1. Apologies for absence

Cllr. Lewis (unwell) and County Cllr. Williams will be arriving later.

2. Questions from the public

A resident said that she is still waiting for a response from County Cllr. Williams on the cost of the 50mph signage from Gaydon to the Oxfordshire border. He has responded a number of times but not with the cost. The Chairman said that the Parish Council is also interested in how much this scheme cost. Councillors agreed to follow up on this matter.

ACTION: The Chairman to write to the County Council.

A resident reported that she has read in the Stratford Herald that the District Council will not be passing on the New Homes Bonus funding to parishes that have new houses. She believes that this is unfair since these parishes need extra funding to cope with the additional houses. For instance Gaydon needs funding for traffic calming and possibly a defibrillator. This funding could help both projects. She said that Cherwell District Council is forwarding the funding to parishes and this is helping the parishes. District Cllr. Kettle asked if he could be made aware of the Cherwell scheme and he would then investigate. The resident said that she would try and find out.

Warwick Road tree planting has now taken place.

Complaint received about the road markings on the Kineton Road and Banbury Road not being sorted yet.

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to provide a date for when the road markings for the new scheme will be sorted.

The replacement gate on the Warwick Road has finally been fitted but with no reflective sign or security.

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to find out when the sign and security will be sorted.

A resident said that this gate should have a metal top bar to prevent it being cut.

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to find out why the gate does not have a metal top bar as agreed by the previous Parish Council.

A stile has disappeared on one of the footpaths. Cllr. Claxton said that he was aware of this and will look into it. The Clerk was asked to mention in the magazine.

ACTION: Cllr. Claxton to look into a replacement stile. The Clerk to mention in the magazine.

A resident said that he is unable to access the agenda on the new parish website via his mobile phone. The Clerk said that she would make Cllr. Lewis aware of this. The Chairman asked if all agendas and minutes could also be displayed on the village website as well as the Parish Council website.

ACTION: The Clerk to liaise with Cllr. Lewis and also ensure that agendas and minutes are sent to the administrator for the village website.

The hedge on the Kineton Road which borders Jaguar Land Rover land still needs cutting.

ACTION: The Clerk to liaise with Jaguar Land Rover.

A resident said that he was very disappointed that the County Council had offered him curtains including blinds to keep out the light pollution from the Starlight Express. The Chairman said that the Parish Council agrees with him. This matter was discussed in the Gaydon Liaison Meeting and other parishes expressed concern at the lights. Councillors agreed that neighbouring parishes should be written to for their view on this lighting scheme.

ACTION: The Clerk to write to neighbouring parishes.

3. Declarations of Interest

No interests were declared.

4. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meetings (January)

The Clerk had circulated the minutes, prior to the meeting. Cllr. Claxton proposed that the minutes be accepted, seconded and carried unanimously. The Chairman signed the minutes.

5. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings

(a) Church Lane field update

The landowner said that he is not happy with the amount of time this is taking. Cllr. Claxton assured him that neither is the Parish Council. We are constantly chasing our solicitor. The landowner asked if the Parish Council could consider calling an extraordinary general meeting to sign this documentation. The Clerk said that she would review the situation with the Chairman once we have an indication of when the documentation will be ready for signature.

(b) Land Registry; response received

Cllr. Morisot reported that a letter has been received from Land Registry rejecting our request for adverse possession of the play area. The letter says that the land is already registered but gives no other reason for rejection. She further reported that she has a quote of £900 from a local solicitor for pursuing this request for possession. Cllr. Claxton asked if we know to whom the land is registered. Cllr. Morisot said that she assumes Orbit Housing. It was agreed that Cllr. Morisot should find out from Land Registry who owns the land.

ACTION: Cllr. Morisot to find out who owns the play area.

(c) Construction of a temporary access from the B4100 to Bird Road; granted

The Chairman thanked Cllr. Claxton for speaking against this application.

(d) Church Road street light update

ACTION: March agenda item.

(e) Gaydon Inn development various issues; update

Cllr. Hughes reported that he has visited the resident who reported flooding issues. He said that the ditches around the land are dry. The water is flowing from the development site to the pond on the resident’s land. District Cllr. Kettle said that there should be a condition on the planning application that flooding does not occur on neighbouring land.

ACTION: District Cllr. Kettle to discuss with the Planning Officer.

Cllr. Hughes also said that he understands that the Gaydon Inn is structurally unsafe and it needs to be taken down and rebuilt. Councillors expressed concern as this building is a significant landmark and listed.

ACTION: District Cllr. Kettle to discuss with the Planning Officer.

The Clerk reported that the Parish Council is due funding from this development towards play equipment. She has emailed the planning officer but not received a response.

ACTION: District Cllr. Kettle to follow up on this.

