The Chairman has asked for it to be noted that prior to the Parish Council meeting there was a question and answer session with Garry Palmer (Road Safety Officer) and Patch Byrne (Localities Officer). The Chairman thanked County Cllr. Williams for arranging for officers to attend this meeting. The session was in response to the countdown markers being removed from the B4100. Cllr. Claxton chaired this session as Deputy Chairman and also a member of Community Speedwatch. The main points were as follows:

1. GP explained that the countdown markers are no longer a prescribed sign. Residents pointed out that other village have this signage and asked when their markers would be removed. They will only be removed if a new scheme is introduced. Cllr. Claxton read out the definition of prescribed which states that the signage should only be removed where there is clear visibility. Residents and councillors agreed that this is not the case on the Banbury Road.

2. GP does not believe the parish has a speed issue. Community Speedwatch agreed to send recent data to GP.

3. GP said that it might be possible to extend the 30mph limit or introduce a 40mph limit before the 30mph limit on the Banbury Road. The cost would be £10,000 for changing the speed limit. CW explained that there is no funding available. He was asked about his £30,000 road safety and minor repairs budget and he said that there is no money left in this budget. Cllr. Claxton asked about 2018/19 budget and residents requested details on guidelines, criteria, application form for this public funding. CW agreed to provide the Parish Council with this information.


PRESENT: COUNCILLORS T. HUGHES (CHAIRMAN), J. BRINE, A. CLAXTON, A. CONWAY, P. FOWLE, COUNTY COUNCILLOR C. WILLIAMS (until 9.50pm), DISTRICT COUNCILLOR C. KETTLE (until 9.25pm), G. PALMER (Road Safety Officer, County Highways) (for item 6 only), P. BYRNE (Localities Officer, County Highways) (for item 6 only), C. HILL (Clerk) and 21 members of the public

1. Appointment of Chairman

Cllr. Brine nominated Cllr. Hughes as Chairman, seconded Cllr. Claxton and carried unanimously. Cllr. Hughes signed the acceptance of office form. Cllr. Brine was thanked for his hard work, patience and commitment as Chairman. He further explained that due to work commitments he was no longer able to continue this role but would support Cllr. Hughes as much as required.

2. Apologies for absence

Cllr. Morisot (business commitment).

3. Questions from the public

The Chairman said that he would take questions throughout the meeting. A resident explained that with the speed of traffic on the Banbury Road it is very difficult to exit the driveways safely. Could she please have permission to erect a mirror on the opposite footway. County Cllr. Williams said that she does not need permission if the mirror is placed in the hedge.

It was reported that the developer on the Kineton Road is aware of the issue with the mud on the road. He is arranging for road sweepers.

4. Declarations of Interest

Cllr. Claxton declared a pecuniary interest in item 13(d) as a recipient. All councillors declared a personal interest in item 11(a) as the Parish Council is the owner of the clock.

5. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting (October)

The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting. Cllr. Claxton proposed that they be accepted, seconded Cllr. Brine and carried unanimously. The Chairman signed the minutes.

The Chairman asked if the agenda could be rearranged to allow for Mr. Palmer and Mr. Byrne to address items and leave the meeting. There were no objections.

6. County Council Matters

(b) Warwick Road verges and cycleway maintenance

Mr. Byrne explained that the closure of the cycleway by JLR has resulted in County Highways being unable to maintain them. Once the cycleway is opened they will be maintained. District Councillor Kettle explained that the District Council cuts to the first drive of the Warwick Road and then it is the responsibility of the County Council.

ACTION: Mr. Byrne to ensure that County Highways cuts from the first drive on the Warwick Road to the cycleway until the cycleway is opened.

It was further pointed out that the dual carriageway is not being litter picked or verges being cut. Mr. Byrne explained that it was Design Services at WCC who are responsible for arranging for the road to be adopted. It will be maintained once it is adopted by WCC. The Clerk said that Danny Green from Design Services sent an email earlier this year confirming that the road had been adopted by WCC. This email was copied to County Cllr. Williams. Mr. Byrne was asked if he could follow up on this and report to County Cllr. Williams for an update at our next meeting.

