PRESENT: COUNCILLORS J. BRINE (CHAIRMAN), A. CLAXTON (from 7.50pm), T. HUGHES (from 7.51pm), D. MORISOT, COUNTY COUNCILLOR C. WILLIAMS (until 9.15pm), DISTRICT COUNCILLOR C. KETTLE (from 7.47pm), SERGEANT C. MORGAN (for item 2 only), PC M. SANFORD (for item 2 only), C. HILL (Clerk) and 10 members of the public

The Chairman explained that the Parish Council was not quorate yet and so asked if the Police could address the meeting first.

2. Sergeant Catherine Morgan, Police

Sergeant Morgan gave a brief update on the roles and areas covered by the Safe Neighbourhood Policing Team.

7.47pm District Cllr. Kettle joins the meeting.

She said that a neighbourhood watch report is sent to our co-ordinator on a regular basis. The Chairman explained that traffic is an issue in this parish.

7.50pm Cllr. Claxton joins the meeting.

He mentioned that some residents were requesting a 20mph speed limit. Sargeant Morgan said that they have an officer, who covers the county, who might be able to assist with this. Moreton Morrell Parish have a strip across the road which provides data on speeding vehicles. The County Council organised this. Lighthorne Parish have a community speed watch team of volunteers. You need at least 6 volunteers who are trained by the Police. You will also need a laser device to record the vehicles. They cost approximately £600. The Clerk said that strips have already been placed across the Kineton and Banbury Roads so data should be available. County Cllr. Williams said that this would be for the weight of vehicles and the data would no longer be available.

The Chairman thanked Sergeant Morgan and PC Sanford. 8.05pm the Police left the meeting.

1. Apologies for absent

No apologies were received

3. Questions from the public

A resident reported that he had straightened one post on the green. The Chairman thanked him.

4. Declarations of Interest

Cllr. Claxton declared a pecuniary interest in item 13(g) as he has provided a quote.

5. To accept councillor’s resignation

The Chairman reported that Cllr. Alder has resigned. He thanked Cllr. Alder for his work in the community. The Clerk confirmed that the District Council has been informed and a notice is on the board.

6. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (November 2015)

The Clerk had circulated the minutes prior to the meeting. Cllr. Claxton proposed that they be signed, seconded and carried unanimously. The Chairman signed the minutes.

7. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings

(a) New dual carriageway; signage and drainage

County Cllr. Williams said that the signage will be looked at in the spring when the construction work has finished. Councillors asked if no vegetation be cut back or removed around the signs until this review has taken place. County Cllr. Williams said that he would request this.

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to ensure that no vegetation is cut back or removed from around the new signs until they have been reviewed in the spring.

County Cllr. Williams reported that the lighting will be in accordance with the approved plans.

(b) Neighbourhood Plan; to appoint representative to lead traffic

Cllr. Morisot assisted by Cllr. Claxton agreed to lead the traffic project. She reported that 2 residents have approached her with regard to joining a NP Committee. The Clerk said that she knows of a resident on the Banbury Road who is willing to canvass that road for views on traffic. We also have 2 residents on St. Giles Road who have expressed concerns about traffic. A number of residents on the Kineton Road have expressed concern and are willing to assist.

ACTION: The Clerk to forward the residents details to Cllrs. Morisot and Claxton.

(c) Community Project for Balfour Beatty update

The Clerk reported that she has not received a response to our request for gates. They are considering removing the tree stump.

ACTION: The Clerk to chase Balfour Beatty for a response.

Cllr. Morisot asked if Osbornes had offered to assist the community. The Clerk said that they had not. It was agreed that Cllr. Morisot would approach Osbornes to ask if they would be willing to tidy up the lay-by.

ACTION: Cllr. Morisot to approach Osbornes. The Clerk to forward the specification for the lay-by to Cllr. Morisot.

(d) Community Infrastructure Levy update

Cllr. Hughes said that he has not been able to look at this. It was agreed that Cllr. Hughes and the Chairman would review.

ACTION: Cllr. Hughes and the Chairman to review.

(e) GLH; to approve our response to the ES

The response had been circulated to all councillors. It was approved and a copy is to be placed on the website. The Chairman thanked the 2 residents and Cllr. Claxton for assisting with the draft.

ACTION: The Clerk to arrange for a copy to be placed on the website.

(f) Flood Risk Consultation update

It was agreed that Cllr. Claxton would respond to this.

ACTION: Cllr. Claxton to respond on behalf of the Parish Council. The response to be placed on the website.

(g) Planning application no. 15/03646/FUL - Jaguar Land Rover; response from SDC

The Clerk reported that the District Council has confirmed that the plans are incorrect and has asked Jaguar Land Rover to resubmit plans showing the widened B4100.

(h) Traffic Regulations Orders; response submitted

The Chairman thanked County Cllr. Williams for obtaining a response from the County on our concerns. The draft response was circulated to councillors, approved and submitted.

(i) Warwickshire Minerals Plan Consultation update

It was agreed that Cllr. Hughes would respond to this consultation.

ACTION: Cllr. Hughes to respond to this consultation on behalf of the Parish Council. The response to be placed on the website.

