1. Election of Chairman

Cllr. Mrs. Fox nominated Cllr. Rickman as Chairman, seconded Cllr. Price and carried unanimously. Cllr. Rickman signed the declaration of acceptance of office form.

2. Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence.

3. Questions from the public

A resident reported that vehicles have been parking on the green. The Chairman said that Western Power have mentioned this to us in relation to the turf that has been laid. A suggestion has been made that either stones or a small fence be erected to prevent this. A resident asked if a fence similar to the one, erected on the privately owned piece of land, at the far end of the village green could be erected.

ACTION: The Chairman to look into this.

A resident asked for a replacement tree on the Village Green.

ACTION: June agenda item.

4. Declarations of Interest

Cllr. Mrs. Conway declared a personal interest in item 8(a) as a nearby landowner

5. Election of Vice Chairman and Financial Officer

Cllr. Pirie nominated Cllr. Price as Vice Chairman, seconded Cllr. Mrs. Fox and carried unanimously. The Clerk was reappointed as financial officer.

6. Appointment of councillors to committees and to agree councillor’s responsibilities

Cllrs. Mrs. Conway and Price were appointed to the Gaydon Liaison Committee.

Cllr. Mrs. Conway was appointed as our representative on FORSE.

It was agreed that councillor’s responsibilities would remain the same except for the play area. This area was discussed and it was agreed that a resident could lead the refurbishment of the play area. The Chairman said that he has received a letter from a resident regarding the play area and he would contact the resident.

ACTION: The Chairman to contact the resident who has written to him regarding the play area.

7. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (March 2014)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that they represented a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.

8. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings

(a) Gaydon Inn field; security and litter

The Clerk said that she has left a message for Donna Savage Planners, who are working with Spitfire Properties, regarding the security of the site.

(b) New dual carriageway; conditions on planning application and update on lighting plans

The Clerk confirmed that she has sent a copy of the minutes, which lists the planning conditions, to councillors. She also reported that the County Council have said that they will contact the Parish Council regarding the lights once the applicant has submitted a request to discharge this planning condition.

(c) Banbury Road lay-by; response from County Council on safety audit and suitability for HGVs plus water leak and modifications update

The Clerk had circulated to councillors prior to the meeting 2 emails; one from the Highways Safety Officer saying that a safety audit is not necessary and one from the Highways Locality Officer who says that the lay-by is not suitable for HGVs. Highways have said that they will modify the exit to allow HGVs to turn right more easily. They will also ask Severn Trent to look into the water leak. County Cllr. Williams said that this lay-by is low priority.

(d) Village Green; meeting with Western Power plus request for refurbishment to bus shelter

The Chairman reported that he had met with Western Power with the Clerk to discuss the damage to the Village Green. Western Power have pointed out that vehicles are driving on the edge of the Village Green which is affecting the condition of the turf they have laid. They agreed to review the situation in May and realign the kerbing. The Clerk said that she has asked them if they would consider refurbishing the bus shelter and they have replied that it is a possibility. It was reported that residents are concerned about the verge towards Gaydon Barns.

ACTION: The Clerk to write to Western Power. The Chairman to look at the verge towards Gaydon Barns.

(e) Faster Broadband update

County Cllr. Williams reported that fibre optic cable will be rolled out over the next 2 years. Cllr. Pirie said that the British Telecom website says that we will get fibre optic cable in June 2014.

ACTION: The Chairman agreed to look into this.

9. Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath New Settlement Proposal

(a) Cabinet Meeting; update

Cllr. Mrs. Conway reported that Commercial Estates and Cala Homes had spoken at this meeting. Commercial Estates offered a wing on Kineton High School in support of the GLH development. Cala Homes offered a considerable amount of infrastructure; bridge over the River Avon, secondary school, possible rail links. Councillors were very surprised to learn that the Cabinet had chosen GLH as the preferred option to go forward to the full council meeting on Monday despite the results from the consultation showing Long Marston as the preferred option. Cllr. Mrs. Conway reported that district councillors said that employment at JLR was a reason for choosing GLH. It was reported that the draft Cabinet minutes have been issued.

ACTION: The Clerk to arrange for the draft Cabinet minutes to be circulated to councillors to enable them to understand why the Cabinet chose GLH.

(b) FORSE/Parish Liaison update

Cllr. Mrs. Conway reported that FORSE have been very busy. They are looking at representation at the inspectors meeting in August.

(c) District Council Meeting on 12th May; appoint representative

The Clerk informed the meeting that the Parish are not being permitted to speak at this meeting. County Cllr. Williams said that it is an extraordinary meeting and the standing orders do not permit speakers at extraordinary meetings. The Clerk said that for such an important decision the District Council should be calling an Ordinary Meeting and permitting parishes to speak. This was supported by the Chairman and all councillors. District Cllr. Mills said that he would bring this to the attention of the Leader.

ACTION: District Cllr. Mills to bring to the attention of the Leader the wishes of the Parish to be represented at this meeting.

