1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Cllr. Alder (personal) and County Cllr. Williams (holiday).

2. Mr. Andy Wilkins, representing Spitfire Properties re. Gaydon Inn field

Mr. Wilkins produced a draft set of plans for the Parish Council. The Chairman asked if these could be emailed to councillors and Mr. Wilkins agreed to action this.

ACTION: Mr. Wilkins to email plans to the Clerk.

Mr. Wilkins explained that these revised plans are for 19 dwellings; a reduction of 5 dwellings on the previous application. The application submitted to the District Council is a detailed application. The Chairman asked about the removal of the pond and the lack of a community open space facility. Mr. Wilkins explained that the pond was part of the drainage system which would feed into the Banbury Road ditch. The issues with the ditch were highlighted to Mr. Wilkins; overgrown, ownership issues, capacity issues, uphill climb to reach the ditch. Mr. Wilkins suggested we liaise with Severn Trent. Mr. Wilkins agreed to relay the following issues to Spitfire Properties; no community facilities, no bungalows, drainage issues.

Cllr. Morisot asked Mr. Wilkins when Spitfire Properties would be starting work on the Gaydon Inn site since the site is an eyesore with litter and weeds. Mr. Wilkins said that he would tell the Clerk.

ACTION: Mr. Wilkins to let the Clerk know when work will start on the Gaydon Inn site.

The Chairman thanked Mr. Wilkins for attending the meeting. Mr. Wilkins left.

3. Questions from the public

No questions.

4. Declarations of Interest

No interests were declared.

5. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (May 2015)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting. Cllr. Claxton proposed that they be approved, seconded and carried unanimously. The Chairman signed the minutes.

6. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings

(a) 15/01161/OUT - Ferndale, Warwick Road; update plus appointing a representative to speak at Planning Committee

The Clerk reported that Environmental Health have been asked to visit the site and submit a report. Councillors agreed unanimously that the trees bordering the site should be protected. They are an important Gaydon landmark which can be seen from a considerable distance. The Clerk to request that TPOs be placed on the trees. Cllr. Morisot proposed that Cllr. Hughes represent Gaydon at the Planning Committee Meeting on 13th July. This was agreed and the Clerk was asked to register him to speak against this application.

ACTION: The Clerk to request that the trees on the Old Vicarage site have tree preservation orders placed on them to protect them from this development. The Clerk to register Cllr. Hughes to speak at the Planning Committee Meeting.

(b) Clearing of the Banbury Road ditch; response received

The Clerk reported that we have received a response from Highways England stating that the ditch is the responsibility of adjacent landowners. It was agreed that a note should be placed in the magazine and the 3 landowners should be made aware of this.

ACTION: The Clerk to ask for a note in the magazine plus write to the 3 adjacent landowners.

(c) County Council Highways Fund; to consider highways projects requiring improvements

Councillors agreed that the Banbury Road layby needs improving. The Chairman agreed to visit the layby and assess the situation.

ACTION: The Chairman to assess the layby.

7. Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath New Settlement Proposal

(a) FORSE update

Cllr. Claxton said that a developer has met with the owners of Chesterton Wood and they are looking at the possibility of closing the Chesterton gated Road.

8. To receive reports from District Councillors

(a) To receive report

Cllr. Kettle reported that 70% of the Core Strategy has been adopted. GLH is in the 30% that has not been adopted. The inspector approved the housing for the local service villages and, therefore, villages should have some level of protection from developers. However, there is uncertainty as to whether the District Council has a five year housing supply. Cllr. Kettle said that he would forward to the Clerk a copy of the material planning considerations which should be used when looking at planning applications.

ACTION: Cllr. Kettle to forward the material planning considerations to the Clerk.

Cllr. Kettle said that he met with Liz Nicholson, Head of Planning, for the purpose of discussing what residents would like to see at GLH in the event of the application being approved. The Chairman said that we had listed a number of facilities we would like if the application was approved in our response to the application and the supplementary planning document. A secondary school was our number one priority since this would reduce the amount of traffic coming through Gaydon and create a centre/heart in this new development. Cllr. Kettle said that the District Council is seeking legal advice regarding whether this application is premature. It was pointed out to Cllr. Kettle that traffic is a big concern. Cllr. Kettle said that he was trying to obtain a copy of the traffic assessment which should include the impact on neighbouring villages. Once he receives this he will let us have a copy.

