Gaydon Parish Magazine June 2022

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Gaydon Gazette for June

    Jubilee Street Party     Sat 4th 12 noon onwards     Village Hall   
    Parish Council           Tues 7th at 7.30pm          Village Hall
    Coffee & Plant Sale      Sat 11th at 11am            Village Hall
    Friendship Club          Tues 14th at 2.30pm         No 2 Cottage
    History Talk             Thurs 23rd at 7.30pm        St Giles' Church

June Church Services Dassett Magna

 5th   11am   Jubilee Pentecost Service   Burton Dassett    
12th   9.30am   Holy Communion   Gaydon
   11am   Holy Communion         Fenny Compton
   11am   Morning Prayer         Northend
   6pm    Evening Prayer         Farnborough
19th   9.30am   Agape Service    Gaydon
   10am   Holy Communion BCP     Farnborough
   11am   Morning Prayer         Fenny Compton
   11am   Holy Communion         Northend
26th   9am      Morning Prayer   Northend
   10am   Morning Prayer         Farnborough
   10am   Breakfast Food for Thought   Fenny Compton Hall
   6.30pm   Songs of Praise      Gaydon

Zoom Weekly Services Monday - Friday
9.30am Morning Prayer; 6pm Evening Prayer
Roman Catholic Church of St Francis, Kineton
Sunday Mass 11am.


Queen's Platinum Jubilee Party Saturday 4 June

Timetable of Events
12 Noon       Meet outside Gaydon Village Hall
12.15pm       Parade of Vintage Cars during Queen's Reign from Top of Kineton Road
12.45pm       Grand Opening by Sir Martin Dunne, former 
                     Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire
                     Presentation of Children's Souvenirs
                     Winner of Quiz Prize
1.00pm         *Party begins with cutting of the Jubilee Cake

From 2pm     Planting of Jubilee Tree by Sir Martin
                      Judging of Children's Fancy Dress
                     KOG Activities on Field with Games and Tug-o'-War
From 4pm     Live Band at the Malt Shovel Car Park with Barbecue

*Bring Picnic Lunch to Share: sign on List in Village Shop from 1st June

Parish Council News

JLR Solar Farm Proposal
JLR are proposing to build a solar array, otherwise known as a solar farm, on their land to the north and northwest of the village. They will be consulting with the village in June. We expect that they will present to our June Parish Council meeting on the 7th at 7.30pm. They will also have two days of drop-in consultation in the Village Hall, probably on 28th and 29th June.
Please watch out for posters around the village, and also posts on Facebook, as they clarify their engagement with us. Your Parish Council has already carried-out preparatory work on the questions we need answers to from the developers and we are very aware of the range of opinions that there are in the village on this matter.
Please engage strongly on this and help us achieve a good outcome on everyone’s behalf.
Ian Helps, Chair, Gaydon Parish Council

We need your expertise to contribute to the Neighbourhood Plan

Why bother? The next few years are going to bring major challenges to the village and we want you to be involved in shaping the change for the benefit of us all. We want to keep Gaydon the desirable place to live it is at present.
If you have experience in any of the following:
       planning and development; 
       building and architecture; 
       legal documents; 
       public health and the public sector;

we would like to be able to pick your brains as the Neighbourhood plan takes shape.
This will not involve joining a committee but instead being involved in informal discussions to help shape the future of the village. If you are willing to share your knowledge, please contact the Chair of Gaydon Parish Council, Ian Helps.
Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 7th June in the Village hall at 7.30pm. Please come along and share any concerns you may have; or you can contact the clerk at or by phone 07930 517811.

Friendship Club

This month's meeting will be held at Jan Ewers' home, No 2 Cottage, Gaydon Hill Farm, on Tuesday 14th at 2.30pm.

Coffee Morning & Plant Sale

Saturday 11 June at 11am in the Village Hall
Please bring your spare Plants to this month's Bring and Buy stall. There will also be books, as well as coffee and biscuits and cake.

Gaydon in the 18th Century

A talk by Martin Phelps at St Giles Church, Gaydon on Thursday 23 June at 7.30 pm
All are welcome to come and hear more about Gaydon’s history. Admission free or Donations for Gaydon church funds. Please let Martin know if you are attending.

