Gaydon Parish Magazine August 2019

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This Month's Diary

  Parish Council                 Tues 6th 7.30pm         Village Hall   
  Coffee Morning                 Sat 10th 11am           Village Hall 
  Communion & Barbecue           Sun 11th 11.30am        Vicarage Northend
  Library                        Mon 5th                 Telephone Box  
  Pilates                        Tues & Weds 6.15pm      Village Hall  
  Tai Chi                    Weds 7.30pm & Suns 1.30pm   Village Hall 
  Cake & Crafting Circle         2nd & 4th Suns 5pm      St Giles' Church 

                                Gaydon Calendar   
 Garage Sale                   Sun 1st September         Around Village
 Lego Bus                      Tues 3rd September        St Giles' Church 
 Harvest Supper                Sat 5th October           Village Hall
 Apple Day                     Sat 19th October          Village Hall
 Christmas Fair                Sat 23rd November         Village Hall 
 O'65s Lunch                   Sun 8th December          Village Hall 

Church Services in August

Sunday 4th       
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Burton Dassett
     10.30   Morning Prayer        Farnborough
     10.30   Holy Communion        Gaydon
      5.00pm Songs of Praise       Fenny Compton
Sunday 11th       
     11.30   Communion in the Vicarage Garden at Northend followed by Barbecue
Sunday 18th
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Gaydon     
     10.30   Joint Service Methodists Fenny Compton  
     10.30   Holy Communion        Burton Dassett
    6.00pm   Evensong              Farnborough       
Sunday 25th        
      9.00   Holy Communion BCP    Fenny Compton
     10.30   Holy Communion        Farnborough 
     10.30   Prayer and Praise     Gaydon     
     10.30   Morning Prayer        Northend

The Vicar writes:

August is the time when we all look forward to good weather, holidays and getting together with friends.

For those looking for summer activities we will be having a service in the Vicarage garden (Northend) at 11.30am on 11th August. This will be followed by a BBQ at 12.30 midday.

Come and join in - attending the service isn't a pre-requisite to coming to the BBQ! However, for food planning please let us know if you are coming to the BBQ. (Ring or text me on 07769871237).

Alternatively, join in the Lego fun! The Lego Club will be visiting all the Dassett Magna villages through July to September. See the poster for the details of dates and venues.

Have a lovely summer! Rev'd Nicki Chatterton

Dassett Magna Group: Gaydon with Chadshunt, Burton Dassett, Avon Dassett with Fenny Compton, and Farnborough. Tel. 07769871237

Parish Council News

Planning Applications

The parish council has objected to the latest planning application for Gaydon service station. The parish council reinforced objections to previous applications and also objected on the following planning grounds: Highway Safety and Traffic Generation, the proposal will increase footfall to the site (contrary to Stratford District Council's (SDC) core strategy) and generate more traffic into the site and village; Road access and risk of flooding in Pimple Lane; Environmental impact, noise and light pollution will be increased for neighbouring residents; Loss of residential property, the proposal includes the demolition of a residential bungalow.

Road Safety

The County Council Highways department have advised the parish council that the speed repeater signs in the village on the Banbury Road should be removed. This is because the streetlights already signify that the speed limit is 30mph and the repeater signs are therefore not enforceable if challenged.

County Highways are also working to re site the bus stop, which will happen in August or September. The parish council are also continuing discussions with JLR about contributions to future traffic-calming schemes.

Streetl Lights

Three lights are currently not working properly. The parish council are working with County Highways to look at costs for removal, replace-ment or refurbishment as appropriate for each light.

Village Field

Stratford District Council planners have asked that the parish council carry out both an ecological and archaeological survey before proceeding with the current application for change of use for part of the field to recreational use. The parish council agreed to engage a consultant from HBA to carry out the ecological survey and will consider quotes for the archaeological survey at their next meeting. The parish council is looking at funding options, including grant funding, to pay for these surveys and any further works.

Neighbourhood Plan

The parish council is working with Stratford District Council regarding a questionnaire design for the initial consultation and housing needs surveys. Any volunteers would be most welcome from the village to help with putting together the neighbourhood plan. The initial consultation will provide more information on the work that the plan will cover; however, further information is available if you contact the clerk at Parish Council News continued from page 3


The District Councillor has written to Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner about the Police failure to follow up assaults on Gaydon residents. A formal written response has been requested as the lack of police action to date is considered unacceptable.

Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

The parish council has drafted revised standing orders and financial regulations, along with principles for respectful conduct in meetings. These are the parish council documents and support the Stratford District Council code of conduct, which all parish councillors are signed up to. When these are agreed by the council they will be available to the public.

District and County Council

The District Council have agreed supplementary planning documents for travellers, air quality, parking and holiday lets. The District Council is required by government to identify temporary traveller accommodation (for 28 days) in the district area and consideration of sites is on-going. The District Council is also reviewing a number of reserve sites in the event that the land available for housing supply does not meet their five year targets. Current targets are being met.

The County Councillor's fund has agreed to provide £200 funding to the Millennium Group.

Volunteer Village Flagpole Raiser

A volunteer has come forward to raise the village flagpole on special occasions. She is an ACT cadet who has recently moved to the village with her family.

Any questions or comments please contact

Next Meeting 6th August at 7.30pm.

Gaydon Village Store

We are pleased to let you know that Wendy Thomas is our next winner in the shop membership draw. She will receive a beautiful flower arrangement from Lois Golding, our village florist, of Little Garden, Gaydon.

You can often find beautiful posies in the village shop towards the end off the week, made by Lois.

If anyone would like to get to know more people and help our small team shop volunteers please leave a message, with your contact details, in the shop for Sue Roberts.

We could really do with a few more volunteers to share the load. It's a great way to meet people, have a chat and help your village community at the same time.

Vicar's Barbecue Invitation

Sunday 11 August 12.30pm in the Vicarage Garden, Northend. Everyone welcome!

Seasonal Recipe: Summer Chicken

2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
150g firm goat's cheese
1 tsp fresh thyme leaves, plus a few sprigs
8 rashers streaky bacon or pancetta slices
1-2 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for drizzling
100g vine tomatoes


Heat oven to 190C/fan 170C/gas 5. Split the chicken breasts in half from one long side and open them out like a book. Bat them out with a rolling pin to flatten them and make 4 large portions. Season on all sides. Put a quarter of the goat's cheese on each piece of chicken and sprinkle with the thyme leaves. Fold the chicken over lengthwise to enclose the cheese, then wrap each one in two slices of bacon to secure it.

Lay the chicken parcels in a lightly oiled shallow gratin dish. Drizzle with oil and decorate with sprigs of thyme.

Bake for 30 mins until the bacon is crisp and golden and the chicken is cooked through. Serve straight from the dish with new potatoes fresh from the allotment; or with tasty village shop bread. Serves 4.

Mobile Library

The Library will visit the Telephone Box at Gaydon from 1.35-2.05pm on Monday 5 August.

Millennium Group Garage Sale in September

Sunday 1st September from 1.30pm to 4pm at various houses around the village. Sell your unwanted stuff in front of your house or garage.

Coffee Morning

Saturday 10 August at 11am at the Village Hall. Bring and buy, Raffle, Bookstall. Coffee and biscuits 50p.

Neighbourhood Plan

What will Gaydon be like in 15 years?

The way to shape Gaydon's future is by having a Neighbourhood Plan. This should reflect our community's feelings on development and facilities in the parish over the next 15 years.

As a community, your views will be used in the Plan, which is part of the Parish Council's planning process deciding what development takes place in the Parish up to the 2030s. Anyone living or working in the Parish can get involved.

We're looking for volunteers to help shape the development of the plan: this could include supporting community surveys and consultation events, local business liaison, working with the consultants who will help us, driving forward the project plan, or even helping to write the plan and develop our planning policies.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Emily Leadbetter on

Ride and Stride

Warwickshire Churches are holding their annual Ride and Stride day this year on Saturday, 14 September. The aim is to raise funds for Warwickshire and Coventry Historic Churches Trust by sponsoring walkers and riders. Churches on the route provide water and squash for participants' refreshment as they go from place to place.

See local posters for more information or look online at

Gaydon Village Hall News

You will have seen the six big framed photos in the village hall depicting people and scenes from Gaydon's past. The committee would be grateful to anyone who could tell us some names and dates as we would like to print a small description for each frame.

We would also like to display more old photographs: if you have any you think would be of interest, please contact one of the committee. The prints can easily be copied and returned safely to you. Get in touch with Sue Middleditch or Bernard Price.

A select few enjoyed the Big Lunch at the village hall on Sea Sunday, 14 July. There was a varied menu of delicious home-made dishes and the weather was good. This year's event coincided with the finals at Wimbledon, the Grand Prix at Silverstone and the excitement of England trying to win the World Cricket: so we did well to get anyone at all at the Big Lunch! Thanks to everyone who came.

Allotment News: 'Jack in the Green' and other tales...

