Gaydon Parish Magazine August 2023

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Gaydon Gazette for August

   Parish Council      Tues 1st at 7.30pm      Village Hall     
   Coffee Morning      Sat 12th at 11am        Village Hall    
   Mobile Library      Fri 18th at 2.40pm       Phone Box
   Friendship Club     Tues 22nd at 2.30pm     2 Anson Close
   Tai Chi             Wednesdays at 7pm       Village Hall
   Craft Circle        2nd & 4th Sundays 5pm    Church

Something to look forward to!

Over-65s Fundraising Coffee Morning Sat 9 September at 11am

August Church Services

      6th      9.30am   Prayer & Praise   Gaydon
              10am      Holy Communion        Burton Dassett
               6pm      Evening Prayer BCP    Farnborough

     13th      9.30am   Holy Communion        Gaydon
              10am      Morning  Prayer       Northend
     20th      9.30am   Agape Service         Gaydon
              10am      Morning Prayer        Northend
     27th      10am     Agape Meal            Northend
                9.30am  Songs of Praise       Gaydon

Roman Catholic Church of St Francis, Kineton, Sunday Mass 11am.

Parish Council News

Present were Councillors Adrian Claxton, Chair; John Davies, Vice-chair; Mark Ashton, Maria Carr, Stuart Richardson and Karen Ward. There were seven members of the public.
Neighbourhood Plan: Councillor Ward is working on the draft plan together with Ian Helps. Unspent grant must be repaid before other grant applications will be considered by Groundwork UK.
Website: Councillor Richardson will amend and update the PC website with details of councillors and local events and meetings.
Planning Applications: The long-expected application for a commercial development to the south of J12 has been applied for.
The Parish Council objected unanimously to the proposals. See Appendix D for the full response posted on the Statford District planning website.
Cemetery: Work on the turning circle and footpath has been approved. Councillor Davies is awaiting confirmation of kerbstone prices.
Next meeting: Tuesday 1st August at 7.30pm.

Gaydon Industrial Site Proposal (23/01054/OUT)

Some of the points coming out of the drop-in sessions (24/25th July) (submitted by Tony Hughes)
This development has not been proposed to meet local needs or at the instigation of Stratford District Council, in fact it contradicts many of the needs outlined in the SDC Current Core Strategy proposals for Industrial/Commercial developments across the region.
It is a speculative, and potentially lucrative, proposal created by (all following information quoted in company profile GOV.UK Companies House) “CEG Land Promotions Limited. Company number FC036967.’ ‘Incorporated in Malta reg. number C52803.’ ‘Object of the Company: To hold UK real estate.’ ‘Last accounts made up to 31 December 2017.”
Effective tax rate for companies incorporated in Malta: 5%.
South Warwickshire’s low unemployment level (less than 3%) and relatively high level of vacancies (JLR/AM/Museum and subsidiaries) means that the 1,200 car parking spaces (accompanying the 200 HGV slots) will be filled by employees travelling in.
According to their own projections they are predicting in the peak daytime slot (10 -11), 69 HGV movements per hour across their site and 55 HGV movements per hour in the night-time peak (6 -7).
Increased air, noise and light pollution will have a toxic effect on the health and well-being of ourselves and our children. (Net zero? LOL!)
The value of our houses will be reduced and it compromises reselling as Gaydon is transformed from a village into a blighted, boxed-in district of SWICC (South Warwickshire Industrial-Commercial Complex).
Gaydon residents and the village infrastructure are hardly mentioned in the proposal. In fact, they seem to regard their site as being distinctly separated from the village by the mighty width of the B.4100 and a token piece of greenery before the first of the several units rears up to 60 feet, on higher ground, into the sky.
This development intensifies the climate crisis: Rishi Sunak, himself, has spoken about not wanting to ‘concrete over the countryside’ anymore.
It’s not too late to submit your concerns/objections! (Decision? -October.)
Stop press! JLR now propose expansion along the Gaydon/Kineton Road as part of the South Warwickshire local plan instead of the 104 hectares north of the B.4100. If CEG proposal is agreed, Gaydon will be the filling in a commercial sandwich. (SW Local Plan: call for sites 375/6)

Coffee Morning

Saturday 12 August at 11am in the Village Hall. Bring & Buy, Books, Puzzles, Raffle, Tea & Coffee and Biscuits.
See article on page 3. The Produce Market moved to the Village Hall from the Camp; and later, when it was no longer viable, the Coffee Morning took over and continues to raise funds for St Giles.

Friendship Club

The August meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd at the home of Josie Liddington, 2 Anson Close, Wellesbourne.

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library will call at the Telephone Box at 2.40pm for half an hour on Friday 18th.

