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August 1967 - Extracts

'T' Club

Gaydon and Chadshunt Old people met for tea at Brigadier and Mrs. Hayne's on July 12th. They have decided to start a small social club which will meet once a month at different houses in the village.

In August They will be going on an outing, and the next 'tea' will be on Wednesday, 6th September, at 3 o'clock at Mrs. Fellowes' house.

Parish Council

Street lights

A letter has been received from the Electricity Board saying that there will be some delay, because of shortage of necessary parts, in making the change in the early morning lighting of street lamps. However, the change-over will take place as soon as possible.

Play area

The R.D.C. have agreed tolease the play-area in St.Mark's Close to the Parish Council for ten years, at a rent of 10/- per annum, with an option of renewal.