Gaydon Parish Magazine November 2022

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Gaydon Gazette for November

    Parish Council        Tues 1st at 7.30pm        Village Hall
    Friendship Club       Tues 8th at 2.30pm       2 Anson Close
    Christmas Coffee       Sat 12th at 11am-2pm    Village Hall
    Remembrance Sunday  Sun 13th at 11am       St Giles' Church
    Hall Committee Meeting  Mon 14th at 8pm      Village Hall
    Public Consultation   Tues 15th 2pm-8pm       Village Hall
    Stir-up Sunday        Sun 20th 9.30am       St Giles' Church
    Craft Circle         Suns 13th & 27th at 5pm    St Giles' Church        
    Quiz Night            Weds 23rd at 8pm        Malt Shovel
    Tai Chi               Wednesdays at 7pm        Village Hall

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Gaydon Gift Day & Festive Market

Saturday 12 November 11am till 2pm Christmas comes early to Gaydon with a combined Christmas Coffee Morning, Church Fair and Gift Day Stalls, Refreshments and Raffle Christmas Tree for Gift Day Envelopes Events start with Coffee Morning at 11am DONATIONS OF RAFFLE PRIZES, UNWANTED GIFTS, CRAFTS AND CAKES WILL BE VERY WELCOME. PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR PARISH CHURCH!

November Church Services Dassett Magna

Wednesday 2nd   7.30pm   All Souls Service       Gaydon
   9.30am   Morning Prayer         Gaydon
   10am   Holy Communion         Farnborough
   11am    Fenny Compton         Morning Prayer
   11am   Holy Communion BCP      Northend         
13th   Remembrance Sunday   
    9.45am   Remembrance Service      Fenny Compton
   10.45am   Act of Remembrance at War Memorial Northend
   10.30am   Remembrance Service      Farnborough 
   11am   Act of Remembrance at War Memorial Gaydon
   11.30am   Remembrance Service       Gaydon 
   9.30am   Stir-up Service             Gaydon
   10am   Holy Communion BCP      Farnborough   
   11am   Morning Prayer         Fenny Compton   
   11am   Holy Communion         Burton Dassett
   9.30am   Morning Prayer         Northend
   10am   Morning Prayer         Farnborough
   10am   Breakfast Food for Thought   Fenny Compton Hall
   6.30pm   Advent Service         Gaydon

Zoom Weekly Services Monday - Friday

9.30am Morning Prayer; 6pm Evening Prayer

Roman Catholic Church of St Francis, Kineton

Sunday Mass 11am.

Remembrance Sunday 13 November

This year, Remembrance Day falls on Friday 11 November and so our church services are held on the nearest Sunday. We start with an Act of Remembrance outside St Giles Church under the clock which is the Village War Memorial. Following the two minutes' silence and the laying of wreaths there will be a Service of Remembrance inside the church at 11.30am.
  *Christmas Cake:  after the service, please sign up to contribute
    ingredients for the Crib Service Cake which will be mixed on
    Sunday 20 November.

Burns Night Supper

Saturday 21 January 2023
Delicious Haggis supper with wee Dram.
More information in next month's magazine and on social media. Check your kilt for moth holes!

November Memorial Book

2010 4th Wilfrid Hotchkiss
2014 9th Joyce Hammond
2006 16th Leonard Walker
2005 21st Joyce Walker
2006 22nd Edna Young (formerly Rickman)
If there is a special entry that you would like to see, let me know and I will try to make sure that the Book is open on that day. Julie Rickman

Parish Council News

Report on Meeting held Tuesday 4 October
Latest Planning Applications
Commercial Distribution Centre between Pimple Lane and M40:
The Chair told the the meeting that GPC had been asked by SDC to submit its views on matters relevant to a full Environmental Impact Assessment. This is not yet a planning application: that will follow in due course. Meanwhile, it is important that any views reflect those of the community and therefore members of the public are encouraged to engage with the Parish Council. There will be a Public Consultation on Tuesday 15 November. Refer to the following link:
Self-build Housing at Gaydon Farm
Mr Ellis of AMTEC Smart Farming Solutions presented plans for five dwellings. He said he would consult residents of Gaydon Farm Barns before submitting his final plans.
Fire Hydrant: When Severn Trent has finished installing the fire hydrant at the gates off Warwick road, the previous lock will be returned and the key given to GPC.
Lay-by on A4100: Highways will do an ecology inspection and the Police will advise on improving visibility from a public safety point of view. Cllr Kettle said that CCTV cameras were not a realistic option.
Community Resilience: The invitation to the community to suggest ideas to help those in difficulty over the winter will be publicised more widely; there will be an article in the Parish Magazine.
Community Spaces: A tree has been ordered for planting on the village green to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
Gaydon Community Forum: The proposed distribution centre on Pimple Lane will be put on the agenda of the next meeting.
British Motor Museum: A new plan for expansion includes more car collections displays, a technology hub and an apprenticeship school encompassing zero power generation, electric and autonomous vehicles. Recycled batteries will store solar power for green energy.
Motorbike collections will be added to the displays; and there will be an electrification hub, new hotel complex and a University Faculty.
Help for Pensioners: WCC will be sending money for food and fuel to those in receipt of Pension Credit see
Special Needs Help: There is a SEND Webinar that parents of children under 5 with special needs are invited to join to hear about help available, see
Next Meeting: The next Parish Council Meeting will be on Tuesday 1st November at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Public Consultation in the Village Hall

Tuesday 15 November 2-8pm
The Consultants acting for the developer in relation to the application for commercial development on land South of the M40 will hold a public consultation on Tuesday 15 November between the hours of 2pm and 8pm at the Village Hall.