ACTION: Cllr. Kettle to forward a copy of the Traffic Assessment to the Clerk. The Chairman to follow up on plans for secondary school provision.

(b) Supplementary Planning Document; cost received

The Clerk confirmed that the District Council had provided the cost for the Core Strategy and were unable to supply a cost for just the SPD.

9. To receive report from County Councillor

(a) To receive report

The Chairman reported that he had a constructive conversation with Cllr. Williams with regard to the new town.

10. Councillor’s Reports

(a) Cemetery

The Chairman gave a report on the cemetery. Grass had been recently cut, hedges need cutting back, driving circle needs a rake and spray, the bench needs a good rub down and paint, Yew tree needs reshaping, the stump needs an evergreen to be planted nearby, unconsecrated graves need attention, bin needs moving, some graves need a strim and second bench needs a wash and finally grass requires collecting. The Chairman to work with our contractor on some of these issues. A RAF grave headstone is leaning.

ACTION: The Chairman to liaise with our contractor and JLR. The Clerk to contact the RAF regarding the headstone.

(i) Request for JLR to fund cutting back of vegetation

Request has been sent.

(ii) New inscription on headstone

The Clerk reported that a headstone was removed last year and has now been relocated in the cemetery with additional inscription. All inscriptions require the approval of the Parish Council and the payment of a fee. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the family.

ACTION: The Clerk to write to the family.

(b) Lights/Litter/Street furniture/footways

(i) Light outside Last Cottage; repairs requested

A resident confirmed that this has been repaired.

(ii) Pimple Lane bench repairs

Cllr. Claxton said that he has looked at this bench and it is beyond repair. It was agreed that the Clerk should investigate the cost of a replacement bench very similar in design to this bench. We also need to arrange for the bench to be removed.

ACTION: The Clerk to investigate the cost of a replacement bench and also the removal of the existing bench.

(iii) Slurry update

The Clerk reported that weed killer will be applied to the footways before the slurry treatment is resumed. Cllr. Claxton said that moss is covering the footway outside the Church and this could be a health and safety issue. The Clerk to request that the person responsible for the slurry treatment meets with Cllr. Claxton to discuss our concerns.

ACTION: The Clerk to arrange a meeting.

(iv) Warwick Road litter problem

The Clerk said that the District Council litter picks the B4100 every month. She has contacted the County Council to request that they look at whether there are adequate bins on the construction site with secured lids and are emptied regularly. The County Council has confirmed that this is the case. It was reported that a vast amount of litter is ‘fast food containers’ which could have been purchased locally. It was agreed that the Parish Council should liaise with the new owners of the petrol garage regarding this when they take over in September.

ACTION: The Clerk to write to the new owners of the petrol garage regarding litter in September

(v) Village Green posts updates

Our contractor has reported that post number 5 had been damaged by a black car. He has straightened the post and believes it does not need replacing.

(c) Play area

(i) Annual inspection requested.

(ii) Refurbishment

Cllr. Morisot said that she has visited the play area and does not believe it is in a suitable location. She said that we should not be investing in equipment on that site. Her thoughts are that we should purchase the field at the back of Church Lane with developer’s money and the sale of our current play area to residents who want to extend their gardens. The Clerk said that she does not believe the Parish Council owns the current play area. A land registry search would be necessary to confirm whether the land is registered and, if so, the name of the owner. Cllr. Morisot said that a sign is needed. The Chairman suggested that we approach Cllr. Williams for funding towards a sign. Cllr. Morisot to obtain a quote for the sign. A resident remarked that the land where the play area is sited could be very valuable if the garages are knocked down. Cllr. Morisot agreed to contact Orbit to find out what their plans are for the garages.

ACTION: Cllr. Morisot to obtain a quote for signage and contact Orbit regarding their plans for the garages.

Cllr. Morisot said that she has liaised with the Planning Officer responsible for the Kineton Road development who has suggested a company we might like to approach. Cllr. Morisot said that she would be looking at equipment from this company. The Chairman said that he too could provide some information. It was agreed that a note should be placed in the magazine asking residents to suggest types of equipment they would like to see in the play area. Cllr. Morisot said that we should ask residents where they would like the play area to be situated by way of a questionnaire to be delivered to every household. The Clerk pointed out that we only have one location and that she does not think the Parish can afford to purchase the field behind Church Lane. It was agreed that Cllr. Morisot should prepare and distribute a short questionnaire to every household in Gaydon Parish. A note should also be placed in the magazine.

