Gaydon Parish Magazine October 2021

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Gaydon Gazette

Tuesday 5th         7.30pm    Parish Council Meeting in the Hall
Friday 1st & 22nd   2.40pm    Mobile Library
Saturday 9th        11am      Coffee Morning in the Hall
Tuesday 12th        2.30pm    Friendship Club, 'Trevose
Saturday 16th       12-3pm    Apple Pressing Malt Shovel Car Park
Sunday 17th         9.30am    Harvest Festival in St Giles Church
Thursday 28th       7.30pm    History Talk in St Giles Church
Sunday 31st         2pm       Scarecrow Fun and Games at the Hall
Something to Look Forward to!
Saturday 13th November - Church Market & Gift Day
Sunday 5th December - Over-65s Christmas Lunch
Saturday 22nd January 2022 - Burns Night Supper

Parish Council News

Potential New Development
We are all concerned about further new developments, with building works at three points of the compass around us. Ultimately, however, it is better to orchestrate a development that:
a) allows parishioners a voice in its content, services and aesthetics;
b) encourages Stratford Council to use the Neighbourhood Develop-ment Plan via direct liaison with them.
With this in mind, Martin Haywood presented his ideas for new housing to supplement the presentation from Lonestar in August.
Some key points:
1) No planning application will be registered for his proposals until it is understood how acceptable the plan is to the village. (We understand informally that Martin's presentation on 16th was well received.)
2) While concerns have been raised about the Housing Needs Survey (published October 2020) it remains a formally acknowledged report which Martin confirms is embraced by his proposal.
3) As with Lonestar, the inclusion of the HNS content alone is not financially viable therefore more houses have been added.
Martin is keen to make a planning application but the work would not start for circa two years.
Anti-social Behaviour
A very sensitive issue as we try, through Cllr Kettle's endeavours, to resolve this serious point through formal channels (education, social services, police and Anti-Social Behaviour team). Cllr Kettle reported that all channels to meet the needs of those involved were underway. Reports of bad behaviour were discussed and it was agreed that it had been getting quieter over the previous weeks. This will be an on-going case and everybody is aware of how to register any further issues.
Re HGVs parking in the Old Warwick Road, discussions are planned between Cllr Claxton and Graham Stanley, WCC. They will also deal with Kineton Road Speeding and Edgehill View signage.
Cemetery Footpath Steps
The steps are currently hazardous and Cllr Claxton will contact Cllr Mills who is addressing this issue.
Queens Award for Voluntary Service
This is an annual award for those who offer exceptional service. Covid safety controls were paramount to protect all parties and made working conditions very difficult. GPC has nominated our Village Store for this award: their consistent delivery of service, conversation and a cheery smile no doubt helped a lot of us through Covid. The shop is hard work to run and recognition via this award would be terrific.
Plant a Tree for the Jubilee
Plans are underway to Plant a Tree for the Jubilee. Councillor Lewis has a plan and a resident would like proposals discussed at the October meeting.
Resignations - Opportunities
Our Clerk, Lydia Cox, has registered her resignation from Council at the end of 2021; or sooner if a replacement can be nominated. On behalf of GPC we would like to thank Lydia for all her exceptional work over the last months to get the administration under control.
David Faulkner, our Chair, is also resigning as he is relocating outside of Warwickshire. Steps are underway via WALC to find a replacement Clerk. The Parish Council will seek a new Chairman.
If you would like a position with the Council please come to the next meeting or drop a line to Lydia ( to register your interest. Your support is vital if we are to retain an independent Parish Council in Gaydon.
We would all like to thank Ian Miller for his many years of service as Neighbourhood Watch chief. Always communicating and sorting issues out, Ian’s efforts were exemplary. Chris Pickering has stepped into the breach and we wish him all the best in this key rôle.
South Warwickshire District Consultation
Cllr Kettle advised that Stratford and Warwick Councils are considering a merger. The consultation is out now and we should all consider this proposal and respond accordingly.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, 5 October, at 7.30pm.

October Church Services

Sunday 3rd - No Service at Gaydon
      11am      Communion (BCP)   Burton Dassett
      11am      Morning Prayer   Fenny  Compton
      10am      Holy Communion    Farnborough        
Sunday 10th
          9.30am      Communion (BCP)   Gaydon  
       11am      Holy Communion   Fenny  Compton   
      11am       Morning Prayer   Northend        
        6pm      Evensong      Farnborough
Sunday 17th    
      9.30am      Harvest Service   Gaydon 
      10am      Communion (BCP)   Farnborough                  
      11am      Morning Prayer   Fenny  Compton               
      11am       Holy Communion    Northend             
Sunday 24th   
      9.30am      Holy Communion   Gaydon 
      10am        Morning Prayer   Farnborough                  
      11am      Communion (BCP)   Fenny  Compton               
      11am       Morning Prayer   Northend 
Sunday 31st
       6pm      Group Service   Northend 

Roman Catholic Church of St Francis, Kineton

Sunday Mass 11am. We welcome everyone who is able to attend and will ensure that safety protocols keep everyone safe.