(j) Stratford Area Committee; minutes circulated plus attendee for next meeting

The Clerk confirmed that the minutes had been circulated. It was agreed that Cllr. Morisot and the Chairman would attend the next meeting.

8. To receive report from District Councillor

(a) To receive report

District Cllr. Kettle reported that the draft supplementary planning document has been updated despite ward members concerns that there is no audit trial of where the District was last year. Consultation responses are well over 100 pages. He believes it is a much better draft and it does include the local transport assessment. The recommendations in the local transport assessment must be included in the supplementary planning document. The supplementary planning document can’t be approved until the Core Strategy has been approved. Cllr. Kettle reported that he will be meeting tomorrow with the Leader of SDC, Head of Planning, Planning Officer responsible for GLH 2000 housing application, Leader of WCC, Head of County Highways, County Officers and County Cllr. Williams to discuss how County Highways are going to deal with the transport assessment. Pinch points will need to be identified on the local network plus Harbury Lane crossroads. This will be the biggest development the County Council has undertaken and we need to make sure that they can handle it.

Cllr. Kettle mentioned the shop front scheme which might benefit the Village Store. Cllr. Claxton agreed to mention this to the Village Store Committee.

Local service villages; 2000 house limit is still supportable.

Budgeting process has begun.

(b) Planning application no. 15/03061/FUL Cottage Farm, Banbury Road update

District Cllr. Kettle explained that this has now been reviewed by County Highways who agree that the new access could be used by HGVs. They are not comfortable with this and so have advised against permission being granted.

(c) SDC Core Strategy Examination; to agree a written response and to consider appointing a representative to attend the examination

It was agreed that a copy of the EA should be forwarded to the inspector. The Chairman proposed that Mrs. Conway be asked to represent the Parish Council at the examination if we are invited, seconded and carried unanimously.

ACTION: The Clerk to ask Mrs. Conway if she would be able to represent the Parish Council.

9. To receive report from County Councillor

(a) To receive report

A copy of the report is attached to these minutes. County Cllr. Williams said that the Village Stores has been granted £500. The Chairman confirmed that the Parish Council has matched this funding.

ACTION: The Clerk to mention in the magazine.

(b) New dual carriageway; request for invitation to opening event

ACTION: January agenda item.

(c) Local Council’s Charter

The Clerk had circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting.

(d) Transformation Fund

The Clerk to forward the email to the Chairman.

10. To receive planning applications

(a) SCOPE/00025 - Jaguar Land Rover

It was agreed that the Chairman and Cllrs. Claxton and Hughes would meet next Tuesday to produce a draft which would be circulated to all councillors before submission.

ACTION: The Chairman, Cllrs. Claxton and Hughes to meet to produce a draft response.

11. To receive response from planning applications

(a) 15/03687/TEL56 - Gaydon Hill Farm; granted

12. To receive correspondence

(a) Buses; service complaints

The Clerk reported that school bus 285 has not been stopping at the correct location. The County Council has suggested that this bus no longer stops on Church Road but instead stops at the bus shelter on the Kineton Road. Councillors agreed that this is an excellent idea as it will reduce traffic on Church Road, be easier for the drivers to stop at the correct location, provide shelter for the children waiting for the bus and also ensure that the bus does not use a road which is not gritted. The Chairman said that there are issues with the 77 bus which has arrived early in Gaydon and left early not keeping to the timetable. The Clerk said that there is a complaints process on the County Council website. She was asked to put a note in the magazine about this.

ACTION: The Clerk to put a note in the magazine.

(b) Spitfire Properties; to appoint a solicitor for the land behind Church Lane

The Clerk was asked to contact a solicitor.

ACTION: The Clerk to contact a solicitor.

9.15pm County Cllr. Williams leaves the meeting.

13. Financial Report/Administration

(a) Bank balances

The Clerk reported the following balances; Community Account - £7,435.76 and Business Account - £10,603.42

(b) Bank reconciliation

The Clerk to circulate to councillors.

ACTION: The Clerk to circulate to councillors.

(c) Website update

ACTION: January agenda item.

(d) 2016 grass cutting contract

It was agreed that the Clerk should ask our present contractor for a quote and also request quotes via the magazine.

ACTION: The Clerk to mention in the magazine.

(e) Transparency Fund

ACTION: January agenda item

(f) Training feedback

Cllr. Claxton said that the induction training was very worthwhile and he would recommend all councillors to attend the training. Cllrs. Hughes and Morisot said that the planning training was interesting.

Cllr. Claxton did not take part in this discussion.

(g) Quotes for bench repairs

The Clerk said that she has received one quote. It was agreed that she should place a note in the magazine asking for quotes.

ACTION: The Clerk to place a note in the magazine.

(h) To consider quote for painting flagpole

ACTION: January agenda item

14. Passing of any accounts for payment

The following accounts were proposed by Cllr. Morisot, seconded by Cllr. Hughes and carried unanimously.

(a) C. Hill – Clerk’s gross salary (December) – £273.70

(b) Mr. C. Pickering - grass maintenance - £265.00

(c) Warwickshire Training Partnership - induction training - £45.00

(e) Mrs. A. Conway - purchase of trees for the cemetery - £43.56

15. Date of next meeting

Tuesday, 5th January 2016.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30pm.