Most of the plots are now swathed in greenery following a dry spell which has helped to balance the excess of rain in June. Crops of early potatoes, broad beans and salad leaves have been particularly prolific and early raspberries have come into fruit. The two hugel (raised mound) beds are smothered in runners and leaves from various intercropping vegetables. Seeing the plots and raised beds so lush and green - and even the 'plants in the wrong place' (weeds!) - thriving and abundant, it's little wonder that our ancestors with their mythical characters like 'Jack in the Green' and 'The Green Man' displayed both a reverence and a wariness about the power of nature.

Although superstitious hokum by our standards, these characters in seasonal British rituals and ceremonies were respected and feared. Due regard to their 'spirit and presence' symbolising the natural world's interaction with the human world at least recognised the need to respect the environment or risk the wrath of nature. In one such tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain, an Arthurian knight, accepts a challenge to defeat a mysterious green knight who symbolises nature. After an epic journey, they meet again on a specific day to complete the challenge. Gawain - for all his bombast and bluster - is humiliated. However, the green knight graciously exercising his good-will and forgiveness, withholds his power to totally destroy Gawain. Our ancestral readers and listeners would have related to this tale of the sheer power and presence of the symbolised natural world and would have recognised the need to give it the respect that it is due. TH

Nature Notes for July

An exceptional year for certain species It isn't often that a butterfly gets headline news coverage but this year a species called the 'Painted Lady' has been given just that...I noticed a number of them on the Pink Valerian, a 'feature plant of Gaydon' which arrived mysteriously a few years ago and now emerges from every nook and cranny. This plant attracts only insects with a long proboscis (tongue) as it has a deep 'throat'. Along with the butterflies, some villagers will be sure to have noticed another North African migrant, the strange Humming bird hawk moth often mistaken for a hovering bird as it thrusts its long tongue out in search of nectar whilst still on the wing. I was on an Orchid expedition to the Scottish Highlands recently and they had even reached there.

I'm in Oslo as I write this, attending a family function, and there is news here of a sighting of a very rare butterfly The Poplar Emperor: the largest and rarest butterfly in Europe!!!. I'm hoping to return next year to tempt a few down from the tree tops; they feed on Carrion but Thai fish paste will probably work as well to bring them down to

ground level. The Norwegian Countryside is spectacularly scenic at present, Pine forests, Fiords and verdant woodlands. Red squirrels and even a few sightings of 'Gaupe' Lynx in the area.

Back in Gaydon, our haymeadow (the unmown section!) is alive with wildflowers and insects - colonies of Blue butterflies, Marbled whites and skippers feasting on the flowers of Birdsfoot trefoil and salad Burnet; sad to compare it with the diminutive 'green desert' opposite. A week ago there were even some spectacular moths like `Scarlet tigers', Cinnabars and Burnets. I spent a great time identifying flowers andinsects with my grand-daughter who was so excited to explore the tall vegetation. I have watched with interest the haymaking that has returned to much of the U.K. and will produce a bumper crop this year.

On the ornithological front there is good news. Swallows and House Martins, albeit it in diminishing numbers, arrived safely from their long migration, nesting at various places around the village. The Swifts now have a large number of young already on the wing and 'hawking' for flies around the thermals. In very warm spells, remember

to top up water dishes for the birds in your garden and expect maybe other rare migrants like the Convolvulus hawk which will be attracted to Nicotentia flowers; and the more common Silver 'Y' Moth, a small noctuid.

Bernard Price

Millennium Group News

We are pleased to announce there are enough people signed up for the Garage Sale Trail on 1st September from 1.30pm-4pm. Maps costing £1 will be available from the Village Hall on the day and all participating houses will be marked on them. Some people will have tables at the hall and refreshments will be served there too.

It is not too late to join in... a great way to de clutter and hopefully make some money. We will be advertising this event outside the village to try and attract as many buyers as possible. Debbie Price

'If only they could talk...!'

Love them as we do

our cats and dogs

(in owl-like wisdom)

would not voice

complaint about

a delayed walk or

food too pedigree bland:

comfort constrains criticism

better to tread down valleys

of rugs and slippers

and repose

rapid eyes revealing

dreams stuttering between

play and prey.

In the wilder world,

creature voices would be

raised and

the lark descending

on behalf of many

(like bees - reduced and

too busy to talk)


our stewardship

of fields and forests

from whisper to roar

the shame might deafen us

so - like Odysseus's crew -

we stop our ears

with borrowed beeswax

and sail on by.