IN ATTENDANCE: Four members of the public, CLLR C KETTLE (Stratford District Council), CLLR WILLIAMS (Warwickshire County Council) and MR I WILSON (Clerk).
There were no apologies.
Declarations of interests and consideration of dispensation requests
CLLR CLAXTON declared an interest in item 9 as there was a payment due to him.
Acceptance of Minutes
The outstanding minutes from March 20202 OGM and May 2020 EGM were agreed.
Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
There were no matters arising from the previous minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda
Public Participation
The meeting discussed the recent occurrences of speeding cars and motorbikes in the village and this was noted.
CLLR LEWIS asked on behalf of a vulnerable resident what Gaydon as a community could do to make residents aware of COVID-19 protocols. CLLR WILLIAMS recommended that residents refer to WCC website for advice and noted the work in the community to support vulnerable groups.
Reports from Ward Representatives of Warwickshire County Council (WCC)
and Stratford District Council (SDC)
CLLR WILLIAMS had circulated a report ahead of the meeting (attached). The meeting noted that WCC staff were either working from home or as carers in the community. The system of on-line council meetings was thought to be working well. Residents were advised to contact WCC or CLLR WILLIAMS should they need further support or guidance at this time. Noted that Wellesbourne recycling centre remained closed, but other sites in the county were now open to the public with a booking system.
CLLR KETTLE provided an update on behalf of Stratford District Council (SDC) and referred to the full update provided at the EGM in May (see item 3). SDC are the 4th worst effected district council financially in the country, with an £8m shortfall in income expected on a £16m total spend, with £1.3m government support to be provided. This shortfall compared to £1m from WCC on income of over £400m. SDC had made representation to government for further support and a small amount of further funding was expected. The impact on SDC ability to provide discretionary services in the future would be acute.
CLLR KETTLE reported that SDC had now held their first virtual full council meeting and revised the scheme of delegation agreed in March. Planning and licensing committees would now meet virtually through MS Teams in the same format as for physical meetings. SDC had provided £30m of grants to businesses paying business rates and would be making further limited discretionary funding to businesses not liable for business rates (such as Bed & Breakfasts). The discretionary funding could be applied for through SDC website.
CLLR KETTLE also reported that there were two valid planning applications on the SDC planning portal for Gaydon Garage, one of which was retrospective.

Parish Councillor Reports
CLLR LEWIS reminded councillors of the agreement reached on the playground tender at the May EGM (see item 3). The tenderers had now been informed of the result. Contracts are being agreed with the winning contractor and will be finalised as per the agreed tender when the new parish council bank account is up and running.
CLLR LEWIS also reported that the website was up to date and that she had been looking at further functionality on the village website so that residents could display more information.
CLLR DAVIES reported that he had held a meeting with the neighbourhood planning consultant who had confirmed that the Housing Needs Survey (already circulated) could be carried out now. The intention was to deliver this with the July village magazine. The grant application would be submitted to locality in due course and work on the Neighbourhood plan could take place with virtual consultations, though a plan for consultation would be agreed once the grant application was agreed. It was noted that the neighbourhood plan should be a community plan and it would be helpful to get other members of the community outside of parish councillors involved.
CLLR DAVIES reported that the road sign on Edge Hill View would be altered post COVID-19 restrictions. He also suggested that the donation from raising the flag to the church be increased from £1 to £5.
CLLR CLAXTON reported that there had been a suggestion to convert the old roundabout to a bench. There was a discussion on the possible cost of this and storage. It was confirmed that email discussion between councillors had agreed that CLLR CLAXTON should dismantle the roundabout, with an in initial quote of £35 to move the roundabout. The meeting agreed to seek views through social media and the parish magazine as to what residents would like the council to do with the roundabout, with this to be considered at a future meeting. In the meantime CLL CLAXTON would arrange with the village hall committee to relocate storage.
CLLR BOURNE reported no new planning applications or decisions since the last meeting
CLLR MIDDLEDITCH reported that the gravel would be ready for the cemetery path when needed and the tool to lay the path would cost £20 per day. An advert would be placed in the parish magazine for volunteers to help with this. It was agreed to leave burial charges unchanged during COVID-19, but noted that Bishops Itchington charged £170 for internment (£150 at GPC).
CLLR HILL reported that Community Engagement meetings were currently suspended
The following were noted
Gaydon Village Hall Committee – Old Roundabout
JLR Community Forum – Meeting Information
Low Carbon - Knightcote Road Solar Farm – Meeting Invitation
WRCC – Housing Needs Survey
WCC Localities – Consultation on local services during COVID-19
WALC - COVID-19 - Updated guidance for Parish and Town Councils
NALC – COVID-19 - Updated guidance for Parish and Town Councils
WCC – COVID-19 – Service update and Information
SDC – COVID-19 – Service update and Information
The clerk would arrange a zoom meeting with the Solar Farm developers and send the invitation to all councillors
The following were proposed and agreed for payment
WALC – Annual Subscription (awaiting invoice)
E-On – Streetlights (awaiting invoice)
A Claxton – Phone Box and Emergency Jobs (Village tap and lock/chain) - £147.52
I Wilson – May Salary and Expenses – £264 (Includes PAYE to HMRC)
Future Meetings
The next meeting would be the ordinary meeting on Tuesday 2th July 2020. Standing Orders would be updated ahead of a future meeting to reflect the government legislation allowing parish councils to hold public meetings virtually.