Over-60s Christmas Lunch

Sunday 11 December 12.45pm in the Village Hall
Calling all helpers! If you are able to help with the preparation and serving of the traditional festive meal, please let us know!
Calling all Over-65s in the village! Your invitations will soon be in the post; but if you are a new-comer or haven't been old enough before - just let us know that you would like to come and you will be made very welcome.
Please get in touch with Debbie Price (640757) or Julie Rickman (640349) or call at the Village Cottage or the Old Bakehouse.

Stir-up Sunday 20th November

At the 9.30am service on 20 November, we shall be mixing the cake that is to be eaten on Christmas Eve at the Children's Crib Service in Church. Please help us make the *Christmas Cake: sign up on Sunday 13th; bring your ingredients to church on the 20th and mix the cake.

Tai Chi

The Tai Chi group meets every Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock in the Village Hall. Please text 07514 011406 so that we can look out for you. After a month, please donate a coin for the hire of the Hall.

Friendship Club

The November meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th at 2.30pm at the home of Josie Liddington in Wellesbourne. We welcome new members: please contact the Editor if you would like to join.

Cover Photos

If you would like to have one of your photos considered for the front of the magazine, please send a jpeg to the Editor. The subject should preferably be of seasonal or local interest.

Village Hall Meeting

The next Village Hall Committee meeting will be on at 8pm on
Monday 14 November.

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library will call at the Telephone Box at 2.40pm for half an hour on Friday 11 November.


The funeral of Victoria Greenhow was conducted by the Reverend Nicki Chatterton at the Church of St Giles, Gaydon, on 29 November.


We report with sorrow the following deaths:
Byron Payne on 5 October; and Bill Morgan on 15 October.
We extend our deepest sympathy to both families.


Many villagers will have been sad to hear of the early death of Victoria Greenhow, formerly Sellman, of Ireland Farm. When we came to the village, nearly forty years ago, Vicky was one of my son's first friends. She taught him to ride a bike; and often rode across the fields bareback on her white pony, in order to teach him to ride that as well.
She was always a very bright girl from an early age, with a strong personality. She could drive tractors and handle livestock when helping her dad on the farm. Later, Vicky was a much-valued school secretary who helped get her school through the difficult times of OFSTED. Her headteacher once remarked that she was 'irreplaceable and ran everything with great efficiency'. Although her health issues were increasingly a problem, she faced them with great courage and determination, features of her personality throughout life.
She will be greatly missed. Bernard Price

October Nature Notes

Autumn has arrived in Gaydon, a very rapid seasonal transition this year, with vibrant tree colours along the hedgerows and a prolific crop of berries. The yellows of Blackthorn, Hornbeam, Ash and Oak contrast with the bright reds of Spindle and Field Maple. Acorns litter the woodland floors and a rainbow selection of berries brighten the Vegetation. There has been no real frost so far and the weather is still mild. Blackberries and Sloes can still be picked; Crab apples and wild plums are other wild fruits that are in profusion. In my garden I have been collecting a great crop of Quinces and Medlars, both Ancient fruits that are now gaining in popularity. The large pear-shaped yellow Quince can be made into a huge variety of jams, jellies and even Cheeses. The sinister-looking Medlar has to be eaten when over-ripe and are 'bleeted' first, the bright red jam from them delicious. My crops of Figs and Mulberries are now over, though Grapes are still to be collected. The jams of all these mentioned are hard to get, other than in Fortnum and Mason's at a high price. In fact all jam has gone up by 15% along with other staples - no wonder foraging is becoming increasingly popular! We live in changing times and wild places, refuges and rural life are increasingly under threat from Government actions. Around our village new housing is in every direction, intrusive Lighting and traffic increasing.
Some species are quick to adapt like Red Kites and Ravens but the once-common Buzzards and Kestrels are much rarer. I am hoping to see some flocks of winter migrants like Fieldfares, Redwings and Waxwings; already a few Pied wagtails are perched on the Village Hall roof. Butterflies and Ladybirds may enter houses to hibernate so once again have a glass or card handy to relocate them to a cooler spot like a garage so that they can wake up in the Spring, not when your heating is turned up! Bird feeders can also be prepared. Avian flu is very serious in Warwickshire this year: you may have noticed that there are far fewer young pheasants around - shooting has been cancelled so few are being released. The ones on the allotments are wild ones from last year. I have a Disinfectant dip by my Hen run and any dead wild birds found are best not touched. DEFRA has a helpline.
Bernard Price

Harvest Festival

Grateful thanks to everyone who decorated the church for the Harvest Festival last month. Our cover picture by Siobhan Hannan captures the autumnal theme of thanksgiving.