Neighbourhood Plan

Thank you to the villagers who have already agreed to contribute to the plan. We do not want a long document but one which sums up what the residents feel are important aspects of Gaydon that they would like to be taken into consideration in any future development of the village. Please contact me if you have ideas of buildings, local views and landmarks, trees, hedges and ponds which could
be included. Debbie Price, 01926 640757

Party Thanks

Just to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to and joined us at the Party in The Field, especially the stallholders and the Malt Shovel. We were able to donate £300 to St Giles Church and £170 to Barnfield. We plan to do it all again next June and no doubt the KOG group and the Millennium Group will have a schedule of events through the next year too. Cheers to you all! DF

Cake and Crafting Circle

If you notice a buzz coming from the church at 5pm some Sundays, pop in and you will find a hive of activity composed of knitters and other crafters. You will be very welcome to join in and share some tea and cake as well. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month from 5-6.30pm.

Gaydon History Quiz

In which year was the Great Fire of Gaydon ?
Which farmhouse was the result of an Act of Parliament ?
Why did Gaydon have a Public Stone Pit ?
Where in Gaydon can you walk on parts of the ancient Salt Way ?
What is the oldest object visible in Gaydon ?
Why did someone propose building a canal to Chadshunt ?
Come to the Gaydon history talk on the 28th to find the answers!

Lois at Chelsea

At the Party in The Park we knew that Lois would be at Chelsea in the Floral Installations section. This is a big thing: even to be asked to offer an exhibit is a major privilege.
Well, guess what? She got Silver! Hurrah! We’d love to hear more about it Lois; but in the meantime, on behalf of us all in Gaydon: Congratulations!!

Love your Local Shop? We need You

If you don’t support us you will lose us. During the first six months of this year the shop made a loss of over £1,000. This is eating into our reserves to cover maintenance, repairs and replacement of equipment.
We try to keep our prices as low as possible to help you and now you need to help us: Use us.
We have a new meat supplier, Eastwood Farm, Shenington, the farm that supplies our eggs. The delivery of the sausages, chicken and burgers is on Tuesday afternoons. A big thank you to all who support us and to our fabulous volunteers.

Church Thanks to the Village

I am writing on behalf of the PCC of St Giles' Church to extend thanks for the generous donation to church funds from the Party in the Park. Thank you to all those who organised and attended the event.
We have also been fortunate recently to be given some comfortable chairs; and we have bought small tables and installed a screen for projection, in order to make more flexible use of the space at the rear of the church. We'd love to see villagers at future events and we thank you all again for your support in keeping the church open for all. JH

Nature Notes

The Circling Year in late September around Gaydon
Dry days and hot sunshine with cloudy spells, so early autumn is a very pleasant time around the village. There are few signs of winter since the equinox as yet. Trees are retaining their summer greenery, though a bumper crop of blackberries glistens temptingly in every hedgerow; with only the Horse Chestnuts around Chadshunt showing a golden brown tarnishing.
There are other less well-known berries, although mostly inedible. I have a great crop of Spindle berries in the garden. The name of these small trees tells us that the wood was once used in spinning wheels. The vivid scarlet berries with orange ‘throats’ are quite stunning. Once they were more common in hedgerows but were rooted out in Warwickshire owing to their tendency to attract Bean Fly. Therefore, they are more frequently seen in the remoter counties like Herefordshire where grazing, rather than arable agriculture, proliferates. The blue-dusted Sloes, popular as an essential ingredient for traditional fiery red gin, hang amongst thorn clusters in the black-thorn bushes.
I noted 6th September as the day when a small group of House Martins gathered on the wires along Kineton Road for the long migration back to Africa. It was good to see that they had nested and raised young under the eaves of the houses in Victor Close, after being in serious decline around our village during recent years. There are still large flocks of Goldfinches and, of course, Wood pigeons and Jackdaws which are widespread around our area. Wood pigeons mate for life and you will often see their elaborate courtship displays along the tops of buildings - nodding and fluttering and long gliding flights. They are nesting in my garden once again.
The late butterflies are still around. Most will either go into hibernation (check your curtains, a favoured place, and gently evict), choosing houses and outbuildings; or they will die when the first frosts arrive, having produced eggs for the next generation. The attractive Ragged-winged Comma, Red Admirals and Small Tortoiseshells will be feasting on the bonus of fallen fruit along with wasps and other insects.
This year has seen a much renewed interest in the climate and our wildlife threatened with extinction. It seems to be being taken more seriously now and yet the supermarkets are still stocking arrays of pesticides and chemical killers. There are few ants for woodpeckers or aphids for Ladybirds. I hope that there will be a decline in favour of ecologically-friendly products; and that Palm oil products will be avoided too in the biscuit selections. Do read the ingredients! Bernard Price

Friendship Club

Gaydon's well-established tea club for Ladies of a Certain Age is starting up again after a covid break. Members are invited to take tea this month with Pauline Layton at 'Trevose'. If you are new to the village and the Gaydon Tea Ceremony is a mystery to you, please ring Pauline on 640172 and she will initiate you. The date is the 12th of October and the time 2.30pm till 4pm.

