Gaydon Parish Council

Chairman's Report 98/99


   2 Mar 98   Annual Parish Meeting

   2 Mar 98   following annual

   11 May 98   AGM

   7 July 98

   1 Sept 98

   3 Nov 98

   5 Jan 99

Thanks and introductions

Thanks to members of the Parish council for their attendance at council meetings and work outside of the meetings.

I would like to thank the Parish clerk for his work administering council business and preparing accounts for audit.

May I also thank District Councillor Mr Hampson and County Councillor Mr Doody both for their attendance at our meetings and the valuable advice that they have been able to give to us.

For those here who are uncertain as to who is who on the council I would like to introduce them and say briefly what they do.

Mr Brian Hampson   District Councillor

Mr Doody      County Councillor

Mr Mike Moody      Parish clerk

Mr Francis Liddington   cemetery

Mr Jonathan Crowe    footpaths/ shared

Mr John Checkley   Play area/ shared

Mrs Mary Fox      street lamps and litter

Mr John Rickman    chairman

Planning Applications

Rover roundabout on B4100; nothing much else.

Claylands were granted 3 new detached dwellings.

Gaydon Hill Farm removal of hedgerows, one granted.

Best Kept Village

Could do better - 3rd. Our own best kept frontage was won by Daniel Morgan 7 St Giles.


Still not in office because of damp.

Surgery in Parish Office

PC now has established 10-11am every Saturday morning with councillors taking turns.


The Gaydon precept this year is £5000 for the 3rd year running. We expect to carry forward £3000 as a balance. We have provided for a grant to the Village Hall for a renovation project.

Events during 1998

Good Friday floods

30mph signs

skate boarding ramp

oak trees in cemetery

neighbourhood watch revived

grass to tender, no mower; contract to Mr K Heath

bus shelter painted

Councillors' Areas of Responsibility

I will ask the individual councillors to speak on the areas they are each responsible for.

CEMETERY - Francis

PLAY AREA - Jon Crowe

FOOTPATHS - John Checkley

LITTER, LIGHTS, parish furniture - Mary Fox