Allotment News

The water situation: when the allotments were first started several years ago, some people who were interested were put off by the lack of any water supply to the field. Therefore, only three plots were dug.
We solved the water problem by buying a 1000 litre plastic tank which was filled by directing water off the nearby shed roof.
As the number of allotmenteers grew, so did the need for water. We now have three 1000 litre tanks and two other butts giving a total of 3500 litres of water in normal weather conditions. With the clay layer not too far under the surface, the soil remains damp for quite a long time.
Unfortunately, this summer's drought was an exception, the tanks were all emptied and crops suffered. Our Sweet Corn grew well but the cobs were shrivelled and inedible. The good news is that with the recent heavy rain the tanks are all full again ready for autumn planting. DP


Soibhan raised the flag on 11 October to celebrate her acceptance of a proposal of marriage from Paul Dodd on Broadway Tower. Congratulations to you both!
If you have something to commemorate or celebrate, contact Siobhan Hannan on 07780 689582 and she will raise the flag for you.

Gaydon Village Store

Congratulations to April Huang who has won the membership draw. She has been given a beauty treatment voucher, kindly donated by Sharon Pettit of Head2Toe. Enjoy the treatment of your choice April!
We would also like to remind everyone that the shop is now open for an extra hour, until 2pm, on Thursdays and Fridays each week.
If you would like to get involved in some way in the running of the shop just leave a message at the shop.

Successful Apple Day

We celebrated Gaydon Apple Day on the 22nd, a day after the National Day. 350 kilos of apples produced approximately 170 litres of juice which quickly disappeared, collected by over 30 people who attended. The apples came from Gaydon, Kineton and Napton: many thanks to everyone who donated their fruit.
The physical job of cutting up and then extracting the juice was made so much easier by the professional equipment provided by our guest apple expert, Richard from Fenny Compton. A big thank you to him!
Thanks also go to the Millennium committee members and others - Paul, Catherine, Andy, Julia, Tony and Andy - who worked very efficiently to make it an enjoyable afternoon.
We really appreciated holding the event in the Malt Shovel's new outdoor space; and the staff's positive contribution, particularly the delicious apple cake made by the chef, which helped make the now annual event run smoothly. Thank you. The weather was warm and sunny, the juice was of a high quality, what more could we want? See you next year! DP

Better Late than Never!

To all my friends at Gaydon Friendship Club - sorry it has taken me so long to say a big thank you to you all for your kind thoughts at this very stressful time. Pat was a very kind and caring husband and I loved him with all my heart and miss him terribly. As you will by now know, I can't settle in the bungalow and so I am going to move to be near my children and grandchildren. I have found a nice house just outside Coventry, so I hope I can now settle. I will let you know my new address when I have moved in.
Thank you all for the lovely rose bush which will be going with me to my new home. Love, Pauline.

The Vicar's Letter

Our lives at the moment seem to be full of change. Internationally, we’re still reeling from the backlash of COVID. Nationally, we have a new King, a new Prime Minister and major changes in our economy. Personally, we are all facing all sorts of change.
I’m presently living through the the challenge of looking for a new post (since my time here ends next May), I will soon be moving house and in addition to this my husband is retiring in the new year.
We are all living through change and some are able to cope with it better than others. Sometimes it depends on the change as to how we do cope.
We experience and learn about change right from childhood. Each September our children start a new school year, change teachers, classes and even school. Not to mention the big ones like leaving home, going to university or starting work.
Change can be due to our health or our ageing, bereavement when a friend or loved-one dies, getting married or choosing to live with our partner. The pandemic caused major changes to our lives and for some resulted in the reassessment their whole lifestyle. People moved from towns to the countryside; some individuals and employers decided that working from home was the way forward while others decided to change careers.
The list goes on but while some of these changes are minor, others can have huge effects on our physical and mental health, our spiritual outlook and even on our personality. Some changes cause us to question our lifestyle, relationships, attitudes and general outlook on life.
So, what is changing in your life at the moment? It may be small or large but change is a continuous part of our lives.
Faith is also about change. Its goal and experience is to be changed for the good in heart, soul, mind, and life. The journey of faith is in its essence a journey of transformation. We are changed into the spirit and life with God and of God.
In my own life, I strive for ways to experience transformation and try to open my own heart to the ways that God is changing my perspectives and attitudes about life. It’s sometimes wonderful, sometimes challenging, and more often than not, surprising. In a very real sense, God is out to change us. Such transformation involves growth, new beginnings, and possibilities and opportunities that we may never have considered before. It also can change long-held opinions about things, introducing us to new truth and new life-giving approaches to our living and to the world around us.
Thus, the opportunity of faith is change and transformation. That is such a hopeful possibility! And there’s another great hope: that as we are transformed we are actually strengthened to meet the changes of our lives in new and hopeful ways. Our personal transformation helps us to become more resilient and empowered to meet changes good and bad as they occur in our journey through life. Rev. Nicki Chatterton