Tai Chi

The Tai Chi group meets every Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock in the Village Hall. Please text 07514 011406 so that we can look out for you. After a month, please donate a coin for the hire of the Hall.

Gaydon Cake and Crafting Circle

Please join us in Church every second and fourth Sunday when we gather over cake and tea and get creating. If you don't know how to knit or crochet, we can teach you; and You Tube is also a useful tutor! Pop into Church on the 13th or 27th of August after 5pm or get in touch with Jo Hotchkiss.

British Motor Museum Events

30th Anniversary Celebration - 14-20 August. Book tickets online at

Golf Day at Feldon Valley

Friday 15 September Feldon Valley Golf Club, Brailles OX15 5BB 8am-3pm.
Get together a team of 4 in support of Shipston Home Nursing!
Polish those clubs and shine your golf shoes, the Shipston Home Nursing Golf Day is back, on Friday 15 September at Feldon Valley Golf Club in Brailes. The charity's Feldon Valley Golf Day is a great event for golfing enthusiasts!
Coffee and bacon rolls on arrival
18 hole Texas Scramble at 9am
On-course and off-course prizes
Two-course lunch and presentations
Feldon Valley Members: £40 pp; Non-members: £65 pp

Please contact SHN Fundraising on 01608 664850 or email to register your team.


The Flag was raised for the Birthday of HM Queen Camilla on 17 July. If you have something to celebrate or commemorate, contact Siobhan Hannan on 07780 689582, and she will raise the Flag for you in return for a £5 contribution to Church funds.

Tales from the Village Shop

Hello to All from the Village Shop; and Hello to August!
We want to update you all because we have very recently gone through a series of changes in the Village Shop Management Team.
After years of long and excellent service, Sue, Gerry and Bev have stepped away from their rôles within the Village Shop Committee.
Our thanks on behalf of the whole village and community will never be enough to show our appreciation of the time and effort they have so selflessly given, and continue to give as vollunteers.
You will have seen in previous articles how we have searched for volunteers and asked people to step forward and take over; and so we are now very pleased to tell you that we have a full complement of committee members. Once more the shop is safe and will continure to serve our local community.
A big, hearty, warm welcome and thanks to Maria, Yvonne and Sue M for volunteering their services; along with Adrian, Michele and myself who continue as before.
What can you do to help?
You could volunteer to serve in the shop for an hour, or as much as you like;
Or you could help with other rôles like accounting, cleaning, marketing, printing, collecting goods from the cash-and-carry...
The list is long and varied, so if you think that you can and would like to help, please do get in touch.
I'll finish by thanking you once again for your support - please pop into the shop and say Hello. We wish you a wonderful Summer!

Nature Notes for July

Summer has been but yet may return! The warm spell has now transformed into a patchwork of rainclouds and sunshine and it is much cooler at night. We took a stroll along Itchington Holt yesterday: a massive thicket of flowering Brambles now flanks the wood and I was delighted to see that it had attracted many species of butterflies and bees. The grassland species predominated; the vivid orange of Gate-keepers, the sooty black of Ringlets, Meadow Browns and Skippers in great abundance. The migrant Red Admirals, Native Peacocks and Commas. However, the really exciting species were the White-Letter Hair-streaks whose larvae feed on Blackthorn; a small fast-flying species that can easily be missed. My own garden again has the exotic Humming-bird Hawk moths around the Valerian, a very early Brimstone,Speckled Woods lurking in shadow patches. The Graveyard has a colony of Common Blues, Marbled Whites and Burnet moths, too, though sadly numbers are down this year.
A large grass snake appeared several times in a garden on the Kineton Road and was photographed. Once again, a Hobby falcon has been seen perched on the telephone wires around the village. Further away in Oversley woods, I had a few glimpses of Purple emperors and white Admirals; both seem to have had a reasonable year in spite of the hard winter. A rather ragged Red Kite (probably moulting) is often seen around the village just above rooftop level.
I am pleased to see a flourishing Wildlife Group has started up in Lighthorne, with some great photos of a Barn Owl and butterflies. This has prompted the possible formation of a larger group to cover our area. There is information on their facebook page with interesting observations and walks around the area.
There is considerable concern about a recent planning application to build Large warehouses on land behind the Banbury Road. If this is passed, it will blight the entire village landscape, many properties and be almost sure to cause flooding, too. The habitat of our surviving population of Brown Hares will also be destroyed It is to be hoped that every villager has written to protest. This is a very serious threat to our community and remaining habitats. Properties are sure to be devalued and considerable noise from heavy trucks day and night, and intrusive lighting, will be a daily feature which we must not allow to happen. We already have considerable light pollution and new buildings. I know the flora and fauna of this area well and the environmental survey carried out by the planners is as flawed and inaccurate as you would expect. I asked them what benefits the village would gain and their answer was 'None'. Bernard Price