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to advise when this road will be tidied.

(d) Signage for cyclists approaching from Bishop’s Itchington

Cllr. Brine explained to Mr. Palmer that there is no signage on Bishop’s Itchington side of the bridge warning cyclists to dismount. The barrier is too low and a number of residents have expressed concern.

ACTION: Mr. Palmer to investigate and update County Cllr. Williams for the next meeting.

(e) 30mph countdown markers on Banbury Road; legislation plus county plan

Cllr. Brine proposed that Mr. Palmer be requested to prepare options for controlling the speed of traffic entering Gaydon from Banbury. This is in view of the fact that it has drastically increased as a result of the countdown markers being removed, seconded Cllr. Claxton and carried unanimously.

ACTION: Mr. Palmer to present options to County Cllr. Williams for the next meeting. Cllr. Fowle to provide County Cllr. Williams with recent statistics on the speed of traffic entering Gaydon.

(f) Warwick Road; security issues

Mr. Byrne explained that the gate into this field is not his responsibility since it is not on the highway. It is the responsibility of the Estates Department at the County Council. A resident asked Mr. Byrne why he removed the lock and chain. Mr. Byrne explained because he was asked to. Cllr. Brine reported that it is not just the Parish Council that is concerned about security. JLR have expressed concern. A resident pointed out that there is no signage telling people not to enter. This is an area where youths meet and sometimes party. She expressed safety concern should they enter this field on scooters or in vehicles. County Cllr. Williams said that the County Council looks after all of its fields in the same way. They do not believe there will be an encampment in this field since it has no running water or electricity and Gaydon is not on the Gypsy and Traveller route. If there was an encampment the County Council has powers to remove travellers within 24 hours. A resident asked why there are 3 padlocks on the gate on the highway at the end of the Warwick Road.

(g) Flooding of link road; update

County Cllr. Williams said that he has raised this with the Flood Team. Mr. Byrne said that this could be a maintenance issue involving blocked gulleys. He agreed to look into it and update County Cllr. Williams for the next meeting. He also agreed to liaise with Design Services to find out about the ponds that councillors believe were on the original plans but are not part of the scheme.

ACTION: Mr. Byrne to update County Cllr. Williams for the next meeting.

(h) New scheme road markings update

Councillors were pleased to report that this has been done. Cllr. Claxton asked if the road markings on the Banbury Road could be repainted. Mr. Byrne said that the budget has been spent for this year and only emergency markings will take place. Cllr. Claxton asked if this road could be looked at.

ACTION: Mr. Byrne to look into the repainting of the Banbury Road and update Cllr. Williams for the next meeting.

(i) Church Lane; road surfacing

Cllr. Claxton explained to Mr. Byrne that the area that has been scrapped is under the container. Mr. Byrne said that he would look at this area once the container has been removed but it is the responsibility of the water company.

ACTION: Mr. Byrne to look at this and report to County Cllr. Williams for an update at the next meeting.

(j) 50mph signage evaluation

The Police will be conducting speed checks.

(k) Banbury Road clearway

County Cllr. Williams confirmed that this is not a ‘no parking’ area. The Police are giving incorrect information. Cllr. Claxton pointed out that the road markings are very worn. Mr. Byrne was asked if he could please look into this and, if necessary, arrange for the markings to be repainted.

ACTION: Mr. Byrne to investigate and update County Cllr. Williams for the next meeting.

(l) Banbury Road layby; request for more litter bins

Mr. Byrne said that the County Council does not provide litter bins. It is a matter for the District Council. District Cllr. Kettle pointed out that the land is owned by the County Council. The District Council has paid for 2 bins already. Cllr. Conway mentioned some of the activities that are taking place on County Council owned land. She asked if the shrub could be removed to ensure that the layby is visible which should then reduce the activities. Mr. Byrne said that it was up to the Forestry Department. He said that all of the County Council owned laybys were like the Banbury Road. Councillors disputed this fact by mentioning laybys in Southam and also the Alcester laybys.

