1. Apologies for absence

County Cllr. C. Williams and District Cllr. A. Scorer.

2. Questions from the public

A resident said that bollards had been moved from the Banbury Road. The Clerk reported that Highways were aware of this.

Do we know anything about the Temple Herdewyke housing development? The Chairman responded that we have received no information regarding this.

It was reported that the litter on the Gaydon Inn field is appalling and the gate into the field is insecure.

ACTION: The Clerk to write to Punch Taverns.

3. Declarations of Interest

No interests were declared.

4. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (February 2014)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that they represented a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.

5. Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath New Settlement Proposal

(a) FORSE/Parish Liaison; update

Cllr. Mrs. Conway reported that FORSE was reminding residents that the housing consultation forms must be submitted by 14th March. The process has been criticised as you must list all of your options. Lighthorne Heath Parish Council has suggested that FORSE employs a consultant to assess all 5 of the housing options. This was discussed and it was agreed that this information could be useful.

ACTION: Cllr. Mrs. Conway to respond that we would be interested in seeing the consultant’s report on the 5 housing options.

The Clerk reported that a resident has sent a copy of his response to her for forward transmission to councillors.

It was noted that 11 reports still remain outstanding in respect of GLH housing development. It is difficult to respond when councillors and residents do not have all of the information.

6. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings

(a) Cottage Farm, Banbury Road; lighting issues

The Clerk confirmed that she has written to the residents.

(b) M40 junction 12 dual carriageway; update from Regulatory Committee

The Chairman reported that this application has been approved but there are conditions attached to the approval regarding the lighting. The applicant must consult with the Parish Council, via the County Council, to agree the final lighting scheme. Lights must be turned off at midnight.

ACTION: The Clerk to find out when the Parish Council will be contacted.

(c) Clock; improvements to access

The Chairman said that improvements have been made to the access. He thanked Mr. Corner for donating a ladder.

(d) Banbury Road lay-by; bin, flooding plus repairs

Thanks to District Councillor Scorer there is now a bin in the lay-by but concerns have been expressed that it is too small.

ACTION: Residents to let the Clerk know if the bin is continually overflowing or is not emptied.

It was agreed that the lay-by is badly in need of repair and the turn towards the Village inadequate for HGVs. It also suffers from water leaks and flooding.

ACTION: The Clerk to request a safety audit on the lay-by and to ask the County Council to make the lay-by fit for purpose.

(e) Website update

The Clerk said that following a request in the magazine for residents to assist with the website she has received no response. The Chairman said that he was happy to continue with the website but would also welcome a Website Committee made up of residents.

7. Councillor’s Reports

(a) Cemetery

(i) Woodland Trust Trees

ACTION: The Clerk to send the email to Cllr. Price.

(ii) Request for Jaguar Land Rover team to cut back vegetation

The Chairman reported that he has not received a response from Jaguar Land Rover. It was agreed that the Chairman should forward the contact details to the Clerk to follow up on.

ACTION: The Clerk to follow-up on this.

(b) Lights/Litter/Street Furniture

(i) Lights on bollard along Banbury Road

These lights have been repaired.

(ii) Light outside Last Cottage, Banbury Road

The Clerk reported that the County Council has said that they can no longer purchase parts for these lights. It was agreed that the Clerk should ask WALC if any clerks have been able to find a company to repair these lights.

ACTION: The Clerk to contact WALC.

(c) Play area

(i) Coping stones; update

Thanks to District Cllr. Mills the coping stones have been repaired.

(d) Drains

Concern was expressed regarding the ditch along the Banbury Road.

ACTION: The Chairman agreed to look at this.

(i) Warwick Road update

The Clerk reported that Highways have been asked to clear these drains.

(ii) Pimple Lane update

The Clerk said that the headwall has been cleared by Highways.

(iii) Banbury Road by fire hydrant

This has been reported to Highways.

(e) Footpaths

ACTION: The Clerk to send a letter to the landowners requesting they reinstate the footpaths.

