Gaydon Parish Magazine October 2022

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The Queen is Dead: Long Live the King!

The union flag was lowered to half-mast on the announcement of the Death of HM Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday 8 September. On Sunday 11th it was raised briefly to full-mast for the Proclamation of the Ascension to the Throne of HM King Charles III. It was then lowered again to half-mast to continue the period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth. The Proclamation was read out by the Chairman of the Parish Council, Ian Helps, on the Village Green.
Notice of the Proclamation was necessarily short but about thirty villagers gathered beside the flag pole at 3pm, in warm sunshine, to witness the momentous news.

Gaydon Gazette for October

    Parish Council        Tues 4th at 7.30pm       Village Hall
    Tai Chi               Wednesdays at 7pm        Village Hall
    Coffee morning       Sat 8th at 11am           Village Hall
    Harvest Festival       Sun 9th at 9.30am       St Giles' Church
    Friendship Club       Tues 18th at 2.30pm      Almeley Chase
    Apple Day              Sat 22nd 12-4pm         Malt Shovel
    Craft Circle         Suns 9th & 23rd at 5pm    St Giles' Church         
    Quiz Night             Weds 26th at 8pm        Malt Shovel

October Church Services Dassett Magna

   9.30am   Morning Prayer         Gaydon
   10am   Holy Communion         Farnborough
   11am    Fenny Compton         Morning Prayer
   11am   Harvest Service         Northend
   9.30am   Harvest Service         Gaydon 
   11am   Holy Communion         Fenny Compton
   9.30am   Morning Prayer         Northend
    6pm   Evening Prayer         Farnborough 
   9.30am   Agape Service             Gaydon
   10am   Holy Communion BCP      Farnborough   
   11am   Morning Prayer         Fenny Compton   
   11am   Holy Communion         Burton Dassett
   9.30am   Morning Prayer         Northend
   9.30am   Morning Prayer         Farnborough
   10am   Breakfast Food for Thought   Fenny Compton Hall
   6.30pm   Songs of Praise         Gaydon
   Group Confirmation Service with Bishop John

Zoom Weekly Services Monday - Friday: 9.30am Morning Prayer; 6pm Evening Prayer.
Roman Catholic Church of St Francis, Kineton. Sunday Mass 11am.

October Memorial Book

1992 1st Rhoda Lovesey 2012 14th Christopher Wrighton 2020 18th Alan Povey 2010 20th Joan Hare 2014 22nd Margaret Diston

If there is a special entry that you would like to see, let me know and I will try to make sure that the Book is open on that day. Julie Rickman

Parish Council News

After a lengthy summer recess, the Parish Council once again commenced its meeting with a presentation from a developer. In this case, Lone Star Ltd are seeking the Council's support for the development of up to 16 Local Needs Dwellings and associated infrastructure at land to the North-East of Banbury Road, Gaydon.
Applications for social housing, where the provision is to meet an expressed need such as that demonstrated in a local housing needs survey, are contingent on the approval of the local community. Approval had not been forthcoming on the occasion of the application being initially submitted, on the grounds that the site is too remote from key facilities in the village and that the B4100 Banbury Road is unsuitable for pedestrian activity arising from the completed dwellings.
Undeterred, the developer had submitted a technical paper to the Local Highway Authority proposing various traffic calming measures and changes to the access, to make the site less hazardous to occupiers. The Council remained unconvinced that the proposals for traffic calming would be acceptable to the Highway Authority and agreed that the site was inappropriate in view of the potential occupancy by residents with mobility difficulties, who would experience particular challenges in accessing services located on the opposite side of the B4100.
The Council remains mindful of the challenges that will be faced by Parishioners over the coming winter period in view of the volatility of gas and electricity prices and the choice facing many residents of whether to 'heat or eat'. The Council would like to assist the community through supporting measures such as providing a refuge point where people may seek help on a drop-in basis; as well as providing advice and assistance on where to get external help. Anyone with suggestions, and who would like to assist the Council in this process, is asked to contact the Clerk.
The District Council representative, Cllr Chris Kettle, gave the Council an informative update on the roll-out of the new unified refuse and recycling collection service. There had been various teething troubles associated with combining two previous contracts into one, but it was hoped that these had now been largely resolved. Any resident experiencing difficulty, such as missed collections, was advised to use the dedicated app available on-line at
The frustrations of Councillors and local landowners concerning the misuse of the Highway layby off the B4100 found expression in a proposal that the Parish Council would commit to undertaking a twice-yearly cut-back of vegetation to improve visibility and deter anti-social behaviour at this stopping point. Approval of this, as part of a scheme to improve the appearance of the lay-by, is awaited from Warwickshire County Council.
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday, 4 October, in the Village hall at 7.30pm.
Please come along and share any concerns you may have; or you can contact Robert Nash (Parish Clerk) or by phone 07930 517811.