(m) Gaydon Inn development section 106 for a bus stop update

Cllr. Claxton explained that this money is defined in the section 106 agreement. District Cllr. Kettle said that he understands the County Council have the funding from the developer.

ACTION: Cllr. Claxton and District Cllr. Kettle to follow up with County Cllr. officers.

(n) Speed Limit Appraisal Tool

Mr. Palmer explained that the County Council were given government funding about 10 years ago for this project. No funding has been provided since.

The Chairman thanked Mr. Byrne and Mr. Palmer for their time. They left the meeting.

The Chairman asked if the agenda could be rearranged for allow District Cllr. Kettle to leave the meeting shortly. There were no objections.

8. District Council Matters

(a) To receive report

District Cllr. Kettle said that he understands the concerns regarding the church clock but the District Council has a legal obligation to assess the situation.

The Gaydon Service Station retrospective planning application has been refused and the retail application has been withdrawn. It was refused on highways grounds. He advised Community Speedwatch to log accurate data on this road.

The District Council has received a revised proposal on the children’s centres with a limited amount of time to respond.

(b) Gaydon Inn development update on street lights

District Cllr. Kettle reported that he has spoken to the enforcement department. They will be requesting that the lights are removed.

(c) Planning Training Course

Councillors expressed regret that this course had been cancelled.

(d) Long Marsden Airfield Garden Village Consultation


(e) Community Governance Review update

The Chairman and Cllr. Brine attended. Cllr. Brine reported that it was a good meeting. Boundary requests were listened to. Gaydon Coppice will remain within our parish but the lakes will be moving to Lighthorne Heath parish. All of JLR will be in Gaydon parish.

9.25pm District Cllr. Kettle leaves the meeting.

6. County Council Matters

(a) To receive report

County Cllr. Williams reported that the budget is being prepared and must be completed by early December. Children’s Centres will be re-engineered. Some are only open 1.5 hours per week. Lighthorne Heath’s is not closing. This matter will be discussed by Cabinet on Thursday.

The future of community forums is being discussed.

He further said that this parish council is the only parish council in his ward that does not have a defibrillator or has discussed a defibrillator. Cllr. Claxton pointed out to Cllr. Williams that this matter has been discussed but we are waiting to hear if we are able to purchase our telephone box. The defibrillator would be housed in the box.

(c) Public health; update on exercise provision in the parish

County Cllr. Williams said that the County Council does not look at provision on a parish by parish basis. Cllr. Conway said that the closure of the cycleway to JLR has had an effect on exercise provision. The current footway is a hazard to pedestrians who now share it with cyclists. The pedestrians can’t hear the cyclists approaching because of the noise of the traffic. County Cllr. Williams said that this cycleway may remain closed.

ACTION: The Clerk to mention to the District Council planning officer Cllr. Claxton pointed out that the footway between the village and Temple Herdewyke is a safety hazard. It is slippery and overgrown. He has a photo of his cut hands when he fell recently. County Cllr. Williams said that he would arrange for this to be sorted.

ACTION: County Cllr. Williams to arrange for the footway to be made safe.

9.50pm County Cllr. Williams leaves the meeting.

7. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings

(a) Church Lane field update re. health and safety and fence

Cllr. Claxton reported that the fence is almost erected. There is no way the kissing gate can be reinstated. Councillors agreed that Cllr. Claxton should look at other alternatives to ensure that the gate can be secured.

ACTION: Cllr. Claxton to look at alternatives for securing the field.

The Clerk said that she has the names of 2 contractors to approach for quotes for the hedge cutting. The grass has been cut.

(b) Blocked ditch and drain behind St. Mark’s Close

This has been cleared.