Millennium Group News

Stop Press...back by popular demand! Apple Pressing Saturday16 October 12-3pm Malt Shovel Car Park
Refreshments available, provided by Jo and Paul: teas, coffee and cake, as well as the usual pub menu. This event is our first in eighteen months and is at the request of several residents.
The Millennium Group has also been asked to help run the Over-65s Christmas Lunch in December, with a view to adding this annual event to our calendar.
Street Party next June
We will be announcing events planned for a full return in 2022 in next month’s magazine, the most important of which will be a Street Party in June to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. See you on Saturday the 16th! Debbie Price

Harvest Festival

Sunday 17 October at 9.30am at St Giles Church.

Coffee Morning 11am Saturday 9 October

Coffee and Biscuits - still only 50p! In aid of Church Funds

Episodes in Gaydon’s History

Talk by Martin Phelps, St Giles Church, Thursday 28 October 7.30pm. All are welcome to come and hear about the early history of Gaydon and the Great Fire. Admission free - donations to Church funds.

Mobile Library

Fridays 1st and 22nd October at the Telephone Box 2.40-3.10pm


The flag of St George flew on the first of the month in honour of St Giles, our patronal saint. The flag was raised on 5 September in loving memory of the birthday of Rosemary Davies who died in 2018. If you have something to celebrate, contact Siobhan Hannan on 07780 678582 and she will raise the Flag for you.
The cost is a donation of £5 to Church funds.

Scarecrow Festival

Hallowe'en, Sunday 31st October, 2pm Village Hall, Scarecrow Trail and Baking Competition
This year we’ll be holding Gaydon’s second Scarecrow Festival on Hallowe'en!
From 2pm on Sunday 31st October, get yourselves down to the Village Hall for some Hallowe'en amusements and to collect a Trail Map for the scarecrow ensemble. Last time we had 33 entries and were impressed by some great road safety-themed creations. It definitely slowed down traffic as people gawked at the many scarecrows en route. One was even stolen (but never forgotten dear Vera). Villagers and visitors alike voted for their faves and the winner was the gardener who has taken residency on the allotments ever since.
This year we are encouraging you to get creepy. There’s plenty of inspiration and tutorials online, or just get creative with sticks, pots, pans, pumpkins, straw and old clothes. Get Wurzel Gummidge on your radar. We will plonk a straw bale in the park near the bug hotel for you to help yourselves. Display your entry outside your house or use one of our community spaces!
We need you to enter your scarecrow so that we can allocate a number for the map! Please email ASAP!
We will also hold a Hallowe'en-themed Baking Competition so if you think you can contribute something suitably spooky, please pop it into the village hall from 12pm onwards. See you there! KOG

It’s Time

From October 1st the phone box library is free to be looked after by you all now! After spending some time buying good books from charity shops and filling the shelves for you all to enjoy, I would like to thank everybody for being caring and tidy over the past three months and leaving only books. Enjoy the freedom to care for your community library! I shall pop in from time to time to dust and wipe the books. SN

October Allotment News

Whilst sat down after an evening dog walk, I notice that my feet are sore and aching; those rock-hard fields and pathways are a sign we are desperate for rain. I tried to recall the last time we had a decent downpour but struggled to remember when I last put my raincoat on!
I, like many, have been doing a rain dance to prompt a shower or two. It must be noted, though, that we were truly grateful to receive a glorious sunny day during our recent party in the park. Great food, drink, vegetables, flowers and people were on offer. The champions of the vegetable show and animal competition were Daniela and Mirrin, respectively. An impressive shark and gigantic pumpkin stole the show! Thanks to all the entrants.
As we have been busy harvesting our organic, optimal offerings, it's now time to fill the compost heaps and start conditioning our soil and winter veg planting. We can't simply take things from the land and expect to have a successful following year. Adding Manure, compost, soil and mulch are common ways to replenish soil nutrients and health.
October is a busy time for fruit picking: you must have seen all the juicy blackberries in hedgerows and apple trees willing to shake off their heavy and ripening delights. The thought of homemade cider and blackberry pie is mouth-watering!
October Jobs:
Sow Peas and broad beans
Pick Pumpkins and squashes
Condition the soil
Plant Rhubarb crowns                                               Andrew Smith


This month we would like to welcome Emma and family to Kineton Road; and Olivia who has recently moved into Edgehill View. We hope they will be happy in Gaydon and enjoy the special events this autumn.

Over-65s Christmas Lunch

Invitations to the Christmas Lunch will be sent at the end of this month. If you haven't received one by November 5th, phone Julie Rickman on 640349, call in at the Old Bakehouse or email me on