The Vicar's Letter

Dear Friends,
As I write this we have just been through ten days of mourning for our late Queen Elizabeth II. Yesterday was her funeral. Watched by millions across the world it will have made many people remember loved ones and friends who have died and perhaps think of their own death. At times like this many think about and ask themselves ‘What happens next?’.
Loss, for many of us is hard to accept. I’ve been with too many people mourning the loss of a friend or loved one, and experienced it myself, to believe that death is the end. There is a lovely little book, written for children but ideal for us all, that gives a wonderful explanation about death. ‘Water Bugs and Dragonflies’ by Doris Stickney, tells the story of a small colony of water bugs living happily below the surface of a quiet pond. Every so often one of them climbs up a lily stalk and disappears from sight, never to return. Those left behind are faced with the mystery of figuring out what has become of them. The story reveals the miracle that water bugs leave the pond and emerge on the surface into a wonderful new world to find they have turned into beautiful dragonflies. The nature of their new being - their beautiful wings - prevents them from returning to the water to tell their friends what has happened. They have to wait until they are all reunited into their new world as dragonflies.
My Christian belief leads me to know that death is simply a transformation - moving from one season to the next. It’s the end of our present life; the parting from loved ones and moving on like the dragonfly; or as in winter when the trees lose their leaves and to all intents and purposes appear to be dead, after a short time they return to life again in spring.
The one who dies is like one of those trees, simply moving from one season to the next. They leave us with many memories, and even though they’re no longer here to share the memories with us, to show that friendship or love in person, the positive effect of their life remains with all who knew them. They are with us every time we remember them, every time we talk about them or even talk to them.
The love of God shines like a light of hope, in the darkness of grief, with the promise that death isn’t the end. Christians can trust in the promise of Jesus that the dead have gone to our “Fathers house”: that they have moved on to the next season, that they can have a new and immortal body to replace the one that failed them. That they are now with friends and family that have gone before them and that one day we’ll meet up with them again.
Rev. Nicki Chatterton

Apple Day

Apple Day will be held in the Pub Car Park from 12 noon till 4pm on Saturday 22 October. You can bring your own apples for pressing or just watch how it its done. There will be refreshments from the pub.

Coffee Morning

Saturday 8 October at 11am in the Village Hall. Bring and Buy, Books, Raffle; Coffee, Tea and biscuits 50p.
Do come along and meet your fellow-villagers!

Malt Shovel Quiz Night

Get your teams ready for the famous Malt Shovel Quiz on Wednesday 26 October at 8pm.

Tai Chi

The Tai Chi group meets every Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock in the Village Hall. Please send a text message to 07514 011406 before your first time so that we can look out for you. From your second month onwards, please bring a coin to donate for hire of the Hall.

Friendship Club

The October meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th at 2.30pm at the home of Olive Richards, Almeley Chase. We welcome new members: please contact the Editor if you would like more information.

September Nature Notes

The slow demise of the warm spell has produced some incredible numbers of insects. I estimate hundreds of sightings of the Humming-bird Hawk moth (a migrant not often seen in such large numbers), attracted to the village's large clumps of Pink Valerian flowers.
Painted Ladies and even a few Clouded Yellow butterflies, also continental species, joined Red Admirals, Commas and the more familiar Small Tortoiseshells on our garden Flowers. A very rare Hornet Hoverfly and the actual Hornet it mimics - large bright yellow and spectacular - also arrived in my garden, dwarfing the wasps. Exotic large Aeshna Dragonflies, in tropical colours, hawked the tops of the hedges in iridescent blues and greens.
The ground remains dry with only light showers; other than one night of unique lightning and heavy downpour causing a couple of dips in power.
Lawns and plants, sensing the drop in temperatures, have begun to green up. A splendid time for tender plants! I even have a verdant Banana tree, Plumbago, Giant Pineapple lilies and Lantana in full flower. A Blue Morning glory is climbing up to the roof. The drought has browned much of the wild flora, other than the resilient Blue Scabious and Knapweed.
Sightings of a toad emerging from a shady habitat and what appears to be a large Vulture over the Barns on the Kineton Road - almost certainly an escapee. I will endeavor to find out!
I notice that some trees have 'induced autumn' symptoms. My Mulberry tree has several branches with this premature colouring; as has The Dutchman's Pipe (Aristochlia), caused by this unusual long summer heat.
We are still waiting for some 'proper rain' but no doubt when it sets in we shall miss the hot sunny spells. Please look out for the huge mystery bird: it may return! Bernard Price


