Title: Cemetery Officer
Objectives: To ensure that the cemetery is maintained to a good standard of appearance.
Key Responsibilities: Visit the cemetery at least once a month
Work with appointed contractor to carry out required maintenance tasks
Check that grass cutting is carried out in a timely & effective manner
Remove dead flowers from graves
Trim any growing vegetation on graves which exceeds 3’6” in height
Check that the area for grass cuttings is kept tidy
Check for fallen trees or large branches etc. after high winds
Check hedges for any overgrowth
Ensure gates are maintained to a working condition
Check that the water tap & watering cans are available
Arrange for the annual grass cutting of the unconsecrated land & dispose of the mowings (burning required, due to ragwort)
Test the stability of headstones on an annual basis
Report any issues promptly
Provide reports to Parish Council
Provide recommendations for improvements
Other Notes: