Gaydon Parish Magazine July 2022

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Gaydon Gazette for July

    Parish Council            Tues 5th at 7.30pm           Village Hall
    Garden Party              Sat 9th at 1pm                 Barnfield  
    Friendship Club           Tues 12th at 2.30pm          Almeley Chase
    Coffee for Ukraine        Sat 16th at 11am             Village Hall   
    Village Hall Committee    Mon 18th at 8pm              Village Hall   

Cover Picture

The July cover is a photo of everyone in the village who gathered at the Village Hall for the grand opening of the Platinum Jubilee Party. Click on 'Gaydon Community' at this link to get a better look at the party-goers on 4th June
Click here for pictures

Jubilee Thanks

Thank you, Gaydon, for rising to the occasion of our Platinum Party on the 4th of June!
Thank you to all the vintage car folk who started the day for us by driving up and round and down Church Road until the Grand Opening by Sir Martin Dunne. The lovely Souvenir Boxes were presented to the children of the village, and the prize for the brilliant Platinum Quiz.
We are grateful to Sir Martin and Lady Dunne for taking part in our celebrations which included the ceremonial planting of a Cedar Tree at the far end of the Village Hall garden. We hope it will be a fine specimen by the time Prince William attains his Jubilee!
Thanks to all who came to lunch: there was a wonderful selection of dishes to share, including Jubilee Pudding and Coronation Chicken. The star of the party was the Jubilee Cake made by Gaydon's own Baking Queen, Lisa Andersson: a huge thank you for that. Then there were fun and games on the field after the eating was over; and later on, music and dancing at the Malt.
There are many people to whom we are very grateful for all the effort they put into making the event go so well - to try to name them all would be to risk leaving someone out! But Debbie Price deserves a mention because it was thanks to her that preparatory meetings were held, and jobs allocated, without which there would not have been such a successfully organised Jubilee Party. Thank you all; God Save the Queen! Hip, hip, hurrah for Gaydon!

Friendship Club

This month's meeting will be held at Olive Richards' home, Almeley Chase, on Tuesday 12th at 2.30pm.

Coffee Morning for Ukraine

Saturday 16 July at 11am in the Village Hall
Bring and Buy stall, Cakes, Books, Plants, Bric-a-brac: 
bring whatever you can, please, to help raise funds for Ukraine.  
Coffee, tea and biscuits available as usual.  
Also Super Raffle!  Please donate Prizes! 

Barnfield Garden Party Saturday 9 July from 1-4pm

Residents and staff invite you to a garden party at Barnfield.

Parish Council News

Neighbourhood Plan
Councillor Price said that the Neighbourhood Plan was to 'Adapt and Thrive', which relflected changes that had occurred over the years and the challenges now being faced. Such plans could not oppose proposals permitted by planning policies like the Local Plan but they can focus on benefits that could be obtained for the village. Parishioners were invited to express their interest in the plan by giving their names before the end of the meeting.
Gaydon Inn
The owners are still awaiting approval of their plans from SDC. Councillor Kettle will take the matter up on their behalf with the Council.
Speed sign on B4100
A resident enquired about its repair and was told that WCC are currently reviewing the effectiveness of all such signs before replacing any of them.
Traffic Calming
There was a fund to provide traffic calming in Upper Lighthorne by the developer there. This would be investigated with regard to Gaydon and the highway from the M40.
Proposed Solar Array at JaguarLandRover Gaydon
To create a solar-powered source to generate up to 20 megawatts of electricity on 20 hectares of land to the north of Gaydon. The chairman pointed out that this was the equivalent of 30 football pitches and a quarter of the solar-powered generating capacity delivered by Centrica across the entire UK.
Una somerville, the representative of the planners representing Centrica and JLR said the generating capacity was entirely for the consumption of JLR. It would reduce their carbon emissions.
The panels would be up to 3m high and access would be via the main plant entrance. After 40 years the site would revert to agariculture.
An exhibition of the plans will be held at the village hall, Gaydon, on28 and 29 June. Residents are encouraged to express their views at these meetings. The application is due to be submitted to the planners by August this year.
The meeting was opened to questions and the following observations were made:
Glint and glare emanating from the panels might create distracting light reflection for traffic approaching Gaydon.
There should be no lights at night at the Array.
The site would impact on 18 different viewpoints. Similar site at Bishops Itchington had been relocated to avoid such impact.
A flood risk assessment should be made in view of flooding in Gaydon in the past.
Chairman suggested that Gaydon should benefit from a contribution of 1.5mw power towards its carbon footprint.
The land subject to the proposed application was originally intended to be an ecological buffer between JLr and the village.
It is agricultural land which would be lost for 40 years. The applicant could have placed the panels within available space at the edge of the JLR plant. The reasons for this should be made public.
Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 7th June in the Village hall at 7.30pm. Please come along and share any concerns you may have; or you can contact the clerk at
or by phone 07930 517811.