The Clerk said that we can be represented at the Cabinet Meeting. It was agreed that Cllr. Mrs. Conway should be registered to speak at the Cabinet Meeting on the sustainability of GLH.

ACTION: The Clerk to register Cllr. Mrs. Conway to speak at the Cabinet Meeting.

10. Councillor’s Reports

(a) Cemetery

(i) Woodland Trust Trees

Cllr. Price said that the trees are no longer available.

(ii) Request for Jaguar Land Rover team to cut back vegetation

ACTION: Gaydon Liaison Committee agenda item.

(b) Lights/Litter/Street Furniture

(i) Light outside Last Cottage, Banbury Road

The Clerk reported that she has asked other Clerks if they know of a contractor who can repair these lights but has not received a response yet.

ACTION: The Clerk to contact WALC.

(c) Play area

(i) Annual inspection of play area

It was agreed that this should be arranged.

ACTION: The Clerk to action.

(d) Drains

Cllr. Mrs. Conway said that the water from the JLR car park is not going down the drains. Residents have found some of the materials used to resurface this car park in their gardens.

ACTION: The Clerk to inform the County flood officer and the Highways Officer

(i) Warwick Road update

Highways have said that these drains operate on a sump system and will have water held in them. They are not blocked.

(ii) Banbury Road by fire hydrant

Highways have added this to the list of jobs. A resident said that the next drain along is also sinking.

ACTION: The Clerk to inform Highways.

(e) Footpaths

(i) Letters to landowners

ACTION: The Clerk to send a letter to the landowners requesting they reinstate the footpaths.

(f) Gaydon Liaison Meeting

The District Councillors were asked the amount of business rates collected by the District from Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover. District Councillor Scorer confirmed that £1.9 million was collected from Aston Martin per year and £1.8 million from Jaguar Land Rover per year.

(i) HGVs accessing JLR during peak hours

The Clerk reported that a County Council Officer has said that the car transporters should not be operating during peak hours.

ACTION: The Clerk to inform the Police that they are operating during morning peak hours

(ii) Location of proposed fire station

Cllr. Mrs. Conway said that she has been told that the fire station will be positioned either on JLR land or MOD land. The Clerk reported that JLR have not responded to the email asking them if the fire station will be located on their land. It was agreed that this should be mentioned at the Gaydon Liaison Meeting.

ACTION: Gaydon Liaison Meeting

(g) Flood Defence

(i) Banbury Road ditch

ACTION: The Chairman to look at the Banbury Road ditch.

11. To receive planning applications

(a) 14/00903/VARY - Heritage Motor Centre

Cllr. Mrs. Conway reported that she has spoken to the manager at The Heritage Centre to ask him about the lighting. He has explained why the lighting is needed. The Parish Council agreed to raise no comments or objections to this application.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond.

(b) M40 Motorway (junction 12 improvements) scheme, side roads order and compulsory purchase order

Councillors agreed that a cycleway should be provided across the M40 when junction 12 is improved. This would encourage JLR employees to cycle to work.

ACTION: The Clerk to draft a response to the proposal.

(c) Proposed traffic signals; new dual carriageway and M40 junction 12

This was noted.

(d) 14/01060/FUL - Field View, Kineton Road

The Parish Council agreed to raise no comments or objections.

(e) 14/00690/FUL - Banbury House, Kineton Road

The Parish Council agreed to raise no comments or objections.

12. To receive any correspondence

(a) Request for memorial for Mr. Arnold

This was approved.

(b) Electoral Review of Warwickshire

Information on noticeboard.

(c) Request for removal of roundabout; advice given by County Council to residents at M40 public

The Clerk said that residents had been told, by Danny Green from the County Council at the M40 junction 12 information session that there were no financial constraints in removing the roundabout. County Cllr. Williams said that the lighting around the roundabout will be addressed once the dual carriageway has been finished.

(d) Fire and Rescue Consultation

ACTION: June agenda item.

(e) Street light maintenance 2-14/15

It was agreed that this should continue with the County Council.

13. Financial Report/Administration

(a) Draft 2013/14 accounts

The draft accounts had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that they could be forwarded to the internal auditor.

ACTION: The Clerk to arrange for the accounts to be forwarded to the internal auditor.

(b) Bank balances

The balances are shown on the draft accounts.

(c) To agree 2014/15 meeting dates

The following meeting dates were agreed: 12th June, 3rd July, 4th September, 2nd October, 6th November, 4th December, 8th January, 5th February, 5th March, 2nd April and 14th May

14. Passing of any accounts for payment

The following accounts were proposed by Cllr. Price, seconded by Cllr. Pirie.

(a) Mrs. C. Hill - Clerk’s gross salary (May) - £200.85

(b) Mr. C. Pickering - grass cutting - £430.00

(c) WALC - annual subscription - £118.00

(d) e.on - street lighting - £91.85

(e) Smiths of Derby - servicing of clock - £212.40

15. Closure of meeting

Next meeting; 12th June at 8pm.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.15pm.