1. Apologies for absence

Cllr. Mrs. M. Fox (unwell) and District Councillor C. Mills.

2. Questions from the public

A resident asked if the Parish Council were aware that there is a sign, as you exit JLR, which directs lorries over 7.5T towards Gaydon. County Councillor Williams said that this is part of the preferred lorry route and a number of companies are adopting this system. Going towards Gaydon is the quickest route to the M40.

Cllr. Price said that the museum that currently has the milestone is reluctant to return it to Gaydon. It was agreed that this should be a January agenda item.

3. Declarations of Interests

Members are asked to declare interests in items on the agenda in accordance with The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007.

No interests were declared.

4. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (September 2011)

The draft minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that these were a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.

5. Matters arising from the previous minutes

(a) Parish Plan update

Cllr. Rickman reported that the questionnaire should be distributed shortly. It is hoped that by Christmas the Committee will have a report.

(b) Emergency Plan

The Clerk said that a copy of the plan is in the office for updating.

(c) Village Farm Riding Stables re. Breach of Planning Condition

Enforcement has said that the application will be with us shortly.

(d) Website Redesign

The Clerk confirmed that we have a resident who is willing to design this for us. It was agreed that councillors should discuss on a Saturday what they would like included on the site.

(e) Complaints re. car transporters travelling between 11pm and 6am

It was reported that car alarms are still sounding whilst vehicles are being transported. Cllr. Mrs. McGrath said that residents should note the date and time when this is happening and we can then provide that data to JLR for them to investigate. They are very keen to work with us to resolve this issue.

(f) Complaint re. Banbury Road layby

It was noted that the refuse collectors were unable to collect the bins from part way up a resident's drive. The Parish Council offered to follow up on this but the resident said that he would continue to put his bins on the verge in the early hours of the morning of collection. The Chairman said that SDC have confirmed that they can place bins in the layby. This would be at a cost to the parish. SDC do not recommend this as they believe the litter problem will increase.

(g) Insurance Cover re. Street Lighting

The Clerk reported that the external auditor had confirmed that he had no issue with the parish not insuring the street lights. The Chairman said that he believed that most of the lights had utilities attached to them and would be the responsibility of the utility company. The Clerk also explained that Fenny Compton Parish Council were now in a similar position to Gaydon, whereby it was proving very expensive to insure street lights, and there is a high possibility that they too will not be able to afford to insure their lights.

6. Councillor's Report

(a) Cemetery

The Chairman read out a report from Cllr. Mrs. Fox.

It was reported that the bricks are still in the cemetery. The Clerk was asked to contact the District Council regarding this.

(i) Outstanding debt

The Clerk reported that the MOD has said that they will settle the outstanding invoices.

(ii) Tidy-up

A resident has kindly cut the grass in part of the cemetery and a morning of pulling ragwort was successful but this needs to be done every year.

(iii) To consider laying the back hedge

3 quotes had been obtained for laying the back hedge. The cheapest quote was £720. There is no budget for this work and it was agreed that this should be considered when setting the 12/13 budget.

(b) Lights/litter/street furniture

A light was reported out on the Banbury Road. The Clerk said that she would report this.

(i) Esso Garage Lights

The Clerk said that Highways have spoken to the Manager and he has agreed to arrange for shields to be fitted over the lights.

(c) Play Area

Cllr. Rickman said that he has repaired the gate and rehung it. He has also removed the tree that was preventing the gate from closing. He said that a replacement child's swing and chains are required. There is money budgeted for the play area and the Clerk was asked to order this.

(d) Drains

A resident volunteered to keep the drain at the end of Pimple Lane clear.

(e) Footpaths

Cllr. Price reported that most footpaths have been reinstated or are in the process of being reinstated.

(f) Gaydon Liaison Meeting

Cllr. Mrs. McGrath reported that Jaguar Land Rover have sent an email to all employees asking them to give priority to residents exiting their driveways at busy times of the day. JLR have said that they want to work with us. The hotel building is to start in January/February. The 4x4 track has been approved. Next meeting 23rd January at 6.30pm.