(c) WALC annual general meeting update

Cllr. Conway attended. She briefly updated the meeting and asked if the Councillor named as the contact in the Local Council Charter could be invited to one of our meetings. Councillors agreed that this would be an excellent idea. The Clerk was asked to invite Cllr. Shilton to one of our parish council meetings.

ACTION: The Clerk to invite Cllr. Shilton to a parish council meeting.

(d) Remembrance Day Service; attendee

The Chairman said that he would attend.

(e) Gaydon Committee Liaison update

Cllrs. Brine and Claxton attended. They spoke of building a large hotel. The building of the car park to the south will start shortly. Ecology area has been delayed because of issues with the topsoil. Spring 2018 it will be finished. They are looking at a planting scheme and will consult with us.

9. To receive planning applications

(a) 17/03073/FUL - 6 Manor Farm Court

(b) 17/03140/FUL - 6 Manor Farm Court

The Chairman asked if applications (a) and (b) could be discussed together since they are very similar. Councillors agreed this was a good idea.

It was noted that we have already exceeded our quota for new housing as detailed in the Core Strategy. These houses are near a listed building and will have a detrimental effect on the setting of that house. The applications contain incorrect information relating to this property. Gaydon does not need any more large houses. There are plenty already on the market. Concern was expressed regarding the access to these properties; a narrow, unmade lane. Bin lorries will not be able to access them. The barn conversion is not in keeping with a listed building. Cllr. Brine proposed that we object, seconded and carried unanimously. The Chairman agreed to draft the response.

ACTION: The Chairman to draft a response, circulate to councillors for comments and submit.

(c) 17/02835/VARY - Jaguar Land Rover

Councillors agreed not to comment or object.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the planning department.

(d) 17/02703/FUL (amendment) - Jaguar Land Rover

Councillors agreed not to comment or object.

10. To receive results from planning applications

(a) 16/02749/FUL - Gaydon Service Station; refused

(b) 17/02547/FUL - Avon Valley Indoors Bowl Club; granted

11. Correspondence

(a) letter from Environmental Health re. Church Clock plus numerous responses from residents

Councillors agreed that there is a considerable amount of concern in the village regarding this matter. It is sad that the resident did not approach the Parish Council or PCC to discuss prior to complaining to environmental health. We must await the response from the District Council.

(b) email re. street light on Church Road

Cllr. Claxton reported that the contractor is waiting for a part to be delivered. (c) email re. construction noise

The Clerk said that the developer has contacted her and apologised.

(d) Telephone box green

Amey have assured the Clerk that this green will be reinstated to its previous condition.

(e) Unauthorised Gypsy and Traveller Encampments Consultation

Councillors agreed that in view of the recent comments made by the Estates Department at the County Council this consultation should be responded to. The Clerk was asked to make WALC aware of these comments.

(f) email re. lighting on the Kineton Road for the new development

Councillors agreed that additional lighting on the footway is not necessary. Residents from the Barns and St. Mark’s Close have recently commented on lighting issues that will arise from this development.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the developer.

12. Financial Report/Administration

(a) Bank balances

The Clerk reported the following balances; Community Account - £7,162.14 and Business Account - £11,034.81.

(b) Bank reconciliation

ACTION: December agenda item.

(c) Training

The Chairman, Cllrs. Conway, Morisot, Fowle and Claxton said that they would like to attend the training session at the District Council.

ACTION: The Clerk to respond to the Planning Department.

13. Passing of any accounts for payment

The following accounts were proposed by Cllr. Brine, seconded by Cllr. Conway and carried unanimously.

(a) C. Hill – Clerk’s gross salary (October) – £279.21

(c) C. Pickering - grass maintenance plus field maintenance - £365.00

(d) C. Claxton - materials for field - £43.96

(e) e.on - street lighting - £273.75

(f) Mrs. M. Lewis - reimbursement for website - £112.00

(g) Mrs. J. Rickman - costs towards parish magazine - £132.00

14. Date of next meeting

5th December 2017 at 7.45pm.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.55pm.