(f) Gaydon Speed Reduction; agreement of priorities to be discussed in the meeting with County Highways; report circulated

Councillors agreed unanimously that this report was excellent. It was further agreed that all priorities should be discussed with the Highways Officers. The Chairman asked if the Clerk could please attend the meeting to take notes which will then be circulated to councillors and displayed on our website. The Chairman said that he has received a report from the Police which will be circulated to councillors. He had asked if the Police could be present at the meeting but this request had been refused by County Cllr. Williams.

ACTION: The Chairman to circulate the report from the Police.

(g) Church Clock

The Chairman thanked Mr. John Rickman for assisting with the return of the church clock. Mr. Rickman explained that it will take a while for the timing to be exact. The Clerk was asked to complete the final paperwork for releasing the grant funding.

ACTION: The Clerk to complete the paperwork for the grant.

(h) Gaydon Liaison Committee Meeting feedback

The Chairman had circulated the notes from this meeting to all councillors. Jaguar Land Rover had asked if the Clerk could make them aware of any developments in the area. The Clerk said that she assumes that this relates to traffic management schemes so as they can inform their staff. Unfortunately she is not made aware of these schemes. It is the County Council who issue the permits and have the details. It was agreed that the Clerk would email the County Council, copy Jaguar Land Rover.

ACTION: The Clerk to request that the County Council informs Jaguar Land Rover.

The Warwick Road gate was discussed and Jaguar Land Rover confirmed that security is an issue.

Roman settlement has been discovered. A resident reported that 2 sites have been uncovered. The County Archaeologist is keen to talk to the village about this. The Clerk was asked to contact the County Archaeologist to arrange a talk.

ACTION: The Clerk to arrange with the County Archaeologist a talk and possible visit.

The Chairman asked if anyone had any objections to the agenda being rearranged to await the arrival of County Cllr. Williams. There were no objections.

7. District Council Matters

(a) To receive report

District Cllr. Kettle reported that the Chief Executive of South Warwickshire Clinical Care Group met with the District Council. They are fully committed to working with the District Council. However, there has been no liaison between South Warwickshire CCG and Oxfordshire CCG. Changing of the Horton Hospital status has been referred to the Secretary of State. There are no plans to make changes to Warwick Hospital. Surgeries will be looked at and GLH will be taken into account.

The District Council has met with Orbit Housing who is committed to improving their service.

Draft budget is being considered by the Cabinet. Spending will be reduced. Funding has been reduced by the Government. There will be a 2% increase in council tax. There will be changes to the council tax reduction scheme.

(b) Community Governance Review update

Meeting is now in June at Kineton High School. The Chairman and Cllr. Hughes to attend.

(c) Treatment of the B4100 meeting; 15th February (attendees)

District Cllr. Kettle said that plan B is the preferred option. The Chairman asked how many people rejected all of the options. District Cllr. Kettle said that he would try and find out. It was agreed that the Chairman and Cllr. Hughes would attend.

ACTION: The Chairman and Cllr. Hughes to attend.

8. To receive planning applications

(a) 17/00185/VARY - land south of Kineton Road

The applicant said that he has made a couple of amendments. Concern was expressed that the access road was in the wrong place. The applicant said that the road is in the right place but the area is slightly different. The planning officer asked for a redrafting of the plan. The Chairman asked for details regarding the affordable housing. The applicant said that they can be sold at 60% of the market value to local people. Councillors agreed that they would like the pond to be enclosed within a property boundary with a covenant to ensure that it is not filled in. The Clerk was asked to respond to the planning department with this condition.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department.

The applicant said that he is willing to meet with the Parish Council to discuss the management of the area.

(b) 16/03808/FUL (amendment) - land south of Kineton Road

Councillors agreed that if the speed limit was reduced to 30mph then Tollgate Cottage road could be used and additional access would not be required. Evergreen screening and no lights to the side of the barn are essential. Outside lighting should be on sensors. It should only be used for agricultural purposes for the next 10 years. Councillors agreed to object since they do not believe the additional accesses are required. Water storage is another concern.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department.

(c) 16/02479/FUL - Hillside, Kineton Road

Councillors raised concerns regarding the dimensions on the plan. A good design is part of the Core Strategy. It was also noted that the original planning application stated that there would only be one dwelling on this plot. There is no local need and we are already over our allocated number of new dwellings. There has been no communication by the applicant with the Parish Council.

Councillors agreed to object.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department.

(d) 16/03904/FUL - Jaguar Land Rover

Councillors agreed unanimously to object to this application based on lighting. There is no reason why sensors could not be fitted to the lights. If not then there should be a condition whereby the lights are not on before 6am or after 6pm.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department.

9. To receive results from planning applications

(a) 16/03126/VARY - Jaguar Land Rover; granted.

The Chairman said that it is getting quite late and County Cllr. Williams hasn’t arrived so we will assume that he is not able to attend.

