Title: Footpaths Officer
Objectives: To ensure that footpaths & bridleways within the parish are maintained in a usable condition.
Key Responsibilities: To be familiar with parish footpaths & bridleways
Carry out regular reviews (minimum 4 per year) to assess condition of paths & bridleways
Report any issues promptly
Provide guidance & assistance, where possible, in any clearing work required
Conduct checks (minimum 4 per year) to examine the condition of footbridges, gates & stiles, and advise on any maintenance requirements
Check that signage & directional markers are clearly visible & in good condition
Provide reports to Parish Council
Work with Parish Clerk to issue annual reminder to landowners for the reinstatement of paths after ploughing
Provide recommendations for improvements
Other Notes: Attend any meetings regarding diversions or rerouting rights of way.
Maintain contact with planners to preserve existing rights or way & cycle tracks.
Liaise with & remind landowners regarding rights of way through standing crops.