Gaydon Parish Magazine December 2021

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Gaydon Gazette

Mobile Library           Fri 3rd & 24th at 2.40pm  Phone Box 
Parish Council Meeting   Tues 7th at 7.30pm        Village Hall
Carols by Candle Light   Weds 22nd 7pm             Village Hall
Crib Service             Christmas Eve 6pm         St Giles Church
Christmas Day Service        9.30am                St Giles Church
Something to Look Forward to!
Saturday 22nd January 2022 - Burns Night Supper
Sunday 24th April - Earth Day 

December Church Services

Sunday 5th
       9.30am   Morning Prayer           Gaydon
      10am      Holy Communion           Farnborough
      11am      Communion (BCP)          Burton Dassett
      11am      Morning Prayer           Fenny  Compton
        6pm     Carols on the Green      Northend
Sunday 12th 
       9.30am   Holy Communion           Gaydon
      11am      Holy Communion           Burton Dassett
      11am      Morning Prayer           Fenny Compton
       6pm      Evensong                 Farnborough
Sunday 19th    
       3.30pm   Carols by Candlelight    Burton Dassett
Wednesday 22nd
       7pm      Carols in the Village Hall Gaydon
      11am      Morning Prayer           Fenny  Compton
      11am      Holy Communion           Northend
Friday 24th
       6pm      Crib Service             Gaydon
      11.30pm   Midnight Mass            Burton Dassett
Christmas Day 25th
       8.30am   Holy Communion           Farnborough
       9.30am   Holy Communion           Gaydon
      10.30am   Holy Communion           Northend
      11.00am   Holy Communion           Fenny Communion                                                  

Roman Catholic Church of St Francis, Kineton

Christmas Mass times: Christmas Eve 8.30pm; Christmas Day 11am;
Sunday 26 December 11am.

Parish Council News

Acting Chair’s report of Parish Council meeting on 2nd November
Thanks: The parish Council would like to extend its thanks to David Faulkner for the time he served as a councillor and Chair. We wish him all the best in his new home. He will be missed in the village.
Vacancies: We still have vacancies for a Clerk and a councillor. If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact the council by email ( or speak to one of the councillors.
Drones: Drones have been spotted over farmland to the south of the village. Police are aware. If you own or use a drone, please make sure you are aware of the Laws that apply and if using them over or near someone’s property, please get their permission.
Banbury Road Ditch: A resident expressed concern over the amount of water in the ditch following the heavy rain. An inspection of the ditch revealed some branches impeding the flow at the cemetery culvert. This was cleared.
St Giles Road: It has been proposed that a Visibility Mirror be placed opposite St Giles Road to assist drivers exiting the junction. We are told that it is not WCC policy to have mirrors on the public highway.
Queen's Jubilee: Councillors have agreed to plant a tree on the Green to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We were advised that the location is not suitable for an Oak but that a Wild service tree (Rowan) would be a suitable alternative. We have agreed on this species and it will be sourced in due course.
County Council Matters: WCC are forming a new residents’ panel called ‘Voice of Warwickshire’ to give people an opportunity to share their views, details available at:
Following an increase in the level of interest, the council are introducing a scheme for local groups to explore the possibility of reducing the level of cuts to enable the existing flora and fauna to flourish or to plant wildflower areas. The scheme will allow local groups to work with the parish, district or borough councils to apply to the county council to collectively contribute to improving biodiversity and to increase the aesthetic appeal of their area, see WCC website.
WCC’s Green Shoots Challenge Fund: Young trees are to be given away to Warwickshire residents to plant in their gardens to help fight climate change. If you would like one (or more!) you can collect them from: Hilltop Farm, Fosse Way, Hunningham on the Hill, on 4th December. The species available are silver birch, rowan, crab apple, wild cherry, bird cherry, cherry plum, hazel and field maple.

Planning: A resident enquired as to why soil samples were being taken in the field above the village, just off the Warwick road. It transpires that JLR will be submitting an application for a Solar farm on the hill side. If this is a matter of interest or concern to you, you will need to make views known to Stratford District council via the ePlanning website or to your district councillor. There is a preliminary application (SCREEN/00084) which concerns the Environmental impact assessment.
Next meeting will be held on 7 December at 7.30pm. Please come along and share any concerns you may have. A.C.
NB This is a brief summary of the PC minutes. A full version is available at:

Neighbourhood Plan

We are planning to hold a public meeting in the Village Hall in late January or early February to get villagers’ opinions about what should be included in the plan. Look out for the date in the next Parish Magazine and on the Village Facebook site. Councillor Debbie Price


Thank you to all those who supported the coffee morning and gift day for St Giles’ Church. The stalls, raffle and refreshments raised just over £300 and the gift day donations just under £1000.