6. County Council Matters

(a) To receive report

The Chairman said that he had received a verbal report from County Cllr. Williams informing him that the signage had been erected on the Warwick Road and the replacement gate installed. Tomorrow the soil will be removed from the Banbury Road layby.

(b) New link road; safety audit report recommendations update, moving of gate to farmland closer to road update

The Clerk reported that she did request a report on this but hasn’t received one.

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to obtain a list of the recommendations that will be implemented together with a timetable.

9.45pm County Cllr. Williams joins the meeting.

(c) Warwick Road; date for erection of permanent sign and fitting new gate

County Cllr. Williams said that the reflector sign will be put on the gate this week. He would find out about the security of the gate.

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to find out about the security of the gate.

(a) To receive report

County Cllr. Williams said that council tax would be increasing by 2% plus 2% for care of the aged. Children’s centres will be re-evaluated. We will identify where the need is. A resident asked why they are cutting the funding to children’s centres when they could make considerable savings by outsourcing County Highways which is what other councils are doing. Why is the County Council not considering this? County Cllr. Williams said that County Highways is well respected and efficient and will not be outsourced.

A resident asked about the metal strip on the top of the Warwick Road gate.

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to look into this.

(d) New scheme; construction waste to be removed update

Construction waste has been removed.

(e) Philippa Young update; adoption of Kineton development roads

The Clerk said that this is with County Highways.

(f) Banbury Road layby; clearance of ditch update plus future plans

Cllr. Morisot reported that the layby has been partially cleared and tidied up but it needs the huge amount of litter under the hedge removing and also the litter from the adjacent field. Cllr. Morisot said that she would be litter picking the hedge. We are still waiting to hear about the future plans for the layby.

(g) Ownership of Banbury Road ditch; response from Spitfire Properties

The Clerk reported that Spitfire Properties believe that this is nearly resolved and will let us know the outcome as soon as they can.

(h) Gully clearance; confirmation that we will receive notification

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to request that the Parish Council is informed when the gullies are cleared.

(i) New dual carriageway (Starlight Express) lighting pollution issues; update on meeting with lighting engineers

Cllr. Claxton reported a very positive meeting with the lighting engineers. The shield is very effective and if fitted on all of the lights will have a very positive effect. County Cllr. Williams said that there was no funding issue with fitting the shields but that there is a light issue with fitting shields to all of the lights. Cllr. Claxton said that he asked this question when he met with the engineers. They said that there is no issue with fitting shields on all of the lights. The shield that has been fitted could be fitted to all of the lights and it meets the specification. The Parish Council agreed to write to the County Council requesting that shields be fitted to all of the lights. The Chairman asked County Cllr. Williams if he would support us.

ACTION: The Clerk to draft a letter to the County Council.

(j) Abandoned signage update

County Cllr. Williams said that this is Highways England signage. Cllr. Claxton reported that he has written to Highways England and is waiting for a response.

(k) Milestone; next steps

The Clerk said that she has looked at the file and there is no agreement regarding the leasing of the milestone. It was agreed that the Clerk should draft a letter to the legal department of the County Council requesting that they look into this arrangement. The resident agreed to assist the Clerk with this letter.

ACTION: The Clerk to draft a letter.

10.05pm County Cllr. Williams leaves the meeting.

10. To receive correspondence

(a) letter from Gaydon Village Stores re. Gaydon Service Station

Cllr. Morisot said that she has forwarded the responses from District Cllr. Kettle to Gaydon Village Stores. Councillors agreed unanimously that they support the community shop. It was further agreed that Cllr. Morisot would arrange a meeting with the shop to discuss a way forward. Cllrs. Claxton and Hughes agreed to attend the meeting. It was suggested that a letter could be drafted to the owners of the Service Station inviting them to a Parish Council meeting to discuss their plans.

ACTION: Cllr. Morisot to arrange a meeting with Gaydon Village Stores with a view to drafting a letter to the Service Station.

(b) Litter on Pimple Lane

The Chairman said that he is hoping to arrange a spring clean. The Clerk was asked to mention this in the magazine. Large amounts of litter should be photographed to try and ascertain where it is coming from.

ACTION: The Clerk to mention the litter pick in the magazine.

11. Financial Report/Administration

(a) Bank balances

The Clerk reported the following balances; Community Account - £8,449.17 and Business Account - £10,612.09

12. To agree a budget and to set the 2017/18 precept

The Clerk had circulated prior to the meeting a draft budget. Cllr. Claxton proposed to set the precept at £10,249 which would mean a 20 pence per annum reduction for band D property holders. This was seconded by Cllr. Hughes and carried unanimously. A copy of the budget is attached to these minutes.

13. Passing of any accounts for payment

The following accounts were proposed by Cllr. Claxton, seconded by Cllr. Morisot and carried unanimously.

(a) C. Hill – Clerk’s gross salary (February) – £276.43

14. Date of next meeting

Tuesday, 7th March 2017 at 7.45pm

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.30pm.