Allotment News August

We are tackling the magnificent harvest of soft fruit ripening at present. So far raspberries, gooseberries and red currants but black currants and more raspberries to collect this week.
My method of planting is in small dense groups surrounded by herbs, which gives some protection from the resident wildlife as there are too many plants to attack Usually works but not always. I saw this on Gardeners' World where an Oxford allotment-holder, who was also an entomologist, grew large crops hidden in between nectar-rich flowers and shrubs.
The brassicas on every plot are doing well as long as we continue to get some rain. For once we are not short of water which is a bonus.
The new gardening advice to leave parts of gardens etc. wild is good news for wildlife and also for us because a slightly untidy allotment means we can relax and enjoy our surroundings. DP

Seasonal Recipe

Delia Smith's Gooseberry Tarte
250g ready-rolled shortcrust pastry
1 lb (450 g) gooseberries, topped and tailed
3½ fl oz (100 ml) crème fraîche   1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar   
2 large egg yolks               1½ oz (40 g) caster sugar
You will also need a 9 in (23 cm) loose-based flan tin, about 1¼ in (3 cm) deep, lightly greased.

Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 5, 375°F (190°C). Place a solid baking sheet in the oven to pre-heat as well.
Roll the pastry out to a circle, line the pastry tin and prick the base with a fork. Use some of the egg yolk for the filling to paint all over the sides and base of the pastry. Now place the pastry-lined tin on the hot baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes until the pastry is just beginning to turn golden. Remove it from the oven and turn the heat down to gas mark 4, 350°F (180°C).
Whisk the crème fraîche, egg yolks, sugar and balsamic vinegar together. Arrange the gooseberries in the flan case, pour the crème fraîche mixture all over. Return the flan to the oven and bake until the custard is set, which will be about 40-45 minutes. Remove it from the oven and allow it to settle for about 20 minutes before serving.
It also tastes extremely good served cold with lots of cream!

Message from a New Business working in Kineton Road

Hello all,
We'd like to take a moment to introduce ourselves! We are Woolley & Co. Solicitors, a specialist family law firm who have recently relocated our head office to Silverstone House on Kineton Road in Gaydon.
We're very pleased to be a part of the Gaydon community.
To provide some background, we're a national law firm specialising in family law, founded in 1996 by solicitor Andrew Woolley. Our team of experienced family lawyers are based in locations across the UK and are supported by our dedicated head office administrators located at Silverstone House in Gaydon.
The team at head office comprises Managing Director, Michelle Webley; Office Manager, Natalie Judge; and head office staff Emma, Ellie, Julie, Sonia, Sara and Ian.
Our business is open from Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. Our appointments are held remotely/via telephone and our head office premises are for our team of administrators only. We do not hold appointments on site and so shouldn't cause any disruption to the lovely village of Gaydon.
Feel free to connect with us directly should you need. Sara Crowder
Office Manager, Natalie Judge is available at: 01789 330310 or

Excerpts from Gaydon Parish Magazine August 1977

Gaydon Parish Council Report: Blockage of Sewers.
During the recent heavy rain the sewer was blocked causing one house to be flooded and several houses had water backing up the drains. The reason for this blockage was nylon tights and old rags. Will householders in future please refrain from putting anything of this nature into the sewerage system.
Best Kept Churchyard Competition
St Giles, Gaydon, has been awarded a certificate of Special Commendation in the Southam Area. Our very grateful thanks go to so many people who have been involved in keeping the churchyard in good order. Please continue - it is a pleasure for all to see.
Home Bake and Produce Market held each month at CAD Kineton.
This has now been in operation for 12 months and has benefitted the finances of Gaydon and Chadshunt Churches to the extent of £138.00 - a noble effort and the organisers would like to thank all those involved, those who have cooked, preserved, provided various produce and supported the effort in any way. All this has been made possible through the kind co-operation of the authorities at CAD Kineton and we are duly grateful.

August Memorial Book

         2003       3rd      Sheila Carter Wolford
         2002       6th      Francis Whattham
         2004      15th      John Heath
         1987      17th      Annette Miles
         1996      29th      Stewart Kerr               

If there is a special entry that you would like to see, let me know and I will try to make sure that the Book is open on that day. Julie Rickman

St Botolph, Farnborough

There will be an evening service from the Book of Common Prayer at 6pm on Sunday 6 August. This may be our last opportunity to enjoy a service at Farnborough Parish Church because there is no longer a sufficiently large congregation to make it viable.