Gaydon Parish Magazine January 2017

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Church Services in January

Sunday 1st New Year's Day 2017
     10.30   Group Communion       Northend
Sunday 8th
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Farnborough
     10.30   Holy Communion        Fenny Compton
     10.30   Morning Prayer        Gaydon
     10.30   Communion by Ext'n    Northend
      6.00pm Evening Prayer        Northend
Sunday 15th
      9.00   Holy Communion        Farnborough
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Gaydon
      9.15   Messy Church          Fenny Compton
     10.30   Holy Communion        Northend
      6.00pm Evening Prayer        Fenny Compton
Sunday 22nd
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Fenny Compton
     10.30   Holy Communion        Farnborough
     10.30   Prayer & Praise       Gaydon
     10.30   Morniing Prayer       Northend
Sunday 29th
     10.30   Group Communion       Gaydon

Parish Council News

Traffic: December's meeting saw a brilliant presentation from Cllr Mirrin Lewis and a resident from the Working Party on traffic. The speeds recorded were quite frightening. County Cllr Williams was present and we hope that he too has realised that speed is an issue in our village and will support us in our aim to reduce speed through this village. The next step is to talk to County Highways for them to listen to our ideas and offer advice and guidance. Again, it is hoped that County Cllr Williams will actively promote our ideas in a financial and supportive manner.

Malt Shovel Inn: We are registering The Malt Shovel as an asset of community value which means that if it is put up for sale we would be notified and the community would have 6 months in which to raise funds to purchase this pub. The application has been submitted to the District Council for approval.

Warwick Road: Permanent signage will be erected on the 'stopped up' Warwick Road in January. A new gate and posts have been ordered but we do not know when they will be fitted.

New Road Scheme: County Highways has agreed that the gate on the farm entrance on the link road needs moving closer to the road. They are now designing a new entrance which will stop overnight parking of vehicles.

The fencing on the new road has been finished but the construction

waste remains. Let us hope that this will be moved shortly.


Still waiting to hear whether any work can take place on making the Banbury Road layby more visible. This is a County Highways matter and, again, we are hoping that Councillor Williams will support it.

Ditch: Cllr Williams is obtaining a copy of a letter from the County Council solicitors to Spitfire's solicitors regarding ownership of the Banbury Road ditch. Ownership needs verifying as the new houses discharge into the ditch which will require regular maintenance.

B4100 Consultation: A number of councillors attended the public consultation in Lighthorne Heath Village Hall regarding options for treatment of the B4100.

Unfortunately, councillors were not very impressed with the 3 options and

have reiterated that a bypass is needed. If you attended the meeting and

have concerns, we are sure that District Cllr. Kettle would be only too glad to listen to you. Please contact him.

Parking: Parking still remains an issue with the Gaydon Inn development. The construction plan submitted with the planning application details 19

parking spaces; 12 at the garage on the corner and the rest on-site.

Planning Enforcement and Spitfire are aware of the issue. The 'wildlife

corridors' are also causing problems which have been reported to Spitfire.

Gaydon Garage: Much concern has been expressed about the new parking spaces at Gaydon Service Station. We are trying to get some action as we, too, believe it is a safety issue. A resident reported that many years ago this garage tried to obtain planning permission for displaying vehicles in this area

and it was refused by County Highways. This has been relayed to the

enforcement officer who has said that if we want to go through the planning

history of this garage we are welcome to look through the records!

Local Governance: Community governance review for GLH is on the agenda again. This means 'How GLH is to be governed?' Councillors discussed this at December's meeting and agreed that we wish to remain independent and not join with Lighthorne Heath Parish to become part of the town. We understand that Lighthorne Parish and Chesterton also wish to remain independent. However, we will listen to what is being suggested and Cllr. Hughes has agreed to attend a meeting in the New Year, described by the District Council as a 'set the scene meeting'. We will keep you updated.

Light: The light on Church Road is badly in need of serious repair. Councillor

Adrian Claxton is investigating our options.

Telephone Box: Councillors agreed to buy the box but have not decided yet what to do with it; Telephone Box Green would look naked without it.

Grant: We really must thank C. Cllr Williams for granting £1000 of his County Council Community Grant to Gaydon Village Stores. This really is appreciated.

Next meeting is on Tuesday 3rd January.