Garden Party

Barnfield, Gaydon
Please come and join us fro 1pm-4pm on Saturday 9 July

Gaydon Annual Parish Meeting 17 May 2022

A rather gloomy and wet May evening did little to deter over thirty Parishioners from attending the Annual meeting of the Parish most kindly facilitated by the British Motor Museum whose Conference Centre was made available for the occasion. The meeting was also joined by the County Council Member, Councillor Chris Mills, and the Local District Ward Member Councillor, Chris Kettle.
Parishioners were welcome by the newly-elected Chair of the Parish Council - Councillor Ian Helps - who outlined the three priorities upon which the Parish Council would focus in the coming year:
Dealing with the essentials of village life such as maintaining the public space and responding to planning applications;
Helping to build a strong and inclusive community;
Addressing the challenges of climate change and building a sustainable future.
Parishioners received a series of reports from those helping to deliver services through the Parish Council and the various community bodies that help to make Gaydon a pleasant and engaging place to live. These included the Neighbourhood Watch, Kids of Gaydon Group, Village Hall Committee and Millennium Group. The Meeting was also told of the progress of the Gaydon Neighbourhood Plan and the initiatives required to eventually bring it to a Village Referendum.
Councillor Mills provided an overview of the services and support from Warwickshire County Council, particularly emphasising the demands now placed on the Council for Adult Social Care and the needs of those with dementia. The Council continued to offer support to those most affected by the current financial crisis and was playing a pivotal role in helping communities to relocate refugees from Ukraine.
Councillor Kettle provided an update on the work of Stratford District Council and an insight into the reasons for the abandonment of the proposed merger of Stratford and Warwick District Councils.
The meeting ended with an open forum in which Parishioners were invited to raise matters of concern. These included the condition of street lighting and a dangerous public footway, both of which were matters that would be taken up by the Parish Council as priorities. There was also an indication that the Parish Church was in need of significant repairs to ensure its continued structural integrity, a matter which had brought into question its future viability as a place of worship. Robert Nash, Parish Clerk


The Flag of Ukraine was raised in honour of Kate, Val, Polina and Sacha on 1st May. On the 8th, the Union flag flew for James's Birthday and on the 17th for Eleanor's. It was raised on the 18th of May to start the celebrations of HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee and will continue to fly until Sunday 5 June.


Patrick Layton
It is with great sorrow that we record the death of Pat Layton on 10th May; we extend our condolences to Pauline and her family.
Geoffrey Pinches
We are very sad to report the death of Geoff Pinches on 12th May. Geoff's funeral was held on 27 May at Oakley Wood Crematorium and St Giles' Church. We offer our deepest sympathy to Olive and family.

June Memorial Book

         2012       2nd      Jane Goldsmith
         2012      11th      Peggy Shiner
         1979      17th      Richard Welsh
         2012      21st      Jean Phillips
         1995      27th      Scott Lightowler
         2012      30th      Jean Checkley

If there is a special entry that you would like to see, let me know and I will try to make sure that the Book is open on that day. Julie Rickman

May Nature Notes

A very busy time around the village for much of the bird life. The welcome return of Swifts to their old nesting sites in the village is a great relief. They will probably have been in the air since departing last August and will only touch ground to nest. A larger Hobby falcon appeared briefly to chase them but gave up after a few high speed attempts. We must now hopefully await the Swallows and House Martins. Recent rain will create a few muddy areas for nest-building and we have a few artificial nests around the village to encourage them. I saw a couple of Swallows not so far away in Oxfordshire last week.
One Cuckoo has been heard in Gaydon and a few days ago I was in Bidford-on-Avon when I heard a loud Cuckoo calling close by. I was so delighted, I exclaimed 'Just heard a Cuckoo at last' and several passers-by stopped and joined me to listen; all of us sharing the pleasure of this once-familiar sign of summer! Even better though, twenty minutes later a group of three Cuckoos flew over my head calling as they headed towards Stratford-upon-Avon. There was no doubt about the identification either, as I know their habits very well. They are the commonest bird around the Koshiro reed beds in Hokaido, North Japan, where I worked a few years back restoring the boardwalks through the marshlands. Reed warblers nest in hundreds there and the Cuckoos parasitise their nests. Remarkably, they have the ability to lay an egg of the exact colour of the host species - but how? Unknown to researchers so far!
There are still a few reed beds along the Avon in Warwickshire but the more likely victims in Warwickshire are Pipits or Dunnocks. It’s rather sad that with the increasing interest in all birds, many like the Cuckoo and Swallow are now in serious decline. Some of us will remember hearing the Corncrake and Bush crickets and often seeing Glow-worms; all seem to have gone now from most of the UK. I was recently brought a specimen of the Large Cockchafer or 'May bug'. In spite of their large size they’re harmless and often chased by Little owls on Burton Dassett at dusk as they make a substantial meal. The large metallic green Rose chafer may turn up in your gardens as well.
I’m hoping others will have heard a Cuckoo and I'm hoping to walk Watery Lane in Chadshunt which has always been a good place to find them. Look out for migrant Humming-Bird Hawks on the Valerian, Marbled White and Common Blue butterflies on rough pasture, local Kingfishers and Great spotted Woodpeckers; and hopefully an increase of pollinators on your garden plants. Bernard Price

