Gaydon Parish Council

Chairman's Report 01/02



23 Jan 01

   20 Mar 01 Annual Parish meeting

   20 Mar 01   

    1 May 01 AGM

    3 Jul 01

    4 Sep 01

    6 Nov 01


Thanks and introductions

Thanks to members of the Parish council for their attendance at council meetings and work outside of the meetings.

I would like to thank the Parish clerk for his work administering council business and preparing accounts for audit.

May I also thank District Councillor Mr Hampson and County Councillor David Booth both for their attendance at our meetings and the valuable advice that they have been able to give to us.

For those here who are uncertain as to who is who on the council I would like to introduce them and say briefly what they do.

Mr Brian Hampson   District Councillor

Mr David Booth      County Councillor

Mr Mike Moody      Parish clerk

Mr Francis Liddington   cemetery

Mr Jonathan Crowe    footpaths/ shared

Mrs Mary Fox       lamps, litter, filing

Mr John Rickman    chairman

Mr Paul Barnett   Play area/ shared

Notable Planning Applications

Old School - demolish and replace

Land Rover / Aston Martin - various incremental applications - progress on traffic calming at junction.

Windy Ridge 16 houses - refused


Currently not in office but expected to be re-instated when the central heating is commissioned.

Surgery in Parish Office

10-11am every Saturday morning with councillors taking turns. We have managed to keep this going despite the disruption caused by the renovation of the Hall.


The Gaydon precept this year is £6250, an increase of 4 percent over last year. We have made provision for a grant to the Village Hall for its renovation project, and allowed for some capital expenditure in the play area to meet new EU safety regulations.

Floods 2001

No flooding this year. Hope for new and larger pipe down the Banbury Road as part of the roundabout deal.

Councillors' Areas of Responsibility

I will ask the individual councillors to speak on the areas they each is responsible for.

CEMETERY - Francis

PLAY AREA - Jon Crowe

FOOTPATHS - Paul Barnett

LITTER, LIGHTS, parish furniture - Mary Fox