Scarecrow Festival at Hallowe'en - what a wet day that was! A huge thank you to all the contestants: there were 31 individual scarecrow entries, including some scary scenes with multiple creations! One of our favourite parts of the festival is seeing the scarecrows pop up around the village.
The overall favourite, ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’, had been put together with great thought and imagination. Congratulations to the Powells for an epic scarecrow! It was good to have so many of the village involved and without the scarecrows there wouldn’t be a trail. Thank you also for the spooky bakes; all were gratefully received and consumed. We hope you enjoyed the event and we will aim to run another scarecrow festival in 2022.
For future events, KOG are looking for more volunteers to help plan and run events. It's a great way to meet other families and get involved so if you fancy helping out please email

Michael Olds

A burial of the ashes of Michael Olds 'Mick' took place on the
22nd November in Gaydon Cemetery, his final resting place. His ashes were buried in the grave of his mother, now reunited again. Mick was a village character, enjoying bird watching and his love of military aircraft.
Born in the village and spending his life in Gaydon, he was well-known around the area and was very familiar with the lanes and surrounding countryside through which he daily walked. Whilst walking he would make notes of the animals and birds he had seen and the military aircraft overhead, raising his stick in greeting to everyone he passed or stopping for a chat. Memories of Mick and his stick will stay. His family would like to thank everyone who attended his funeral and for all the cards, help and kindness shown to them at this sad time. Cliff Olds

The Vicar’s letter

The spirit of Christmas has nothing to do with gifts and everything to do with who we spend our time with. There are people who have lost their family and would do anything to spend their time with them again. There are others who have turned their backs on one another or have just let the family drift apart.
At this time of year, I’m reminded that love and family are truly one of the most important things in this world. That’s what Christmas is meant to remind us of. Christmas is about the birth of a child, a precious child that turned a couple into a family that grew to be the worldwide family of Christ.
But whether a child is planned or a surprise - happy or otherwise; born in unusual circumstances; to those with much or with nothing: a child makes a family and both should be treasured - the child and the family. That family love nurtures, sustains and supports. If we don’t have each other what do we really have?
I hope that you will be able to share this Christmas with family and loved ones. If not in person then through social media, cards, letters and the phone. Get in touch: share that love and remember family isn’t always just those related to us - we all have wider families who also mean much to us. Spread joy and love by joining in the various Christmas celebrations and services across our communities.
A Merry Christmas to you all! Rev. Nicki Chatterton

November Nature Notes

November can be a quiet time for most wildlife. Bats, butterflies and amphibians go into hibernation and many other species migrate to warmer climes.
The most high-profile creatures are probably the birds. Rooks gathered today in the fields behind the village although their main nesting areas are on the edge of the Testing centre. Jackdaws also gather in large groups. These ‘parliaments’ are probably a ‘meet up' of pairs which will nest in early January through to March.
A huge flock of Goldfinches are enjoying sunflower heads and Teasels on the allotments. A tiny Wren hunts in the recently weeded Village Hall front garden...
Occasional groups of geese pass over the village from Northern Europe: unlike the ubiquitous Canada geese that we know, these are the smaller Pink-footed or Barnacle species. They are seeking large areas of water. I am pleased to hear that there are also Snipe near Watery Lane, encouraged by the landowner.
There are still a few mushrooms around prior to the frosts which have held off so far. The bright red Fly Agaric is the most conspicuous; and the purple Amethyst deceiver and Wood Blewit are also resistant to cold. Unusually, the bubble-gum pink berries of a Spindle bush have appeared on Church meadow amongst the more familiar
Hawthorn berries.
As yet I have spotted only the odd Fieldfare (a large predominantly grey thrush) but hope they are the forerunners of the larger flocks that arrive from Scandanavia as the weather gets colder.
This is the right time to fill up and clean bird feeders, as insect food is diminishing for Bluetits and long-tailed tits.
Leaves are part of the circling year and although they can be in overwhelming numbers, rotted down they make great compost. Earth worms will pull some down on lawns but beware of creatures like Hedgehogs that may use for them for hibernation. So don’t bag up your leaves before checking! Bernard Price

St Francis of Assisi Church Kineton

On Saturday 11 December between 10.30am and 4pm we shall be holding a display in the Parish Rooms of over
60 different Nativity scenes from around the world. Tea, coffee and Christmas treats will be available for a
small donation. RM

St Giles Church Christmas Events

Carols by Candle Light at Burton Dassett Church at 3pm on Sunday 19 December
Carol singing in Gaydon Village Hall 7pm on Wedneday 22nd with mulled wine and mince pies
Crib Service on Christmas Eve at 6pm with Candles and Cake
Christmas Day Service at 9.30am