(g) Neighbourhood Watch

No new report.

7. To receive reports from District and County Councillors

County Councillor Williams said that there has been a change of transport minister which could affect HS2. A different route has been proposed which is less costly. The route proposed would go between the M40 and B4100. However, a considerable amount of money has been spent and the time delay would be significant. A decision is to be made in December on the future of HS2.

The budget process has been started. The County is working with other counties to try and reduce costs.

In the boundary review Gaydon will be part of the Stratford area.

For non-emergency assistance residents should dial 101 instead of 999.

8. To receive any new planning applications

(a) 11/01959/FUL - Aston Martin Lagonda

This application had been discussed at a previous meeting and it was agreed that the Parish Council would object on the basis that the proposed building lies outside the allowed area for building on this site.

9. To receive any results of planning applications

There were no new results.

10. To agree up to £150 for a tree surgeon to advise on the condition of the tree on the Village Green

The Clerk reported that SDC had given her an approved list of tree surgeons which she had circulated to all councillors. It was agreed that because of the location of the tree a surgeon from this list should be sought. It was also agreed that this work, although not budgeted, is essential based on health and safety issues. The Clerk advised that the Parish had a small contingency for such emergencies. It was agreed that up to £150 should be spent on an inspection by a tree surgeon. It was further agreed that David White was the closest surgeon and aware of the previous issues with the tree and so would be best placed to advise on the condition of the tree. The Clerk said that Cllr. Mrs. Fox had volunteered to meet with the tree surgeon. It was agreed that this was a good idea and the Clerk was asked to arrange the inspection.

11. To receive any correspondence

(a) 2013 Review of Parliamentary constituencies in England

Information is in the office.

(b) Warwickshire Waste Core Strategy: Preferred Option and Policies

This document is in the office for Councillors to read and to pass any comments to the Clerk.

(c) Warwickshire Rural Housing Association Annual Report 10/11

Report is in office.

(d) The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacons

Letter is in office.

(e) PCC re. Village Clock

A letter from the PCC was read out. Cllr. Rickman said that he believed that there was a box covering the clock's mechanism and that perhaps this had fallen to one side. He said that when he is able he will climb the tower and look at the issues pointed out in the letter from Smiths of Derby. It was agreed that the Chairman should speak to the resident who winds the clock to discuss the issues. The Clerk to respond to the PCC.

12. Flood Defence Plan

The Chairman said that he has had a meeting with WCC and they have a new plan for the Banbury Road pipe. They believe that the best plan is for the pipe to go around the corner and not up the driveways. Unfortunately the landowner was unable to attend the meeting and it was agreed that the Chairman should discuss with him.

13. Financial Report/Administration

(a) Bank reconciliation

This had been circulated prior to this meeting and forms part of these minutes.

(b) External Auditor's Report

The Clerk reported that the external auditor has given the Parish an unqualified audit.

A copy of the letter has been left in the office.

(c) Proposal to separate 12/13 grass cutting contract to 2 contracts; 1 for cemetery and 1 for remainder of village

This was discussed and it was agreed that this would be a good idea as the work needed in the cemetery was very different to the work necessary in the remainder of the parish. It was agreed that Cllr. Mrs. Fox would be asked to look at the contracts and to pass drafts to councillors prior to the next meeting.

9.20pm Cllr. Rickman left the meeting.

14. Passing of any accounts for payment

The following accounts were proposed by COUNCILLOR MRS. MCGRATH, seconded by COUNCILLOR PRICE and carried unanimously.

(a) C. Hill - Clerk's fee - £397.41

(b) C. Hill - expenses - £84.76

(c) Clement Keys - external auditor fee - £144.00

(d) e.on - Street lighting - £142.08

(e) Mr. Pickering - grass maintenance - £165.00

(f) British Legion - donation for wreath - £65.00

15. Closure of meeting

Date of next Parish Council Meeting - 5th January 2012.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm.