. They are never mobbed by the flocks of Jackdaws who are such a great contrast in size.

This is also a good season for early arrivals. Flocks of Redwings, those small thrushes from Northern Europe, have a piping call which can be heard even at night. There are also Jays, possibly the most attractive of corvids, whose flopping flight across woodland glades in a quest for acorns may well have added many trees to our forests. The Jay will bury huge hoards of acorns and then forget them!

I read with amusement in the Stratford Herald of the BIG CAT that has been terrifying the village of Great Alne. It's turned out to be a Bengal cat showing a strong resemblance to my own large Bengal Tom, familiar around the village. Whilst they are bred from wild Leopard Cat, and resemble leopards, curling their tails and skulking like their wild ancestors, the photographs in the press demonstrate how easy it is to increase the size of images. Check out the story!

This is a good time to walk the footpaths around the village although recent rains may soon make the return of mud inevitable after a very dry year. The stiles are pretty slippery already. Bernard Price

Visit your Parish Church

Our cover picture for December shows the central stained glass window in the south wall of the church. The figures are of Saint Andrew, whose feast day falls on the last day of November, and Saint Peter. There are two other windows with coloured glass and the one above the altar commemorates Edward Bolton King, Gaydon's own philanthropist. Please visit the church and see the windows; or come to one of our Christmas Services: the picturesque Crib service by candlelight on Christmas Eve; or Carols and Communion at 10.30 on Christmas Morning.

Meanwhile, do please support your church at the Christmas Fair.

Gaydon Village Store

Help your shop by joining our New Membership Scheme!

As you know, the shop has been struggling for some time to generate enough income to cover the overheads.

We would like to introduce a new scheme (not related to share ownership) that will provide some annual income to the shop and offer you something in return.

The membership would be £12 per year and during the year there would be three draws of prizes such as a family ticket for the British Motor Museum, beauty treatments, discounts at local eateries.

This is a great way to support your shop whether you can shop there regularly or not.

Forms will be available by emailing

or from the shop in January.

Don't forget that you can order your Christmas meat from Carpenters through the shop. This really helps us, as the price to you is the same but they allow the shop a small discount. Christmas hampers can be ordered too. These are small ways that you can support the shop that serves your community.

From January 2017 the shop will open at 9am on Saturdays.

See the website or shop for Christmas opening times. We wish you all a very merry Christmas.


The Parish Council would like to thank all of our residents for supporting and helping us but extra thanks should go to the Village Hall Committee, the PCC and the shop. The shop is the heart of our village, supported by volunteers. Please help us to keep it by using it. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Removal of Telephone Boxes

British Telecom have commenced a consultation on their proposals to remove a number of the public payphone callboxes from within Stratford-on-Avon District. As the relevant local authority, the Council is consulting with parish councils giving them 3 options:

1. to agree to the removal;

2. to adopt the callbox for use by the local community;

3. to object to the removal.

Gaydon's is on the list of callboxes which BT are proposing to remove.

Residents of Gaydon can contact their parish councillors with their views on this matter.

Burglary, Church Road, Gaydon

Incident number: Incident 167 22/11/16

Between 1245-1300 on 22 November an unknown male offender entered a house by smashing a double glazed window. Offender made an initial untidy search of a bedroom before being disturbed by the householder who returned home, resulting in the offender making off on foot. Offender described as being a white male with a tanned appearance, 5'6"-5'7" tall, slight build, 30-40 years, short dark curly hair, eastern European accent, metal rimmed rounded glasses, light trainers and dark clothes.

If you have information regarding this, or any other crime, please call Warwickshire Police on 101 or 01926 415000.

Mobile Library

The Library will visit Gaydon on Monday 12 December from 1.30pm-2pm at the Telephone Box.


Brian John Aldrich, 14 November 1931 - 2 October 2016

A memorial service was held at the Church of St Peter and St Clare, Fenny Compton, on 20 October to celebrate the Life of Brian. Brian qualified as a Chartered Architect in 1960 and was a founder member of an integrated design practice which started up in 1967. On retirement in 1996 he took up painting and appeared on television, as well as taking part in many painting courses to gain experience and confidence. He continued teaching art in spite of his mobility problems in recent years. He also pursued his study of meteorology, being made an honorary member of the Royal Meteorological Society in 2009.

As Brian himself quoted:
      'A man's not old when his hair turns grey
       A man's not old when his teeth decay
       But a man's getting near his last long sleep
       When his mind makes appointments which his body cannot keep.'

By Popular Demand... A Burns' Night Supper

will be served
on Saturday 21st January at 7pm in Gaydon Village Hall
Three-course traditional Scottish dinner with entertainment
Raffle  Licensed bar  Tickets £15 each

Telephone 642248 in advance for tickets which include a glass of wine Fancy dress optional - Prize for the best!

Thanks for your Help!

'Thank you' to all those who were able to support the Fish and Chip Supper in October; you'll be pleased to know we raised around £290 for Church funds. We are looking to carry out some desperately needed repairs to the church roof to prevent further damage inside; and we are very grateful for all the support we receive from the village to keep the Church alive.

To the surprise of many, the upkeep and maintenance of the fabric is the sole responsibility of our Parish and without continued support at our fund-raising events we will not be able to keep the Church open.