ACTION: Cllr. Morisot to prepare and distribute a short questionnaire to residents regarding the location of the play area.

(d) Drains

Cllr. Claxton had circulated a report prior to the meeting. He said that he has looked at the ditch behind the Kineton Road houses and it doesn’t appear to be very congested. A resident has asked who is responsible for maintaining the ditch. The Clerk said that she believed the landowner was responsible.

(e) Footpaths/footways

Cllr. Hughes reported that he has checked the markers on the footpaths. Some of the footways need attention. Cllr. Claxton said that the footway next to The Leys has a tree which requires pruning. The Clerk said that she would alert the owners of The Leys.

ACTION: The Clerk to liaise with the owners of The Leys.

(i) Clearing of Banbury Road block paving area; requested

(f) Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr. Hughes said that he has made contact with Neighbourhood Watch representatives in Gaydon and Kineton. Information is being emailed to him including Police bulletins. It was agreed that the recent incident with the car transporter reversing into Church Road should be mentioned in the newsletter. It was noted that Jaguar Land Rover was very quick to sort this issue.

(g) War Memorial

(i) Grant request acknowledged; response in 8 to 10 weeks

Still waiting for a response.

(h) Community Forum (18th June); update

A resident reported that this was very worthwhile. The Police were present and talking to residents. A list of projects which had received County Council funding last year was passed to the Clerk. Applications for funding for this year start mid July and finish mid September. The new Sainsburys in Wellesbourne has been carrying out litter picks in local villages.

ACTION: The Clerk to make the Village Shop aware of this funding opportunity.

(i) Gaydon Liaison Meeting

(i) JLR invitation to meet with us; attendees, agenda

The Chairman and Cllr. Claxton attended this meeting. The Chairman reported that JLR still do not have plans for the land north of the dual carriageway. They have plenty of building plans for the land they currently occupy and we will be seeing the applications shortly. They are very worried that they will be hemmed in by houses. Car transporters will be moving to another location making room for more car parking.

(ii) Agenda items for 13th July

The Chairman said that he is unable to attend this meeting. Cllr. Claxton confirmed that he would be attending. It was agreed that agenda items should be the purchase of additional land by JLR in Gaydon Parish plus Avon Valley Indoor Bowls Club.

ACTION: The Clerk to ask for these items to be added to the agenda.

(j) Highways England

(i) M40 junction 12 roadworks; update

The Chairman said that he finds these updates very useful.

11. To receive planning applications

(a) 15/01617/FUL - Cambrae, Kineton Road

No comments or objections.

12. To receive results of planning applications

(a) 15/01753/LDP - 1 Church Road; granted

(b) 15?01755/LDP - 3 Church Road; granted

13. To receive any correspondence

(a) Avon Valley Indoor Bowls Club

The Clerk had circulated prior to the meeting a letter from the Club. It was agreed that this should be mentioned at the Liaison Meeting with JLR.

(b) Letter re. Cemetery

It was agreed that the Clerk should respond.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond.

14. Financial Report/Administration

(a) Bank balances

The Clerk reported the following balances; Community Account - £5,698.00 and Business Account - £10,599.72

(b) Internal Auditor’s Report

ACTION: July agenda item

(c) Pensions Regulator

The Clerk to register.

ACTION: The Clerk to register.

(d) Website

The Clerk pointed out the new legal requirement to have draft minutes on the website. It was agreed that she should ask the website administrator if he would give her administrator access to ensure that this requirement is met.

` ACTION: The Clerk to ask the website administrator for administrator access for the Parish Council area.

15. To consider approving 2014/15 accounts

The accounts had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed unanimously that they should be approved. The Chairman and Clerk signed the accounts.

16. Signing of the Annual Return and Annual Governance Statement

The Parish Council approved the Annual Return. The Chairman read out the questions which were answered by the Council and it was then agreed that the Annual Governance Statement could be signed by the Chairman and Clerk.

17. Passing of any accounts for payment

The following accounts were proposed by Cllr. Claxton, seconded by Cllr. Morisot and carried unanimously.

(a) C. Hill – Clerk’s gross salary (June) – £273.70

18. Closure of meeting

Next meeting; 21st July at 8pm

The Chairman closed the meeting at 11.30pm.