If you have something to commemorate or celebrate, contact Siobhan Hannan on 07780 689582 and she will raise the flag for you.

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library will call at the Telephone Box on Friday 21 October at 2.40pm for half an hour.

Local Insurance Consultant

Hi, I'm Olly!
For the past five years I have lived in the village of Gaydon and have three young children.
I understand the importance of family protection and the benefits of the different products that are available.
Through working very closely with small businesses and self-employed individuals, I have a thorough knowledge of their protection requirements.
I have access to a wide range of insurers and feel that discussing people's insurance needs face to face is really beneficial.
Please feel free to call or email me with any questions you may have.
Oliver Oatley, Insurance Consultant tel. 01206 266701 or mob. 077769 536954

Harvest Festival

Sad to say, the planned Harvest Festival at Chadshunt Church on the 9th has had to be cancelled. We hope to revive it next year.
On a brighter note, there will still be a Harvest Festival and it will take place at St Giles' Church, Gaydon, at the regular service time of 9.30am on Sunday 9 October. Please put your offerings of fruit and flowers in church on Saturday the 8th.

Gaydon Cake and Crafting Circle

Please join us in Church every second and fourth Sunday at 5pm when we gather over cake and tea and get creating. If you don't know how to knit or crochet, we can teach you; and You Tube is always a useful tutor! Pop into Church on the 9th or 23rd of October after 5pm or get in touch with Jo Hotchkiss or Gilly Bolton.

Wedding Congratulations

Jason Lightowler and Debbie Lambon were married on 19 August at Warwick House, Southam. We wish them every happiness in their married life together.


Victoria Greenhow, née Sellman
It is with great sorrow that we record the death of Victoria Greenhow on 16 September. We extend our condolences to all her family.

Seasonal Recipe

Old-fashioned Crab Jelly
Crab Apple trees have thriven this hot summer and are laden with fruit. The most popular variety in the village is Golden Hornet. Make them into a delicious golden jelly and enjoy them throughout the winter, on toast or as a relish for roast meats.
6lb crab-apples,  granulated sugar,  3 pints water
Wash the apples and cut them into quarters without peeling or coring.  
Put into a pan and add the water.
Bring to the boil and simmer for about 1½ hours or until the fruit is mashed,
adding a little more water if necessary.
Strain through a jelly bag or muslin cloth, then measure the extract and return it to the pan
with 1lb sugar to each pint of extract.
Stir until the sugar is dissolved, then boil rapidly until a jell is obtained on testing.
Skim, pot and cover.

Allotment News

The allotments have still not recovered from the long hot dry summer. Many crops have struggled with lack of water and invasive beetles whose chomping could be heard from the paths.
Still, there have been some notable successes: enough grapes to open a winery and outstanding pumpkins.
Now is a good time to tidy the beds and prepare for autumn sowings, once we get some decent rain.
There is a friendly robin who appears whenever any activity takes place and checks out possibilities of a meal. I haven't been on our plot without hearing the distinctive calls of woodpeckers which are doing well in the village.
We have put quite a few herbs and insect-attracting plants on the corners of our beds since watching a feature on Gardener's World.
An Oxford entomologist had made her allotment extremely productive by hiding her vegetables in clumps of low-growing flowering plants. So far so good for the soft fruit, apples, beans and sweet corn. We are also trying two perennial Kale plants for the first time this year.
My big job for autumn is to tidy up my 10' x 30' fruit cage, rather a daunting task. Wish me luck! Debbie Price