1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Cllr. Alder (work commitment).

2. Atkins Planners, on behalf of the County Council, re. Fire Services Base at Aston Martin

The Chairman explained that the plans are not yet complete and Atkins Planners have asked if they can attend our October Meeting.

ACTION: October Meeting agenda.

3. County Highways re. additional lane on new dual carriageway

ACTION: The Chairman to ask County Cllr. Williams if he could arrange for a representative to attend our October meeting.

4. Questions from the public

A resident reported that a tree has fallen into the pond on the Banbury Road. Concern was expressed for the newts. The Clerk to inform the ecological department at the County Council.

ACTION: The Clerk to email the Ecological Department.

A branch is hanging from a tree on the Banbury Road and could easily fall onto the B4100.

ACTION: The Clerk to contact Highways.

The footway from the garage up to the roundabout needs clearing including the block paving. The block paving on the Banbury Road footway needs clearing again. The Kineton Road footway also needs clearing. The fire hydrant on the Banbury Road is sinking and needs attention.

ACTION: Cllr. Claxton to mention to Highways when he meets with them.

A resident said that he has met with Balfour Beatty to discuss protecting the wildflowers and they have marked some of the areas. There are some areas that have been missed.

ACTION: The Clerk to contact Balfour Beatty to ask if they would meet with the resident again.

Concern was expressed about access to the Centenary Way; the gate has been sprayed with blue paint and is now difficult to open and there is a considerable amount of cardboard on the edge of the footpath.

ACTION: The Clerk to inform Balfour Beatty.

The Parish Council was asked if it would be arranging for compensation claims with regard to the increase in noise and light pollution as a result of the dual carriageway and junction 12 improvements? The full impact of the dual carriageway will be made apparent when it opens at the end of November. At the Regulatory Committee meeting it was acknowledged that noise levels would be higher once the roads are opened.

ACTION: The Clerk to investigate.

The Parish Council was informed that Jaguar Land Rover has bought the field next to The Heritage Centre.

ACTION: The Clerk to arrange for a search of the Land Registry.

Concern was expressed as to whether the ‘stopped up B4100’ would remain ‘stopped up’ now that the land has new ownership. Further concern was expressed about parking and access to the land.

ACTION: The Chairman to ask County Cllr. Williams if a representative from County Highways could attend our meeting to address these questions.

5. Declarations of Interest

No interests were declared.

6. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (July 2015)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting. Cllr. Claxton proposed that they be approved, seconded and carried unanimously. The Chairman signed the minutes.

7. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings

(a) 15/01161/OUT - Ferndale, Warwick Road; update

A resident reported that this application has just been approved by the Planning Committee. He said that District Cllr. Kettle spoke against approval. The Clerk was asked to find out when TPOs will be placed on the trees.

ACTION: The Clerk to liaise with the District Council’s tree officer.

(b) Paddock next to the Gaydon Inn

The Chairman thanked Cllr. Hughes for working with him to produce a draft response for councillors to amend and approve. The Clerk was asked if she could forward a copy of our response to District Cllr. Kettle and for information purposes to County Cllr. Williams. A copy is on our website.

ACTION: The Clerk to send copies to Cllrs. Kettle and Williams.

8. Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath New Settlement Proposal

(a) Request from SDC for a meeting with the developer plus officers to discuss local schemes to mitigate against the impact of GLH; attendees

It was agreed that the Chairman and Cllr. Claxton would represent Gaydon Parish Council at this meeting.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond to SDC.

(b) FORSE update

Cllr. Claxton reported that FORSE is currently preparing a response to the SDC Core Strategy Proposed Modifications. They will be sending out a Form of Authority via email to residents and the Parish Council. Cllr. Claxton said that he would ask if FORSE’s response could be circulated to the Parish Council.

ACTION: Cllr. Claxton to arrange for FORSE’s response to be sent to the Clerk for circulation.

(c) Invitation to attend meeting with JLR

It was agreed that the Chairman and Cllr. Claxton would attend this meeting.

ACTION: The Clerk to confirm the names of the attendees.

9. To receive report from District Councillor

(a) To receive report

No new report.

(b) Combined authority; update

See item 10.

(c) SDC Core Strategy Proposed Modifications Consultation

The Chairman explained that the consultation period ends on 25th September 2015. It was agreed that the Chairman and Cllr. Claxton would prepare a draft response, circulate to councillors and amend accordingly. The Clerk would then submit the response and arrange for a copy to be displayed on the website. It was further agreed that councillors would decide whether to endorse FORSE’s view and sign a form of authority once their response has been read.

ACTION: The Chairman and Cllr. Claxton to draft a response, circulate to councillors for comments and pass to the Clerk for submission to SDC. Councillors to review FORSE’s response and decide whether to endorse their response and authorise a Form of Authority. October agenda item.

10. To receive report from County Councillor

No new report.

11. Councillor’s Reports - updates following the last meeting/circulated reports

(a) Cemetery

(i) To receive report

The WI cherry tree looks dead. It was agreed that a tree should be purchased to replace this tree and that it should be planted somewhere else in the cemetery as the mound is not an ideal location because of the dryness. 3 residents agreed to discuss and decide on the type of tree which should be purchased and also a suitable location in the cemetery. It was further agreed that a note should be placed in the magazine.

ACTION: October meeting agenda. Note to be placed in the magazine.

One of the RAF headstones is leaning.

ACTION: The Clerk to contact the MOD.

The Chairman said that he has met with our contractor and asked him if he would look at the graves that are not maintained and pull out any hawthorn.

We need to decide how to deal with the Ragwort.

ACTION: October agenda item.

There is a dead tree on the adjoining land.

ACTION: Our contractor to liaise with the landowner.

(ii) Request for JLR to cut back vegetation

The Chairman reported that the team from JLR has done a wonderful job in the cemetery. The team was very enthusiastic and have said that they will return to plant an oak tree with a plaque next to it. They also want to put chippings on the path.

ACTION: The Chairman to write an article for the parish magazine. The Clerk to write a letter to JLR thanking them.

(b) Lights/litter/street furniture/footways

(i) To receive report

Cllr. Claxton said that the slabs on St. Mark’s Close need attention.

ACTION: The Clerk to contact Orbit Housing.

(ii) Slurrying; update

Cllr. Claxton said that he met with Julie Samuels from County Highways regarding the recent slurrying work. They said that they will address the significant complaints. Cllr. Claxton has agreed to meet with County Highways again.

ACTION: October agenda item.

9.15pm County Cllr. Williams joins the meeting.

(c) Play Area

(i) To receive report

Cllr. Morisot said that she has been liaising with a landowner regarding leasing a small area of his land for play equipment on a 99 year lease. The Chairman assured residents that their view would be sought before relocation of the play area. Cllr. Morisot agreed to compile some questions for October’s meeting.

ACTION: Cllr. Morisot to compile some questions for discussion at October’s meeting.

Orbit Housing will be discussing the future of their garages in October.

It was agreed that the Clerk should arrange for a land registry search on the current play area to determine whether it is registered.

ACTION: The Clerk to arrange for a land registry search

(ii) Play area annual inspection report

The Chairman agreed to meet with Cllr. Morisot to discuss.

ACTION: Chairman to meet with Cllr. Morisot to discuss. October agenda item.

(d) Drains

No new report.

(e) Footpaths

(i) To receive report

Cllr. Hughes said that the stile between Church Lane and the cemetery needs some attention.

(f) Neighbourhood Watch

Cllr. Hughes said that he would liaise with the Police at the Community Forum. The Chairman suggested that we invite the Police to November’s meeting.

ACTION: The Clerk to invite the Police to November’s meeting

(g) Gaydon Liaison Meeting; minutes circulated

(h) War Memorial; update

The Clerk reported that a grant has been submitted. She has been asked for another quote for the repairs to the clock. A resident suggested she contact Somersons in Warwick.

ACTION: The Clerk to request a quote from Somersons.

12. To receive correspondence

(a) Request for memorial; Mrs. Diston

Details were circulated to councillors. Councillors agreed that the details were acceptable. The Clerk to respond.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond.

(b) Complaint re. odour nuisance

The Clerk explained that she had received a complaint from a resident regarding odour from fields near the village. She reported this to the District Environmental Health Department who were not interested and advised her to contact the Environment Agency. Councillors agreed that the odour was stronger than previously experienced. It was further agreed that if it continues then the Clerk should contact the Environment Agency to find out more details.

(c) Banbury Road lay-by; litter

The Chairman said that he has seen photographs of litter in the lay-by but when he visited it there was no sign of litter issues. However, there was a very strong smell of urine which was horrendous. County Cllr. Williams said that litter issues should be reported to the District Council. Cllr. Morisot said that she believed the only way to resolve the health issues would be to either install facilities or close it. County Cllr. Williams said that it would be too expensive to install facilities. Councillors agreed that the County Council should be asked if they could consider offering the lay-by to residents to purchase. County Cllr. Williams said that he would discuss this with the County.

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to discuss the sale of the lay-by.

10. To receive report from County Councillor

County Cllr. Williams updated the meeting on the Birmingham City Council combined authority background and decision. He said that the County is actively looking at combining with other authorities but the combination must be in the best interests of Warwickshire.

13. Financial Report/Administration

(a) Bank balances

The Clerk reported the following balances; Community Account - £5,307.64 and Business Account - £10,601.57

(b) Internal auditor’s report

The Clerk reported that there are no recommendations.

(c) Bank reconciliation

The Clerk to circulate to councillors.

ACTION: The Clerk to circulate to councillors.

(d) Website

The Clerk to forward details to Cllr. Hughes.

ACTION: The Clerk to forward details to Cllr. Hughes

(e) Bank mandate; update

The Clerk confirmed that HSBC has updated our banking details.

(f) To receive donation from Western Power

The Clerk reported that a donation of £500 has been received from Western Power in relation to the works which took place on the Village Green last year.

ACTION: The Clerk to thank Western Power for their donation.

14. Passing of any accounts for payment

The following accounts were proposed by Cllr. Morisot, seconded by Cllr. Claxton and carried unanimously.

(a) C. Hill – Clerk’s gross salary (September) – £273.70

(b) Gaydon Village Stores - to match fund the County Community Grant - £500.00

(c) Mr. C. Pickering - grass maintenance - £425.00

(d) Wicksteed Leisure Ltd. - play area inspection - £54.00

(e) Accounting Data Services Ltd. - internal audit fee - £180.00

(f) Mrs. J. Rickman - paper for the magazine - £17.94

(g) e.on - street lighting - £189.61

15. Date of next meeting

Tuesday, 6th October 2015.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.40pm.