Festive Lanterns 19 December

Last year, in a lockdown, we sold festive lantern-making kits to be displayed around the village. It was a lovely activity and this year we’ll sell the kits again and host a procession on 19 December around the village, making it more of an occasion with carols, mulled wine and mince pies and hot chocolate. Once again, we’ll include some instructions within the kit and aim to give you plenty of time to make them. You ‘ll need to make them over a weekend to allow for soaking and for the tissue paper to dry between layers.
We are taking orders for kits via email. Order your kit(s) now and they will be delivered as soon as they are compiled. Deadline for orders is 5 December so that we can get them to you before the weekend of the 11th. Each kit contains all the supplies you will need such as: willow, tissue paper, masking tape, pva glue, fairy lights and instructions. Prices: 1 kit for one lantern £10; 2 kits for two lanterns £17; 4 kits for four lanterns £30.

Burns Night Supper

Tickets for the supper on Saturday 22 January will be on sale soon. Please keep your eye on the village facebook page and look out for posters giving details.

Mobile Library

Fridays 3rd & 24th December at the Telephone Box from 2.40-3.10pm.

Over-65s Christmas Lunch

Sunday 5 December 12.45 for 1pm. Please bring your masks to the Hall and use the hand-sanitiser provided. On arrival, make your way to a table of your choice where your welcome drinks will be served. Mixing and mingling should be kept to a minimum this year, so please wave to your old acquaintances rather than hugging them - better safe than sorry. Guests are advised to wrap up warm as ventilation will be increased. We don't want you to catch anything nasty at our long-awaited event so there will be more fresh air than usual. Never fear though, the Hall Heating System will be going at full blast (you know what that means!) and we'll be doing our best to serve the Christmas Turkey piping hot. Debbie Price


The flag was raised on Remembrance Day, Sunday 14 November. It also marked the Birthday of the Prince of Wales. If you have something to commemorate or celebrate, contact Siobhan Hannan on 07780 678582 and she will raise the Flag for you. The cost is a donation of £5 to Church funds.

Millennium Group News

We are delighted to be involved in the Over 65s Christmas Lunch on the 5th December. We hope we do Kate proud! Our first big event in 2022 will be Earth Day on 24 April. Next year we will be planning events to fit in with the seasons, so four main ones each year. Instead of holding a midsummer fête we will be holding a Street Party to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in early June. We hope all the village groups will unite for such a unique occasion.
Season Greetings from everyone on the Millennium committee.

Shipston Home Nursing

Recruiting Community Bank Nurses and Health Care Assistants:
We need conscientious and enthusiastic nurses to deliver palliative care in the community. We offer competitive basic rates of pay of £16.46 to £25.57 per hour plus attractive ‘shift retainer’ payments.
Please email or call Gemma Roberts on 0777 9405350.

December Allotment News

November has been a quiet month on the Gaydon plots with only a few jobs left to do, to prepare for the colder temperatures ahead. With most Larders full of veggie delights it's time to dig out our favourite winter recipes and get cooking. I've included my personal favourite below which may help to reduce the glut of pumpkins we all have!
A Winter Warmer: Spicy Pumpkin Soup
1 pumpkin, about 1.5-2kg                   900ml veg stock
2tsp ground coriander                      Curry powder
2tsp ground cumin                          3tbsp olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped                    2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
100ml double cream or crème fraiche, plus extra to serve
½ - 1tsp chilli flakes or powder, plus a pinch ginger,peeled and finely chopped

1) Roast a pumpkin (de-seed, cut in half and place skin side up on an oiled tray), cook in the oven for 40-45 mins until soft.
2) Heat the remaining 1 tbsp olive oil in a large saucepan and fry the onion with a pinch of salt for 10 mins until soft. Add the ginger, garlic and remaining spices and chilli flakes, and fry for a few more minutes until fragrant. Pour in the stock and bring to a gentle simmer.
3) When the pumpkin is cool enough to touch, use a spoon to scoop the soft flesh from the skins. Add the soft pumpkin to the stock pan, discarding the skins. Remove from the heat and blitz the soup with a hand blender until creamy and smooth. Season to taste, adding extra chilli if you like. Put back over a low heat and stir in the cream. Bring to a gentle simmer, then serve in bowls with a drizzle more cream and a pinch of chilli to serve. Top with toasted pumpkin seeds, if you like.
Jobs for December:
Harvest vegetables; 
divide Rhubarb; 
plant bare-root fruit canes and trees; 
prune apple and pear trees, and any blackcurrants, gooseberries, redcurrants etc.  
Net brassicas to prevent pigeon damage over the colder months.

Andrew Smith