(f) Gaydon Liaison Meeting; update

It was reported that Jaguar Land Rover will be in a position in June to let us know their building plans.

Chesterton Parish Council is trying to obtain permission for the gated road to be closed. It this is successful then Pimple Lane should qualify for closure as well.

There was no mention of opening up the back entrance into Jaguar Land Rover to help with the morning traffic issues.

Jaguar Land Rover said that they have had discussions with Avon Valley Bowling Club and advised them on relocating.

JLR employees have been asked to be courteous to other road users.

(g) Neighbourhood Watch

No new report.

(h) Flood Defence

The Chairman reported that the new ditch is working well.

8. To receive reports from District and County Councillors

District Cllr. Mills reported that there will be no increase in council tax.

Workshops are being held for residents who are thinking of starting their own businesses.

Monday, 10th March is Commonwealth Day. The District will take part in an historic flag raising event.

April 26th there will be Shakespeare celebrations with pupils from all over the district helping.

Cllr. Mills was asked the District’s view on a unitary authority. He said that they were very open minded about it.

County Cllr. Williams report had been circulated prior to the meeting.

The Chairman asked for an update on faster broadband in Gaydon.

ACTION: The Chairman to ask County Cllr. Williams for an update.

9. Stratford Focused Consultation Housing Requirement and Strategic Site Options

This was discussed in detail and councillors voted dispersal across villages as option 1, Long Marsden as option 2, Southam as option 3, Stratford as option 4 and Gaydon Lighthorne Heath as option 5. They agreed that Gaydon Lighthorne Heath is the least sustainable. Long Marsden would benefit from a bridge being built across the Avon and there is also talk of a rail link. They further agreed that a sub-committee should be formed to prepare a draft response for circulation to councillors and then submission. Cllr. Mrs. Conway volunteered to lead the Committee, with the Clerk assisting and a resident volunteered to assist. Councillors agreed this approach and requested that a draft response be circulated no later than Wednesday.

ACTION: Cllr. Mrs. Conway, the clerk and a resident to prepare a draft response, circulate to councillors and submit.

10. To receive results from planning applications

(a) Construction of a new dual carriageway - granted

ACTION: The Clerk to find out the conditions attached to this application and forward to councillors.

11. To receive any correspondence

(a) European Social Fund Community Grants Programme

Details circulated to councillors via email.

(b) Orbit Community Computers

Details circulated to councillors via email.

(c) WALC Area Committee Meeting; minutes, next meeting 26th June

Details circulated to councillors via email.

(d) Proposed Stratford District Gypsy and Traveller Local Plan

Councillors agreed that the Parish Council should respond stating that these sites should be located within walking distance of a primary school and a doctors surgery. This would help the families to engage with the local community and become part of it. It also ensures that the children are able to be involved in ‘after school activities’. ACTION: The Clerk to respond.

12. Financial Report/Administration

(a) Bank balances

The Clerk reported the following balances: Community Account - £4,030.98 and Business Account - £10,590.47

(b) To review asset register and insurance policy

The Clerk had circulated prior to the meeting a copy of the asset register. This was agreed. It was further agreed that there should be no changes to the insurance policy.

(c) To appoint internal auditor

It was agreed that Accounting Data Services Ltd. should be appointed as our internal auditor.

ACTION: The Clerk to ask if they would audit our accounts.

13. Passing of any accounts for payment

The following accounts were proposed by Cllr. Price, seconded by Cllr. Pirie.

(a) Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s gross salary (Mar) - £200.85

(b) Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s gross salary (Apr) - £200.85

(c) Mr. C. Pickering - grass cutting plus installing grit bin - £165.00

(d) e.on - street lighting - £96.52

(e) Warwickshire County Council - street light maintenance - £223.80

(f) Zurich Municipal - annual insurance premium - £243.80

(g) Mrs. C. Hill - expenses (Jan-Mar) - £66.99

14. Closure of meeting

Next meeting; Annual Parish Assembly on Thursday, 8th May at 8pm followed by Annual Meeting of the Parish Council at 8.30pm.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.35pm.