July Church Services Dassett Magna

   9.30am   Morning Prayer         Gaydon
   10am   Holy Communion         Farnborough
   11am    Fenny Compton         Morning Prayer
   11am   Holy Communion BCP      Northend
    11am   Holy Communion BCP      Burton Dassett    
   9.30am   Holy Communion         Gaydon 
   11am   Holy Communion         Fenny Compton
   11am   Morning Prayer         Northend
   6pm      Evening Prayer         Farnborough 
   11am   Group Service & Barbecue Vicarage Northend
   9am      Morning Prayer         Northend
   10am   Morning Prayer         Farnborough
   10am   Breakfast Food for Thought   Fenny Compton Hall
   6.30pm   Songs of Praise         Gaydon
   6pm      Group Evening Prayer      Farnborough

Zoom Weekly Services Monday - Friday: 9.30am Morning Prayer; 6pm Evening Prayer
Roman Catholic Church of St Francis, Kineton: Sunday Mass 11am.


The funeral of Pat Layton took place at Oakley Wood Crematorium on 16 June and a reception was held at Gaydon Village Hall following the ceremony. We offer our condolences to Pauline and her family.

July Memorial Book

         1985      12th      Osmond Hill
         2020      12th      Leslie James Welch
         2008      18th      Betty Davies
         2016      21st      Ronald Richards
         1958      29th      Mark Lush

If there is a special entry that you would like to see, let me know and I will try to make sure that the Book is open on that day. Julie Rickman

The Vicar's Letter

I love living in the Dassett! I love the wonderful views from the Country Park that sometimes stretch all the way to the Malvern Hills. I love walking along The Slade from Fenny Compton to Farnborough and watching the farmers harvesting the wheat. I love walking around the lake at Farnborough and seeing the swans and ducks; or gliding along the canal near Fenny Compton on a narrow boat. The scenery can be spectacular. I love to see the changing seasons in the foliage and flowers. I delight in the colours, the smells and the variety of birds and animals I see - domesticated, farmed and wild. There’s a fox that visits my garden - and rabbits - they can cause havoc but are lovely to see. I love mountains and valleys, moorland and farmland. It’s awesome! And I mean that in the true sense of the word. We live in an amazing part of the world and the variety of scenery on our doorstep or within a day’s drive is simply incredible.
I grew up by the sea in Wales and love walking the coastal paths, soaking up the the different smells and taking in the the views and looking in wonder at the vastness of the ocean. I love the variety of coastline that we have around the UK, little fishing villages and harbours, cliffs and hills, rocky outcrops, sandy beaches, old castles. I love collecting shells or pebbles, eating fish and chips and watching the sun go down while listening to the lapping of the water.
In my travels, I have been fortunate enough to have seen stunning scenery and wildlife around the world. As Louis Armstrong said (or rather sang) ‘What a Wonderful World!'. In the song, there is no mention of the source of all this wonder and beauty but as Christians, along with members of the other major faiths (and therefore the vast majority of the population of the world), we would think and talk of God as creator. We talk about seeing God, feeling God’s presence and understanding something of his awesome power through the wonders of his creation.
There is nothing more wonderful than saying Morning or Evening Prayer on the hills, by the lake or on the beach. It somehow makes the praise and wonder so much more real. Surrounded by nature you can almost touch God. In Paul’s letter to the Church in Rome he states: 'Ever since the creation of the world, his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things he has made.'
Are there places that you go to, or have been to, that have struck you as particularly beautiful? Are there places that you go to, or have been to, that help you to feel particularly close to God? Are there places that you go to, or have been to, that help you to understand and see God’s ‘eternal power’ and ‘divine nature’? Rev. Nicki Chatterton

June Nature Notes

The weather continues to remain dry with some prolonged very hot weather; there's been only one day of torrential rain, much appreciated by village gardeners. The fields around are ready for harvest and haymaking. Roadside verges are a mass of swaying Oxe-eye Daisies, Purple knapweed and even the occasional Spotted orchid,
peeping through.
It’s rather early in the year for most butterfly species but two, the Holly Blue and the Comma (orange with ragged wings and a distinctive punctuation mark on the underside), often have three broods in a season. I have seen both on the wing this week .
I am a great enthusiast for flies, they’re so diverse! (Diptera) Often a nuisance but many are pollinators, like the numerous Hover flies that tend to mimic wasps and bees. My favourite books on Flies are by Erica McAlister: compulsive reading! I’ve met Erica a few times and we share a favourite species, a large robber fly that hunts bumblebees and is only found in the Caledonian forests.
I also share the concern of many at the serious decline in insect species in general. This is caused by a combination of Light pollution, modern agriculture, increasing use of pesticides and a general tidyness areas left. The umbelliferae (Cow Parsleys) are a great attractant. Most people will have noticed the absence of flies on radiators and windscreens after a long drive. They are also a great source of nutrients for many species of birds.
I often visit Ballscote quarry, an area of old quarries and rough countryside, which is very close to Gaydon. There’s a large colony of Sand Martins at present skimming the water; and Curlews and Lapwings patrol the edges. There are numerous small birds like Linnets, Yellowhammers and Bullfinches in the thicket scrub areas which are maintained by the Banbury Ornithological Society.
The clear blue skies above Gaydon are as usual crossed by soaring Buzzards and Red Kites, often in conflict with local Ravens. These are three species never seen in this area ten years ago but now a common sighting. Bernard Price


The Flag flew throughout June, from the Platinum Anniversary of the Queen's coronation on the 2nd, in honour of Her Majesty's Jubilee. It also celebrated the Birthday of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. If you have something to commemorate or celebrate, contact Siobhan Hannan on 07780 689582 and she will raise the flag for you.

Pavement Obstruction

The Parish Council has been approached by a number of people who are experiencing difficulties with obstructions to the pavement on Church Road. We are reminding residents that we are a community with vulnerable people in wheelchairs and mothers with infants in pushchairs and prams, who currently have to either cross the road or go into the road to get past obstructions from plants, bushes and hedges in several places.
Clearly, this is not a good situation and so we are asking for 4 feet of clear access between the kerb and any obstructions from properties. This will allow safe passage of both wheelchairs and pushchairs. We can appreciate that this might involve cutting back plants and hedges and we ask that you do this in the spirit of keeping the centre of the village safe for everyone and that this becomes a regular routine.
If you need help to do this, and we can appreciate that some may not be able to do this themselves for whatever reason, please email the Parish Clerk at the address below and we will get help to you.< Ian Helps, Chair, Gaydon Parish Council

Food Caddies and Calendars

I hope you have by now received your new food caddies, calendars and information booklet about the new 123+ waste service ready for the start on 1st August. Given the complexity of all the information being distributed, we are doing as many checks as possible to ensure everyone has received the right information, so we’d be grateful if you would call our contact centre on 01789 260123 (preferably before 10am Monday to Friday when they are less busy), to double check that you have received the correct calendar. You just need to have the calendar with you to quote the issue number which is on the top right hand corner. We are also keen to know that you have received the two food caddies and how you received your calendar, i.e. through the door at the time of caddies being delivered, left in the caddies, not at all, or through the door after the caddies had been delivered. Please tell us this when you ring to check your calendar. Julie Lewis Telephone 01789 267575, email

Party in the Park Sunday 17 July 1-5pm

Come and help us celebrate the 25th year of Shipston Home Nursing!
This is an event for all the family with delicious food, great music, children's entertainment, vintage cars, stalls, auction, dog show and car boot sale. Enjoy cream teas and cocktails and stroll around the beautiful grounds of Alscot Park, private gardens open from 2-4pm with a maze, lavender garden, ancestral sweet chestnut and cedar trees. Tickets: £5 in advance or £7.50 on the day (dog-friendly event).

Job Vacancy for Fundraising and Communications Co-ordinator

At Shipston Home Nursing, we have a vacancy for an assistant Fundraising and Communications Coordinator for staging community fundraising events. This is a part time role of 24-30 hours per week (occasional weekend/out of hours as required). You will need excellent communication skills, some experience in marketing and/or fundraising or event management, and will be keen to engage with our local community digitally and in person. You will be creative and enjoy working in a small team.
The Ellen Badger Hospital, Stratford Road, Shipston-On-Stour, Warwickshire CV36 4AX

2022 Queen’s Baton Relay at the British Motor Museum

The Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton Relay will visit the British Motor Museum on Friday 22 July as part of its route around Britain. The Baton will arrive at the Museum at approximately 9:53am, leaving 20 minutes later.
Local villagers are invited to come and line the Museum’s main driveway to watch the Baton arrive. There will be a parade of British cars along with a special Gaydon Gathering of 200 British classics which spectators can view whilst the Baton entourage goes into the Museum for a private demonstration of STEM activities by the Museum’s Learning team and STEM ambassadors from MOD Kineton.
More information about the Queen’s Baton Relay event at the British Motor Museum, along with how to reserve FREE spectator tickets and QBR Gaydon Gathering tickets, will be available shortly on the Museum's website