The Vicar's Letter

Dear Friends,
When I was at theological college, I engaged with some friends of mine in the Lift speech challenge. The idea is simple. If you’re stuck in an lift with someone, the challenge is to explain to them your faith in Jesus Christ in thirty seconds or less. I found this really hard, if not impossible. How can I distill everything that has happened to me in my faith journey, why I still believe and I’m so devoted to church, and who I believe the three persons of God to be, in thirty seconds?
As I think of this I’m reminded of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, as told in John’s Gospel chapter 13, but specifically verse 31 to 35. What we hear is a little like Jesus’ Lift speech. Although the disciples didn’t fully grasp the importance of that night, Jesus certainly did. During that meal he teaches them about the importance of serving one another, as he washes their feet. His actions speak louder than words. By then, knowing he’s out of time, Jesus doesn’t tell anymore parables or stories, or give them any more convoluted metaphors. He keeps his words simple and direct. “Love one another,” he tells them. “Love one another, as I have loved you.” That is all he gives them.
God is love. Our call is to love, as Jesus loved us. That’s how others will know us to be Christians - through our love. The problem is this: although “Love one-another” sounds simple, perfect, and beautiful, loving one another is really hard work, frustrating, and sometimes seemingly impossible.
Think about that one family member who is so difficult: the sibling who always tries to start a fight; or that classmate or supposed friend who started a nasty rumour about you; the co-worker who took credit for your idea; or that friend who shared your confidence with someone else. Jesus says we must love them too. Or think about that person who constantly says offensive things, or that person you tried to help who was completely ungrateful, or that political leader that you cannot stand. Jesus says we must love them too.
Jesus didn’t tell us to love one another because he knew loving one another would be easy. He told us to love one another because he knows that we can. He has seen each one of us do that simple, perfect, and beautiful act. Loving one another is at times the most wonderful, rewarding thing we do in this life, and at times it’s one of the most challenging, difficult things we do. But we love because that is what Jesus taught us to do. Loving one another may not be a fancy Lift speech. But loving one another might be much more powerful in the long run than any fancy words we can assemble to explain our faith - because Jesus’ commandment is not so much about what we believe, but about how we live.
There is a prayer called the Daily Examiner that many Christians follow. Every day we take a moment to remember where we have failed to show love, where we have excelled in showing love and ask God to help us to do better tomorrow. The moments of love will be small and sometimes seemingly inconsequential; but all those tiny moments add up to a lifetime of loving one-another. Rev. Nicki Chatterton

British Motor Museum

The Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton Relay will visit the British Motor Museum on Friday 22 July as part of its route around Britain. The Baton will arrive at the Museum at approximately 9:53am, leaving 20 minutes later. Local villagers are invited to come and line the Museum’s main driveway to watch the Baton arrive whilst the Baton entourage goes into the Museum for a private demonstration of STEM activities by the Museum’s Learning team and the STEM ambassadors from MOD Kineton.
There will be a parade of British cars along with a special Gaydon Gathering of 200 British Classics which spectators can view. More information about the Queen’s Baton Relay event at the British Museum along with how to reserve FREE spectator tickets and QBR Gaydon Gathering tickets, will be available shortly on the Museum's website:

No Mow May

Thank you to everyone who managed to not mow, even if it was just a patch of wildness in an otherwise tidy garden. Even the grass by the phone box was carefully mown to leave the flowers, super job.
Please try not to mow on a glorious sunny day. You will ruin your grass with yellow patches because the sun will burn it, not a sensible idea. Also, lovely days are for quiet gardening and sitting in the sun: there's nothing like an inconsiderate neighbour to ruin a relaxing day for others. We all need nature, so let's lift our mood and calm our minds with the silence of our little village community! PS Remember sun cream, hats and shades? SN