Nature Notes for December 2016

There is little prospect of a white Christmas so far in Gaydon. It is rather chilly with some sunny intervals and damp cloudy periods. The Warwickshire mud, so long absent due to the lack of any significant rainfall, has returned to the field paths. Moss thrives under such conditions and the stiles tend to become slippery, so care is needed when using them.

I was delighted to hear that one observant villager has seen a Barn Owl hunting near the village: the attraction may be the many Voles around because of the mild conditions. The commoner Tawny Owls often visit the gardens here but I am glad that the Barn Owl has continued to survive in our area. I once watched one in Watery Lane hunting in the daytime when they appear much larger and snow white. They will be nesting next month, very early in the year, and I hope they will have found a derelict building or old-fashioned barn for a nest site. Keep a look-out for this distinctive species on cold evening around dusk time. Our resident Kestrels are still hunting from the telegraph wires, looking quite hunched as they save energy by having a good view along the hedgerow ditches where they can spot the slightest movement.

I have some 200 year-old staddle stones which look rather bare in the summer but at this time of year they are a verdant mixture of colours from the Lichens and mosses growing on them. Much old stone work and walls will be much the same in winter. A number of the midges which still "dance" in groups come from these habitats and there is even a small microbe moth that has a life cycle amongst moss covered Tree stumps.

Some birds like Robins are very active as well. You may notice that one has set up territory in your garden and will follow you around if you are cutting logs or digging, in the hope of getting some potential invertebrate food that you have disturbed! Further afield, Buzzards have taken to the recently-completed Junction 12 of the motorway. One was even seen on one of the new fences, plucking a blackbird with a couple of crows perches on either side hoping for some scraps. They would probably be mobbing it in the summer - unlikely this is the seasonal spirit, more likely a symbiotic response but still...

I hope all readers will have a Happy New Year. Bernard Price


The Editor would like to thank all the contibutors who help to make this an informative and lively magazine. We are grateful to our advertisers and the Parish Council who contribute to its upkeep; and to our deliverers who keep it coming through your doors. A very happy 2017 to all!

Church Gift Day and Fair

Gaydon Parish Church is very grateful to everyone who supported the St Giles' Gift Day on 3rd December. The gifts of money were very generous and over a thousand pounds were raised; we were pleased to see so many villagers at the Fair and look forward to seeing some of you at our next event, the Burns' Night Supper on the 21st January!

Mobile Library

The Library will visit the Telephone Box at Gaydon at on Mondays 9th and 30th January from 1.35pm-2.05pm.

Gaydon Village Store

Thank you to everyone who has supported the shop over the last year. We are pleased to announce that we have local Leaping Sheep apple juice and cider in stock, both made in Pillerton Hersey. Why not give them a try?

Our Friends of Gaydon Village Store scheme starts in the new year. Fliers and forms will be coming through your letter boxes in January. They will also be available from the shop. Our best wishes for the New Year. Sue Roberts

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Gaydon village excelled itself this year by raising the best ever amount of £3,020.96. So a big thank you to all those residents who generously donated when buying their poppy, bracelet or enamel pin. This amount is a total of not only the house to house collection; but Gaydon Parish Council and the Church Parochial Council add their contribution too.

Gaydon would not be sending such an amazing amount without the great support we receive from the British Motor Museum, Jaguar Landrover and Aston Martin.

However, the most important thank you goes to my team of collectors who are prepared to go round the village knocking on your doors - it could not be done without you: so thank you, from Pam.

Christmas Lunch

On behalf of Gaydon's pensioners, I should like to thank Kate Sutton and all her cooks and servers who dished up such a delicious Christmas Lunch. I am also grateful to everyone who helped decorate the hall; the mince-pie fairy; and the generous donators of raffle prizes.

It was kind of the Reverend Heather Turner to find time to pop in and introduce herself but we were sorry that Lady Dunne was unwell and unable to come and help, as she has most years since she gave up running the Lunch herself.

Kate and Co. are looking forward to holding a coffee morning in the spring, so that lunchers and organisers can meet up and raise some funds to top up the bank account, ready for next year's feast. Julie Rickman


A Happy New Year and a Big Thank-you to all from 'The Paper Boy!

Childrens' Society Box Collection

New Year and time to open the boxes again! Thank you for storing your spare change in them for the past year. I shall be coming round for boxes in the course of January - but would much appreciate your bringing them along to the Old Bakehouse. (You can ring 640349 to make sure that I am at home.) Julie Rickman